Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 858: Chose an ability, the System is an S-tier troll

Summon Vassal Beasts (Unique ability of the True Ancestor bloodline, cannot be bought in store):
Summon vassal beasts from other worlds, these beasts posses extremely destructive capabilities exceeding cutting edge jets or tanks. Vassal beasts summoned by True Ancestors are rumored to have the power to destroy nations. Vassal beasts are creatures made of pure mana given consciousness. As they are not physical in nature, they cannot be brought down via physical means, vassal beasts can only be destroyed through a magic attack stronger than the beast. Vassal beasts can also be nullified by mana-cancelling techniques and skills. Vassal beasts sustain themselves through leeching lifeforce from a host, making mortal host die an early death. Only True Ancestors with infinite lifespan can host vassal beasts without succumbing to death.

This is a very terrifying power for sure.

If an average vassal beast can perform on par with the latest jets and tanks, then a true ancestor like him can summon beast that can bring down empires.

If he chose this ability, he would get a summoned beast that can level a nation!

Vassal beast would become the strongest technique in his arsenal yet.

The vassal beast's nature where physical attacks don't work is also a good trait as it would bring his battle capabilities to the next level. If he let his vassal beast rampage in Ailu empire, Wu Yan wonders what would become of the empire.

Vassal beasts are beings of pure magical energy given sentience. Their only weakness is a magic attack with more magic power than the beasts. However, True Ancestors-empowered vassal beasts are basically walking mana fountains, who in the world would have enough magic power to overwhelm a vassal beast in battle?

With his current power, a demigod specializing in magic would have a hard time blocking one vassal beast attack. With two attacks, he can deplete the demigod of his mana reserve. Once a mage is out of mana, he's basically a sitting duck at that point.

Granted, no demigods worth their salt would be dumb enough to use brute force to overwhelm vassal beasts after finding out about the beasts' nature. Even so, vassal beasts have immense utility.

Moreover, the vassal beasts are sentient and they can fight on their own without active operation. That way, he can work together with his beast to take down high level tier 9 on his own.

If he has two and more vassal beasts at his command then...

Wu Yan felt like this ability is incredibly OP.

However, he has to look out for anti-magic spells or techniques that can one-hit dispel his beasts. If the beasts got negated, he can just summon them again so it's still fine.

As long as he's still alive, the vassal beasts will always exist.

With a bit of mana spent, he can summon them again.

If the Blood Contract allowed him to create an army of tier 8 superpowered individuals, then Summon Vassal Beasts would turn him into a one-man army.

At least, his destructive capabilities would be akin to a walking tactical weapon.

The prospect of raising an army of tier 8 individuals is alluring for sure. With it, he can turn the Sisters into tier 8 individuals. But, let's ignore for if the sisters are willing to go through that process, their urge to feed on blood would be a major headache for Wu Yan.

Wu Yan bought an item to curb his bloodlust permanently. The item itself is quite pricey so to buy all the sisters an item would bankrupt him.

Compared to that, Summon Vassal Beasts looked more appealing.

He's just worried about the power of his summoned beast, there are distinctions between strong and weak vassal beasts.

Wu Yan wasn't aware that his worry is for naught.

Vassal Beasts are like symbiotic creatures, they lived in the blood of their host and are fed by the host's mana and lifeforce, in exchange, they would do the host's bidding. The stronger the host's magic power and lifeforce, the stronger the vassal beasts can become.

This is the reason why all vassal beasts summoned by True Ancestors are devastating creatures. True Ancestors are lifeforms with unlimited lifeforce and unparalleled in their mana pool. The vassal beasts that feed on a true ancestor's lifeforce would undoubtedly be in the strongest class of vassal beasts.

After Wu Yan probed the System for this, he chose the ability.

"System, I want the third ability, I want Summon Vassal Beasts!"

"Received user's instruction, confirm unlocking the Summon Vassal Beasts bloodline ability?"

"The user is advised to choose wisely as the other two will be permanently disabled."

Wu Yan flinched and he couldn't help but hesitate before nodding his head.

The other two abilities aren't as useful as his choice so he is fine parting with them.

"Yes, I am sure!"

"Choice made, Turn Into Mist and Blood Contract removed."

A bloody red light came forth from Wu Yan.

His body shivered as power surged through his body, ripples of power came from him, he looked like an image on a rippling water surface.

His blood vessels expanded visibly and his blood rushed with incredible speed, each vein, artery, and capillaries pulsed with a torrent of blood. His skin became flushed and he can feel a sensation coming from all over himself.

It's an unbearable sense of itchiness.

Wu Yan felt this when he awakened Red Jade mode, it was so itchy it made him feel a different kind of pain. Whenever he recalled the itchiness from last time, he found himself trembling in fear and anxiety.

Luckily, the itchiness this time wasn't as bad as last time. It's within his endurance threshold so Wu Yan sighed in relief.

With this mysterious power acting on him, Wu Yan felt his bloodline changing, his organs also transformed under the influence of this abnormal power fluctuation.

Wu Yan doesn't know how to describe his excitement and glee.

Soon, his organs absorbed the power and his blood stopped coursing rapidly throughout his body.

"You unlocked the Summon Vassal Beasts bloodline ability."

Wu Yan blinked in confusion, he examined his body.

"Yeah, why don't I feel anything within me?"

"To summon a vassal beast, the user has to perform the summoning and call the beasts into existence."

"Ah, right..."

Wu Yan rubbed his chest.

"How do I summon the vassal beasts from another realm?"

"To do so, the user must go to the worlds where vassal beasts exist. The user cannot summon a vassal beast without first summoning vassal beasts in relevant worlds."

Wu Yan finally understood.

The System pranked him once again.

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