Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 855: Loyal hounds, Marcus' foreshadowing

There's a small mountain range near the south-eastern part of the forward operating base.

There were natural caves dotting the mountain range with grass and stones decorating the entire place. It was not a place suitable for setting up tents due to the onerous labor that would be involved to clear up the place.

The caves were used as a place to store materials and supplies. It's like the warehouse for this base. However, the caves here changed in nature.

It turned into a prison.

Marcus was imprisoned here while waiting for the Board to pass judgment.

While the girls were having fun thinking about how to help Pandora evolve through her Pandora system much to Wu Yan's amusement, something happened here that were out of anyone's expectation.

There's a bubbling energy barrier here, it looked like a soft bubble but anyone can tell it's the prison magic installed by Lei Wang himself. Anyone tier 8 and below cannot hope to break this prison.

There were also two tier 8 guards on guard, anyone plotting a jail break has to bring serious firepower if they wanna get out.

Inside the cave, two dim magic lamps provided visibility to the three individuals here. The two guards looked at the prisoner with disdain and hatred.

"Look at that, mister high horse from the Cyto Family, can you believe this guy was once a captain of this base?"

"Yeah, what a high and mighty person..."

"He's a peak tier 8 cultivator or so I've heard, we would be minced meat in a regular duel..."

"Oh, my, how scary. Too bad, he's a traitor who worked with the Beast King, it's only fitting he got locked up like a beast..."


Marcus didn't give them the satisfaction of a response. His head was lowered like a convict who's ready for death. The guards laughed even harder when they saw his look of despair.

The heavy chains clanked when dragged across the ground, Marcus hid his cold looks well, death isn't here for him, not yet.

He has been locked here for three days now, these days felt more like a century to him. He looked at the two annoying guards with a calm look, but, deep down inside, he's seething with anger. He wanted nothing less to kill the guards here and run away as fast as possible.

However, his Ice Dou Qi got sealed by the heavy shackles. These shackles were designed to suppress dou qi and mana, it's not something Marcus can break with his own thought. The only way to break these shackles would be to use overwhelming physical strength on them. But, since he's not a demonic beast, he lacked the power to escape the shackles on his own.

In his current state, the two guards wouldn't even have to break a sweat to pin him to the ground. They can also easily kill him if he put up any resistance at all.

What's more, with the prison formation here, not even 10 peak tier 8 cultivators can break the prison formation when they are shacked like him, what can he do with his own power?

He let the flames burn within him. He didn't say anything because he didn't want to give the guards a reason to beat him up.

Marcus used the darkness of the cave to hide his scheming face. He mumbled in a voice no one can hear.

"It's almost time..."

A few figures dashed along the mountain range, without making any sound or being sighted, they hid behind the large trees that littered the cave entrance. They cast their wolf-life eyes on the cave entrance.

The sneaky individuals looked at each other and they exchanged non-verbal signals. Then, they nodded and they blended in with the environment, even a tier 8 cultivator would have a hard time spotting these sneaky individuals.

They waited like still corpses, when night fell, they finally mobilized.

The two vanguards unleashed their battle skills and they smashed the prison magic formation at the same time. Judging from the shockwaves they generated, they were at least in the middle stages of tier 8.


The prison formation shook and it finally shattered as the figures dashed in without hesitation.

"Who goes there?!"

The guards realized the situation too late, the intruders smashed into the guards with battle skills.

Bam bam


The guards were sent flying backwards when somebody grabbed them by the neck.

Crack crack

The two guards were swiftly assassinated. Their lifeless bodies fell to the floor with souring thuds.



The four intruders lined up in front of Marcus.


The intruders greeted Marcus. They were all high-level tier 8 practitioners.


Marcus' expression turned for the better. He nodded and one of the guards went up to break Marcus' shackles.

He's practically the right-hand man of the current Cyto family head, he raised a few loyal hounds who would do his bidding. Normally, he kept them around without any use for them. He didn't think there would be a day where he needed their services.

"Are the preparations done?"

Marcus flexed his arms.

The guy who freed him replied.

"We already arranged an escape route, all obstacles were cleared without a hitch."


Marcus walked towards the cave entrance, his secret forces followed suit.

After exiting the cave, his Ice Dou Qi started flowing again as the temperature around him went down drastically.

He clenched his fists so hard one could hear him popping joints. He stared up at the night sky.

"How long have I held my hatred?"

Marcus started emanating an astonishing amount of negative energy and unadulterated hatred.

The loyal hounds said nothing, they did their best to avoid eye contact with him.

They knew what made Marcus tick, this is one of those moment where if they said something out of line, even their loyalty wouldn't stop Marcus from killing them.

After enjoying his freedom, Marcus grinned as he stared at the sky, he started snickering like a devil.

Standing on a vantage point, he looked at a certain area of the forward operating base, his eyes were brimming with killing intent.

He was looking at the area with Wu Yan & co's tent set up there.

"Wu Yan... Wu Yan..."

Marcus growled with seething anger.

"Just you wait, you and I are not done yet!"

He bellowed like a demonic beast and then the five fugitives disappeared as they ran off in the opposite direction of the base.

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