Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 857: Pros and cons, choosing a bloodline ability...

Marcus escaped!

It has been an hour since news about Marcus' escape spread in the base.

The two guards were assassinated, the surrounding patrols were also done in by Marcus' secret forces. Nobody detected the security breach in time. If it wasn't for Lei Wang's speedy arrival, nobody would have realized Marcus escaped.

Pelosi sent out multiple search teams. The soldiers who were still sleeping got rallied into task forces. The ones who didn't get drafted were also on standby or couldn't sleep because of all the noise. The base went into an uproar.

The soldiers complained and grumbled after not getting a good night's sleep for days. Try three days without sleeping a peaceful wink, that's enough to get anyone in a bad and sour mood. The soldiers cursed Marcus for dragging them into his mess, with a solid enemy in mind, they begun searching for Marcus, fueled by their hatred for the douchebag that took away their peace.

If Marcus really got caught, he probably would get stomped to death before he can be safely escorted back to the base.

This was what went around the base, Wu Yan & co are independent so they weren't dragged into this search. Wu Yan heard the news and he promptly threw the news to the low priority area in his mind. Lei Wang was frustrated that this guy wasn't taking this seriously.

Wu Yan & co couldn't be bothered with the base's operation. To them, helping Astrea evolve through her Pandora is more important than searching for a traitorous hound without a master.

At least, that's what the girls had in mind...

After all, they didn't want to get their cucumber patches roughed up by a certain brute...

As for that brute, Wu Yan, he had his own thing to do too...

While the girls worked together on the Pandora issue, Wu Yan returned to his own tent but he didn't go to sleep immediately. Instead, he opened the tab that appeared some time ago.

"True Ancestor bloodline awakening requirements fulfilled, Bloodline abilities unlocked, please choose an ability from the three abilities below:

1: Phasing into mist

2: Blood contracts

3. Summoning vassal beasts"

Wu Yan stared at the choices presented to him in silence.

When Mikoto, Kotori, Tohka, Astrea, and Wu Yan ascended to the ninth tier, by virtue of hitting level 80, this prompt appeared and it stayed there, constantly reminding him to choose an ability.

At the time, he had a lot on his plate so he queued it for later management. Now is a better time than any to deal with this.

Awakening bloodline abilities isn't foreign to Wu Yan. His Red Jade mode was attained by unlocking it at level 70. Without this ability, he would have no choice but to run the last time he met the Beast King. Right now, he's at the crossroad where he has to choose an ability once more.

At this rate, he reckons the next ability set would be unlocked at level 90 probably even when he hit level 100.

The bloodline abilities appeared to be something that appears when he climbs the power tier.

He wasn't expecting a skill-tree esque set up where he has to choose an ability among different options.

Each human, each lifeform, they all have limits. Not even an apex lifeform with infinite life like the True Ancestor is exempt from this inherent limit.

There are also other True Ancestors in the transcript worlds offered by the System. Each True Ancestor differed in attributes and nature according to the setting of the underlying work. For instance, the True Ancestors in Nasuverse are more akin to fairies than vampires. Or, take Evangeline from Mahou Sensei Negima, she's a true ancestor that's artificial in nature. There are more examples of true ancestors that were either made through miraculous situations or through the machinations of humans. There are also True Ancestors whos root of existence came from a curse.

The binding similarity between these True Ancestors are their nigh-infinite if not straightout unqualified immortality. Because they differed in nature, each type of True Ancestors have different extent of capabilities.

Wu Yan's True Ancestor bloodline is very similar to Nasuverse's True Ancestor in that he's similar to a planet-class fairy, but, his limits weren't capped at the level of Nasuverse's True Ancestor. Instead, he had access to the perks and abilities of all the types of True Ancestors out there, including their abilities.

Here lies the con of possessing such an immense potential. His bloodline limit came in the form of locked abilities, all these bloodline abilities couldn't be unlocked at the same time or his bloodline would be too chaotic to sustain its existence.

The System organized this absolute mess of a skill-tree and allowed Wu Yan to call the final shots, giving him the choice to choose his own bloodline abilities.

Wu Yan scanned the three abilities thoroughly and he scratched his cheeks with a serious look.

Phasing into mist (Unique ability of the True Ancestor bloodline, cannot be bought in store):
Phase into mist, while in this state, the user can escape out of any confined space, greatly enhanced speed, and invulnerability, cannot attack while in this state.

Blood contract (Unique ability of the True Ancestor bloodline, cannot be bought in store):
Grants the user the ability to use The Embrace, any target of this skill will become a vampire, when blood contract is used on a subordinate vampire, the target will be empowered to 10 levels below the user's level.

Summon Vassal Beasts (Unique ability of the True Ancestor bloodline, cannot be bought in store):
Summon vassal beasts from other worlds, these beasts posses extremely destructive capabilities exceeding cutting edge jets or tanks. Vassal beasts summoned by True Ancestors are rumored to have the power to destroy nations. Vassal beasts are creatures made of pure mana given consciousness. As they are not physical in nature, they cannot be brought down via physical means, vassal beasts can only be destroyed through a magic attack stronger than the beast. Vassal beasts can also be nullified by mana-cancelling techniques and skills. Vassal beasts sustain themselves through leeching lifeforce from a host, making mortal host die an early death. Only True Ancestors with infinite lifespan can host vassal beasts without succumbing to death.

Wu Yan frowned at the three abilities.

Phasing into mist, this ability would give him a tremendous boost in flexibility and speed in addition to invulnerability while in that state. However, Wu Yan has no need for this.

With spatial magic, he can teleport wherever he pleases, range and mobility isn't a concern for him. Meanwhile, He has no need for invulnerability, there are multiple spells from his 103,000 grimoires that can grant him similar effects.

Although the Blood Contract is tempting, giving him the ability to turn his comrades into tier 8 in an instant, the ability to summon vassal beasts look more tempting to him...

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