Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 859: Return, the encroaching danger...

Outside the Giant Beast Forest, in the forward operating base...

Under the guise of night, a few cloaked figures appeared in a battle formation. The one leading the group used the hood of his cloak to hide himself. With the night shrouding his true appearance from view. Meanwhile, there were four lackeys standing guard near the leader.

However, the guards were scared of their leader. They were averting their gazes from the leader figure, it's quite clear that their leader led using fear and suppression.

It's unknown if the leader knows about this, however, he's too focused on the base to give any hint. He glared silently with malicious aura wafting from his body.

The guards were stricken with terror when they saw this.

It was Marcus and his four lackeys who escaped a short while ago.

Lei Wang probably wouldn't think Marcus would come back hours after making his escape.

The guards wanted to say something but they ultimately chose silence.

They wanted to ask why they came here but they already knew why...

In his current state, anything they say won't dissuade Marcus from going into the base. Understandably, they were also afraid that Marcus might lash out on them for speaking out.

In any case, it's better to do as they are told.

The lackeys channeled their dou qi as they got ready to move with Marcus. The moment he infiltrates the base, they would also tag behind Marcus.

Yes, they wanted to sneak into the base.

This move would have been pure suicide when they escaped before. Now...

The lackeys recalled the horrific transformation their master underwent last night. Their eyes were clouded with fear once more. Then, Marcus moved.

Without giving his lackeys any clue, the figure turned into a blurry shape as he flew into the base without the guards noticing.

The lackeys steeled themselves up and they sneaked into the base without being detected by the guards.

In Wu Yan's tent, he laid on his bed with a satisfied look. He stretched his back as he looked at Hinagiku who used his chest as a pillow. She was panting slightly and her flushed and teary look suggested that they bumped uglies up until just a short while ago.

He caressed her pearly hair glistening from sweat. Her feminine scent tickled his nose as he wallowed in a strange dissonance of satisfaction and disappointment.

After spending an entire day trying to come up with ideas to evolve Astrea, the girls all failed miserably with no results too show.

Naturally, Wu Yan delivered on his threat. Hinagiku fell prey to his "House rule enforcement", that's why Wu Yan's pretty proud of himself.

As for his disappointment, it's because he couldn't bag all of his harem in one fell swoop. The girls knew about his personality so they more or less knew Wu Yan's coming for them.

Before night fell, they went into their own tents to avoid giving Wu Yan the satisfaction of pulling off an awesome threesome or more. Granted, if Wu Yan wanted to do so, he would need to visit each tent one by one. However, going after the other girls would result in the escape of the girls he already captured.

So, Wu Yan decided to stagger his "House Rule Enforcement" into multiple nights, not that this was the optimal outcome he could have hoped but it's the most practical one.

Hinagiku finally regained some of her stamina.


Hinagiku called out to him.


Wu Yan looked back at her with slight puzzlement.

When she looked into his deep red eyes, she was mesmerized for a second but she quickly recovered while blushing.

"When are we leaving this base?"

Wu Yan blinked his eyes.

"What? Got tired of camp life?"

"No, it's not that..."

Hinagiku shook her head.

"We are not part of this base, and, we are technically not contributing anything to this base. It feels kinda awkward to mooch off this base like this..."

Indeed, it looked like Wu Yan & co enjoyed the security offered by this base but paid nothing back in terms of resources or manpower.

Wu Yan sighed while scratching his head.

"Actually, I don't want to stay here but think about the sisters, can we really take them with us on our journeys?"

"Alright, what's our next move?"

Hinagiku wrinkled her nose.

"You want us to stay here indefinitely?"


Wu Yan looked at the ceiling of his tent.

"Shokuhou Misaki is coming up with a way that can solve our current rut and let the sisters live like normal humans."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah,  am sure!"

He placed his head on top of Hinagiku's head, he got a good whiff of her scent and he chuckled.

"While Misaki might not be as strong as you, she's a monster when it comes to strategies and mental ploys. Other than Kotori, I don't think anyone is a match for her in this area!"


Hinagiku was relieved but she couldn't hide her salty tone.

"You sound like you trust Shokuhou very much..."

"Hmm? Do I sense jealousy?"

Wu Yan tapped her on the head.

"Come on, I trust you just as much as I trust her..."

Hinagiku snorted and she snapped back at him despite having bright eyes of someone who just got praised.

"I don't want your trust, why don't you give Shokuhou that trust!"

"Yo, if you're that envious..."

Wu Yan's hand which was on her back started inching down her back to a dangerous area.

"Maybe I should comfort you more?"


Hinagiku grabbed his arm as she blushed bright red like a tomato. She barely had enough energy to talk, if he pounded her again then she would be out of commission until tomorrow.

His strong arm ignored her resistance and she started panicking.

"Okay, okay, I get it, I won't continue on this topic anymore, okay?"

Hinagiku pursed her lips as she pleaded for mercy. Wu Yan stopped although he looked very frustrated and crestfallen. Hinagiku didn't know where to start berating this lewd wolf.

She was the student council president of Hakuo Academy, she had authority over students of the prestigious school. People listened to her when she ordered something done, she never thought she would have to beg Wu Yan to not dip his wick in her wax vat.

Although there's complex power dynamic at play in a relationship, a man can't be too soft or the other side would be frustrated with him. To our strong and independent Kaichou-sama, there's basically no difference between the former and an assertive male.

Hinagiku reckons she's probably going to spend the rest of her life with this lecherous bastard.

Annoyed by this thought Hinagiku gave Wu Yan a mighty pinch on the meat around his waist.

"Yowch! What was that for?!"


"Why do you look so angry? What did I do?!"

"No~thing ~"

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