Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 861: Broken, techniques and change...


Marcus was busy thinking how to sneak past Ikaros and Flan. He wanted to kill Wu Yan & his girls. He was surprised to see Astrea and Ikaros coming for him.

Marcus gnashed his teeth.

"How did they sense me?"

Marcus thought he concealed his aura really well. The lackeys with him were also specialized in hiding their tracks. They were covert enough to sneak past the jail guards and break him out. But, they were still discovered!

Marcus miscalculated the girls' ability to sense life signatures. It's like when Andrew didn't account for Shokuhou Misaki's ability to detect mental signatures. He thought he did well hiding his tracks when Ikaros already detected him from the start.

"If that's the case..."

Dark qi came from within his robes, the qi wafted up into the air like dark clouds. It covered the area they were in and it also shrouded both Ikaros and Astrea.

"I will settle you two first!"

"You guys!"

Marcus yelled as he ordered his lackeys.

"Kill the blonde one!"

"Yes sir!"

They leaped at Astrea.

Marcus focused on Ikaros.

"This is just as well, I wanted to see how strong you are..."

Shooting jets of dark air out of his legs, he shot towards Ikaros like a missile.


The loud collision was like a thunder especially in a quiet place like the base. In no time at all, the soldiers will wake up and surround Marcus and his lackeys.

At least, that's how it should have been. The dark qi covering this place sealed the voices here, the boom didn't echo outwards.

It's because he had this ability that he came here looking to assassinate Wu Yan & co. Otherwise, the sound when they attack would wake the whole base up. Even if he's cocky, he's not sure if he can kill anyone when the whole base attacks him.

This dark qi barrier also kept the dou qi and mana fluctuations inside without letting any leak out.

Marcus reckons he can pull off his private vengeance with this shrouding barrier.

Of course, that was against your average foe...

When Ikaros and Astrea faced off against Marcus and his lackeys. Wu Yan shot up from his bed like a spring, surprising Hinagiku in the process.

"What in the world are you doing?"

Wu Yan didn't answer her. He closed his eyes as he zoned in on a certain aspect of his senses. When he opened his eyes again, his deep red eyes were filled with rage and killing intent. He growled with a similar intensity.

"I am going to kill him!"


Stunned by Wu Yan's sudden rage, Hinagiku gasped.

Wu Yan suppressed his anger and he told Hinagiku to mobilize.

"Hinagiku, go get Mikoto and the others!"

Hinagiku knew something must have happened. Without wasting a second, she dressed up and she asked him.

"What? Did something happen?"

Wu Yan sucked in a cold breath of air as he cracked his fists. He is currently resisting the urge to rush out of the tent swinging.

"The telepathy spell I installed in Ikaros and Astrea got triggered."


Hinagiku's expression changed.

Wu Yan gathered the girls when he arrived at this base. He engraved telepathy spells into them.

According to Wu Yan, this spell is designed to go off once the condition inscribed is fulfilled. It would then transmit a signal to the spellcaster.

Wu Yan's telepathy would go off if the girls go into battle mode or are met with danger and distress.

In other words, Ikaros and Astrea were fighting someone.

When was the last time somebody attacked in the night, yeah, it's the same as when Andrew tried to kill Shokuhou Misaki last time.

This is why Yan is royally pissed.

With a wave of his hand, the clothes on the rack nearby flew to him and he got dressed in seconds.

"I am going over first!"

Hinagiku nodded. She knew how anxious Wu Yan was. If Astrea and Ikaros weren't tier 9 superwomen, he would have teleported in an instant without explaining anything to her.

"Take care!"

Ripples of mana came from Wu Yan and he disappeared instantly. Meanwhile, Hinagiku ran to the other tents, rallying the girls.


The explosion and its ensuing gust got absorbed by the dark qi barrier.

Ikaros analyzed battle information, parsing Marcus' movement. Her blue wings flashed and she appeared in front of Marcus in no time at all!

"She's fast!"

Marcus was taken by surprise, he channeled his dou qi, his icy dou qi is gone now, replaced by dark qi that looked like it had corrosive and corruptive properties.

He materialized a few whips of dark rotting qi and he sent them crashing towards Ikaros.

Before he can celebrate, the whips of darkness got stopped one meter away from Ikaros. The whips emitted dull thuds as a barrier with hexagonal patterns stopped his attacks.

Ikaros used her Aegis.

When the whips were dispelled, Ikaros shot forward and she entered close-quarters with Marcus. She twisted her body as she used her wings to slam into Marcus.



Sent back by this wing attack, Marcus couldn't help but groan in pain. He stumbled backwards before he steadied himself. Marcus couldn't defend in time so he suffered slight injuries from Ikaros' attack.


Marcus dark qi came out once more, drawing distance between him and Ikaros. However, Ikaros kept up her attacks.

Ikaros raised a fist as it glistened with hexagonal plates like her Aegis. Then, she slammed her fist into Marcus' chest.


Her tiny fists belied the power within, it felt like someone condensed the force of a waterfall into this punch. No one could see Marcus' face but the punch connected nonetheless.

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