Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 853: Astrea's in danger...

Giant Beast Forest Ailu Forward operating base...

Inside a tent, Wu Yan & co sat in a cirlce as they stared at Astrea who has been placed at the center for some reason. Their stern expressions were in stark contrast to Astrea's anxious look.

The air is also heavy with suspense. Only Astrea's darting eyes stood out in this still environment. Judging from her tense body, it's clear she's not used to a scene like this.

Wu Yan can see Astrea's stressed out so he asked the girls around him for ideas.

"Well, anyone has any ideas they would like to share?..."

Astrea looked at Wu Yan with thankful eyes, she's glad he broke the awkward silence for her.

Shokuhou Misaki squizzed around.

"I mean, she doesn't know how to do it herself, I don't think we can come up any good ideas..."

The others nodded with a frustrated look. Kotori shifted the candy in her mouth to the other side of her cheek as she stared at Ikaros.

"Hey, you experienced it once, do you know how to make Astrea evolve?"

Yes, they are brain-storming about Astrea's Pandora evolution criteria.

The Pandora system is a self-evolution system installed in the Angeloids, Astrea, and Ikaros!

It's a system designed by Daedalus to allow the first generation Angeloids to evolve along with their emotional growth. It's a system that makes them go through transformations and evolve according to their feelings!

Last time, in the Beast King incident, Ikaros ascended to tier 9 and she grew stronger than the frame housing her being, Pandora System booted up and she evolved when they fought against the Beast King.

Astrea's ascended to tier 9 and as such, she grew stronger than what her engineer had originally designed for her. Like Ikaros, her Pandora system booted up too, that's evidenced by the flashing light near her heart.

Wu Yan got the girls together to think of ways to get Pandora to fully awaken, evolving Astrea to the next level.

Once she evolves, she will attain a new battle form and her equipment and power will also be increased in sync.

When Ikaros evolved, her power up and cooperation with Flan successfully made the Beast King take the two tier 9 supergirls seriously. The two tier 9 harmed the demigod even if it's only a scratch wound.

Astrea has a shot at something like that, they weren't going to past the opportunity up...

Ikaros' eyes gleamed, they didn't know if she's analyzing the question or she's showing her emotions.

"Pandora is designed to free Angeloids from their emotional shackles, so far, the close-combat type Angeloid, Astrea's Pandora is already initiated. My database says the condition for her evoluiton is through strong emotional turbulences!"

"Strong surging emotions, huh?"

Hinagiku circled Astrea once.

"How do we get her to experience strong emotions?"

The others looked at each other with nary a clue to offer.

"Last time, Ikaros evolved because the Beast King killed Yan-kun, didn't she?"

She looked at Wu Yan and she giggled.

"Then, Yan-kun, may we ask you die once?"

Cough cough cough

Wu Yan choked on his own saliva and he retorted.

"Damn you, I might be an immortal vampire but I fear pain just like anyone else!"

"Oh, come on, it's no big deal..."

Shokuhou Misaki continued.

"An immortal vampire like you wouldn't die if you're killed once."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

"Why don't you try dying then!"

Shokuhou Misaki used puppy eyes on him.

"Yan-kun, how could you say that?"

Wu Yan's lip twitched and he riffed on her.

"I might not be heartless enough to say that before, but, right now, I want to sell you once just so you know how it feels to be sold out..."


Shokuhou Misaki tilted her head and she giggled.

"You better make sure to sell me at a high price or I am going to get mad..."

Wu Yan started cold sweating...

"Strong emotional reaction..."

Kotori stood in front of Astrea.

"I think we don't have to resort to that just yet, right?..."

"Ikaros evolved because the death of Onii-san triggered an intense anger within her. If it's intense emotions, there are other options we can consider to make Astrea evolve!"

She waved her candy around.

"Happiness, fear, sadness, those are emotions that can be amplified to an intense degree!"


Tohka cried out happily.

"How about letting Astrea eat to her heart's content? That will make her very happy for sure!"

Astrea frantically nodded, she stopped short of writing down that idea on the ground.

"As for fear..."

Mikoto started crackling with lightning as she grinned.

"Getting electrocuted should elicit a deep fear, right?"

Astrea's smile froze up and she quickly changed mode to shaking her head like crazy.

"Flames should be just as effective as electricity."

Kotori sneered.

"I would be more than glad to offer my services..."

A droplet of sweat flowed down Astrea's head.

"Ara ara..."

Kurumi also looked like she's very interested, she showed a bewitching smile.

"Sounds like fun..."

Astrea started freaking out.

"Can I play and help Astrea-nee at the same time?"

Flan looked like she just heard a great news, she skipped her way over to Astrea, however, her eyes were glowing with a disturbing shade of red and malice.

"Come play with Flan, Astrea-nee!"

Wu Yan & co were also worried for Astrea. Playing with Flan is a very dangerous game, one might even die if they aren't careful. Yeah, that sounds like it would create a strong emotional reaction for sure.


Astrea bounced up from the ground and she started sobbing.

"Everybody's bullying me!"

"Astrea-chan we are just trying to help you..."

Shokuhou Misaki had a very nasty grin on her.

"That's why, you must listen to us..."


Astrea shook her head. The previous discussion awakened something terrifying within the girls, they slowly inched towards Astrea with creepy grins.

"Now, Astrea-chan..."

Mikoto approached lightning in hand as she showed Astrea an excited look.

"Don't worry, it will be over before you know it, it won't hurt..."


Flan started floating in the air with her mysterious wings, she licked her lips.

"Come play with me! Come play with me!"

Astrea backed away with a look of deep terror, when she's out of anywhere to run, the girls pounced.


A soul-rendering scream echoed throughout the night.

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