Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 862: The enraged and the crazy one


Marcus suffered the attack head-on. While spilling an unknown liquid from within his hood, he got sent flying backwards.

It wasn't blood, it was somekind of vile viscous liquid that smelled really bad.

Instead of obeying the law of gravity, the vile liquid stayed in the air. Then, it morphed into an arrow of darkness as it went straight for Ikaros' face.

Ikaros analyzed the attack and she blocked the arrow with her Aegis, allowing the moist arrow to splatter all over her Aegis.

The next instant, sounds of someone frying an egg on a pan came from her shield, the liquid forming the black arrow started corroding her shield.

Ikaros paused for a brief moment. She didn't think this would happen.

The arrows couldn't corrode her Aegis entirely, in a puff of poisonous smoke, the arrows disappeared.

Although it sounded like they were fighting for a long time now. In reality, it hasn't been 10 seconds since Ikaros launched the first two attacks.

Ikaros got the upper hand in this fight.

Marcus steadied himself as he looked at Ikaros who came out relatively unscathed from his attack. He gnashed his teeth as he growled.

"This woman, she's strong..."

He suffered two blows in less than 10 seconds. Clearly, she wasn't someone who forcibly increased her powers like him, she is someone who reached the tier 9 legitimately.

"How can that be? She's so young, how can someone so young reach tier 9 power?"

Marcus expressed his envy and hatred.

He paid a great price to attain his curren tier 9 strength.

Marcus backed away cautiously when he saw Ikaros' expressionless look. With a dark look, he channeled more dou qi, he needed to take Ikaros seriously or he's going to be in trouble.

While she's stronger than he expected, he's not afraid of a tough foe like Ikaros.

Just like him, Ikaros can't handily take him down in a short time.

When Astrea gets killed by his lackeys, he can get them to gang up on her. Chipping away her health while he tanks her damage, that's his plan.

When tier 9 cultivators fought, barring glaring difference in power, a slight distraction could be the differentiating line between life and death. Ikaros might be strong, but she's still someone Marucs reackons he can take down. With four tier 8 practitioners pestering her, scoring a lethal blow should be easy.

He's not too worried about Astrea's side. The last time he checked, she's peak tier 8 so while the lackeys might be dead meat in a 1v1 fight, this doesn't apply to a 4v1 fight even if his lackeys are only high-level tier 8 cultivators.

He's also confident that his highly-trained lackeys wouldn't lose to a woman like Astrea.

At least, that's what he thought.

Naturally, he wasn't aware that Ikaros had an upgraded battle mode she's not using right now.

He also didn't know about Astrea's ascension into tier 9 realm.

Miscalculations after miscalculations. Boy, Marcus is in for it now...





Marcus was still planning his attrition tactics when whimpers of pain came from behind him. Those voices were familiar too.

With a bad feeling in his gut, he turned despite his brain telling him not to do so. He trembled when he saw the scene behind him.

It wasn't the easy conclusion he expected, instead, his four lackeys who he had high hopes for were all dying in pools of their own blood with mortal wounds on their bodies. They were all bleeding out from their wounds.

Meanwhile, Astrea who should have died after getting attacked by his lackeys landed beside Ikaros without any injuries.

"Th-this is impossible..."

Marcus looked at his lackeys, he thought they were faking injuries to sit the fight out. But, it's clear they weren't fooling around, his lackeys were dying in front of him.

They are all dead!


Jets of dark qi came blowing out of his clothes. Then, Marcus roared as if he couldn't accept reality.

"How can a peak tier 8 defeat four high level tier 8 fighters so easily?!"

Then, a cold voice came form behind him.

"You should ask that question..."

Marcus froze up when he heard this eerily familiar voice.

"...when you meet your lackeys in hell..."

Marcus trembled in greater intensity as he sent a storm of dark qi towards the person standing behind him.

"Wu Yan!"

Without minding the dark qi very much, Wu Yan stood there as a ripple in space, a magic barrier, deflected the dark qi away from Wu Yan.

"So, you're the one, huh?"

A savage glint flashed in Wu Yan's eyes as a pressure heavier than a mountain weighed down on Marcus.

"You're the stinky rat that came in here trying to start a ruckus?"

His low but soul-piercing tone made Marcus' shoulders sink when combined with Wu Yan's domineering aura.

Feeling himself being suppressed by Wu Yan, Marcus blew up with a crazed bellow, shrieking like a demon who broke loose from the shackles of Tartarus.

"Wu Yan!!!"

Wu Yan furrowed his brows when he heard the hooded figure yell.

This guy who looked like someone who's too afraid to let other people see his face clearly had a grudge against him. He sounded like he wanted revenge on him very much.

He assumed he was another conspirator who tried to further his own agenda by sneaking around in the night. Looks like he's wrong.

He scanned the crazy guy in a hood.

Marcus Cyto: Level 80.

Wu Yan's eyes immediately went cold as killing intent overflowed within him.

"You're Marcus!"

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