Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 860: Infiltration, the darkness within the base

The forward operating base is huge, it's about the size of a small town.

There were thousands of soldiers stationed here. There were also multiple platoons on patrol duty at night. Most of them were tier 6 in power, there were also a lot of tier 7 soldiers mobilized, tier 8 soldiers were sprinkled here and there.

With patrol teams like these, it's hard to sneak in without getting detected. Yet, Marcus and his lackeys did just that, they sneaked into this base and they were slowly making their way over to a certain area.

"Yo, brothers!"

A few soldiers who just clocked in greeted the patrol team.

"Your shift's over, go get some rest!"

Lack of sleep can negatively affect a soldier, even if they are superhumans who are either cultivators or mage. That's why there are shifts for patrol teams. With so many things going on these last few days, sleep is a very rare commodity, the soldiers took their shifts seriously.

"Ah~~ Finally, our shift's over..."

"God, I could use some sleep..."

"Less talk, more walking, I want to hit the sack..."

The off-duty soldiers sighed as they split up to get into their own tents.

One of them was on his way to his rea when a dark figure appeared out of nowhere.

Before he can scream for help, the figure shot dark qi into the soldier's eyes.

Stunned, his consciousness became muddy and his eyes went blank. Slowly, he lost emotions can became as emotionless as a doll.

"Tell me..."

A hoarse voice came from underneath the figure's hood.

"Where's Wu Yan..."

Marcus was one of the captains before getting busted. He knew where Wu Yan & co used to stay at. After Andrew's failure to assassinate Shokuhou Misaki, they moved location so Marcus isn't clear where they eventually moved to, either way, he's sure they are still in this base.

He's not ruling out the possibility of Wu Yan & co changing locations again so Marcus took control of one of the soldiers here using a technique he attained recently.

"He's in the eastern quarters..."

The guard said with a flat tone.


The hooded figure continued with malicious red eyes.

"Where are his women?"

"They are also in the eastern area..."

Marcus slightly nodded.

"Lead me there..."

The guard led Marcus and his lackeys over to the eastern area.

After advancing for a while, they arrived at an area that's close to the borders of this base. They stopped as his lackeys  and Marcus looked at the ten tents in front of them, the tents were segregated from the other tents around them.

Marcus could tell this was where Wu Yan & co set up tent.

Marcus trembled but he suppressed his own emotions as he growled at the guard.

"Why are we stopping? Which one's Wu Yan's tent?"

The guard replied.

"I only know they are here, I don't which tent belongs to whom..."

Marcus understood why. Wu Yan & co didn't interact with the soldiers and they stayed clear of them too. It was only natural that this soldier couldn't pinpoint which tent belonged to Wu Yan.

Marcus balled his palms into fists as he stared at the tents.

He didn't charge there because he knew there were two tier 9 individuals there.

Unbeknownst to him, there are seven tier 9 individuals now.

The lamps were out, giving the impression that the ones here were all asleep.

The soothing breathing sounds of the sleepers also served to enhance this notion. However, there are exceptions who are still awake!

Inside a certain tent, although the lamp's out, the two women here are actually still awake.

More like, they were awake because they lacked the ability to sleep.

Angeloids don't dream and they can't sleep. Ikaros and Astrea were lying on top of their beds with opened eyes. They looked at each other without saying anything, they were also flushed red, even Ikaros is as red as a tomato.

Before Wu Yan summoned them, night signals another session of boredom and loneliness. They got used to that sad life.

After Wu Yan summoned them, they slowly lost this habit. Even when they can't sleep, when they were around Wu Yan, they felt assured and the night became something they enjoyed.

At night, they would sneak into Wu Yan's sleep area and watch him sleep. Loneliness became a thing of the past.

Wu Yan knew about this tendency, however, he never stopped them from sneaking into his room or tent. Whenever he sensed them coming, if he's tired, he would just go to bed while holding hands with the girls. If he's feeling energetic, he would pin them down on the bed and tickle their meaty insides with his pole.

Of course, they didn't do it with Wu Yan every night. For instance, when they know Wu Yan is busy ploughing Hinagiku, they lost the courage to enter his tent.

They knew if they entered, they would only play right into the wolf's lewd plans.

Instead, they stayed in their own tent with red faces. They probably remembered how Wu Yan worked them just like he worked Hinagiku.

Ikaros suddenly lifted her head as data streamed across her eyes, a prompt appeared in her augmented reality view.


Astrea asked out of confusion when Ikaros stood straight up.

She flapped her wings and she dashed out of her tent immediately without answering Astrea.

Astrea might not be quick on the uptake but she knew Ikaros did stuff like this for a good reason. She must have discovered something that made her mobilize in an instant.

Astrea dashed out of the tent and she stood by Ikaros' side. She looked in the direcition Ikaros' looking and she saw it...

There were five cloaked figures standing there, the one who looked like the leader was emanating a bad aura...

Astrea might be ditzy but she knows the five aren't here for a nice chat.

Are they planning on doing something bad to Master?

The two girls entered battle mode as halos appeared above their heads.

Then, the both of them shot towards the invaders like cannonballs.

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