Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 852: The real bad news and good news

"I firmly believe Wu Yan isn't conspiring with the Beast King too."

Kate stated his stand on the matter.

"During the last operation where they fought against the newly-ascended Beast King, Fei Fei, and Sylph told me that the Beast King tried to kill the girls around Wu Yan. According to my understanding of his personality, there's not a chance he would work with the Beast King."

Kate glanced over the room.

"Forget not the demigod behind him, Yukari-sama is his protector, how would it benefit him to work with Beast King who is weaker than Yukari-sama?"

"That's true..."

The other elders were convinced except for the Baruba emperor.

"But, that still doesn't explain it..."

The Barube emperor cast his doubt Lei Wang's way.

"Lei Wang said Wu Yan faced the Beast King on his own and he came out trouncing the Beast King, didn't he? Did he really do that on his own?"

The Baruba emperor grinned. Nobody had a reasonable explanation to offer.  It's clear they think Lei Wang is joking when he implied Wu Yan beat the Beast King to an inch of his life.

The others were similarly speechless, Kate felt a sense of helplessness hitting him when he continued.

"Sylph also mentioned that Wu Yan & co, teaming up with our forces couldn't touch the Beast King, it was only when Yukari-sama intervened that the Beast King got heavily wounded..."

"Yukari-sama is, to our knowledge not in the Giant Beast Forest, in the end, I guess Wu Yan must have used a summoning magic to call Yukari-sama to his aid!"

Kate said with shining eyes.

"My opinion on this is that the youngster used some sort of summoning magic to summon Yukari-sama once more, heavily injuring the Beast King again..."

The Board members appeared to approve of this theory.

"That should be the most likely scenario..."

Lei Wang pursed his lips while the other elders looked on with admiration and a hint of jealousy.

A demigod that would come to one's aid on call, what an honorable and venerable position...

Even if the emperors of Baruba, Feya, and Ailu had demigod protectors, these guardians would only mobilize when an empire-ending threat appears. Most of the time, they trained and went about their own businesses. Forget commanding them, they might not even respond to a courtesy call.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan apparently has a demigod that would come to his aid on call.

Isn't that just splendid?

Not just that, Wu Yan seems to have all the luck in the world. In addition to a demigod at his beck and call, there were frighteningly talented girls around him. Seriously, where is he getting all that luck?

The emperors got a bit envious at the treatment Wu Yan's getting. Forget the other faction big-wigs who doesn't even have a demigod behind them.


An elder with snowy-white hair snorted.

"I still agree with the previous hypothesis, Wu Yan is probably behind the events rippling throughout our world!"

Kate and Lei Wang's expression dimmed down.

Lei Wang scoffed.

"I know the Ladin family got the short end of the stick but Andrew got what came for him, you're just using a public matter to get your private revenge, what a sad strange little man..."

"What was that?!"

The elder huffed.

"Yeah? Am I wrong?"

Lei Wang snapped at him.

"Let it not slip your mind that Andrew worked with Marcus to conspire against Silvaria!"


The elder went red in anger.

Another nasty looking elder spoke up in a hoarse voice.

"Old monster Lei, you're gonna say something about Marcus on your second agenda, right?"

The air turned still as silence gripped the floor.

The desperate and forced expression on that old man brought only pity and sadness to Lei Wang and Kate's mind. They would give anything not to be in his shoes right now.

Andrew and Marcus are both right-hand man to the Cyto and Ladin family. While Andrew's death might be tragic to the Ladin family, they weren't too sad as he wasn't directly affiliated by blood with the Ladin family.

As for Marcus, it was different, he's the son of the desperate old man.

His son betrayed mankind and is most likely going to get capital punishment for his high treason.

Lei Wang, though reluctant still spoke his mind.

"Indeed, Marcus conspired with the Beast King, he sacrificed and harmed his own men, I move that we decide on his punishment..."

The sinister looking elder balled his palms into fists and he released a cold breath of air. He tried to suppress his own emotions.

"From what I've gathered, Marcus' treachery came under duress from the Beast King, he was forcefully implanted with a killer parasite, he was acting out of desperation, capital punishment is too much for his actions, right?"


The Baruba emperor chimed in.

"I don't care if he's forced or not, he jeopardized Silvaria with his actions, that much is an unpardonable sin!"

The old man looked the other way, nobody could see his face but they can see he just aged a few months with stress.

Lei Wang's expression changed and he turned dark.

"Lei Wang..."

Kate frowned.

"What happened?"

Lei Wang gnashed his teeth.

"The prison magic I used to lock Marcus up just got broken, Marcus went on the run!"


The old man jumped up and he grabbed Lei Wang's collar.

"Old Monster Lei! You better be speaking the truth!"

Lei Wang coldly looked back at the old man without saying anything, that was all the answer the desperate old man needed.

The old man's jaw turned slack and he bitterly smiled. Shaking his head, he released a sigh of disappointment and absolute sadness. Like an old man at the end of his miserable path, a gloomy aura grabbed him. The others also sighed in dejection.

Marcus' crimes are a travesty to mankind, he could have used the duress defense to get him out of capital punishment. With his father begging for his mercy, he might have made it out of this mess with his life.

But, right now, there's no chance of that happening now that Marcus broke out of captivity.

Kate glanced at the sad old man and he turned around with a summary judgment.

"Henceforth, Marcus is a branded criminal of the highest order, I want each family to send out a punitive force to capture Marcus. Lethal force is permitted upon Marcus' discovery!"


The other patriarchs responded. Even the emperors of Feya empire and the Baruba empire nodded. Only the sad old man stayed mum, nobody could blame him for his reaction.

"The Beast King operation will go as usual, report post-haste any significant finding or clues!"

Kate added with a grim tone.

"Furthermore, I want everyone to report suspicious disappearance from the forward operating bases around the Giant Beast Forest. Remember, the Beast King can swiftly recover from his wounds by consuming human cultivators, timely reports will help us track down the Beast King faster!"

"We might not be so lucky as to have the Beast King heavily injured for a third time..."

The Board members all nodded in unison...

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