Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 851: Wu Yan is cooperating with the Beast King?

Silvaria World Institute...

It's been a week since Wu Yan & co graduated.

The students returned to their normal peaceful lives once the rogues known as Wu Yan & co left. They cultivated, earned points, dueled each other, they lived their lives by spending almost an equal amount of time in their homes, the Arena Tower, and the Commercial Area, they worked this schedule like a robot.

A lot of the students couldn't handle this mundane life. They weren't seekers of adventure, rather, they were used to big news headline popping out every week or two. For example, they were used to news like a certain individual taking down Rankers one by one or how the twelve factions got surpassed by a newer faction, or how the strongest student in the campus got dethroned.

The news stopped popping up after Wu Yan & co graduated.

A bunch of the students were fussing over how Silvaria World Institute lost its spark. The management wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. They wanted to pull the ears of the young fellow that caused all of this in the first place. However, they would have also committed the mistake of overlooking the OP girls around the rogue student.

Nobody knew when the next big piece of gossip would come, but, they expected peace to continue...

At the highest floor of the Arena Tower, the twelve Board members assembled once again. They came here from their own far away domiciles. This marks the second grand summit meeting since the one regarding the birth of the Beast King.

When they are physically present, it means something that concerns the entire world of Silvaria has happened or will happen. Each summit in the past might be chaired by a different individual, this time, the attendees were the same as the Beast King summit.

The elders of the past probably had little to no chance of ever attending one such physical summit, and that is a good thing. It means there weren't any events significant enough to threaten the peace and stability of Silvaria. If a summit is held almost annually, that is a grave cause of concern...

They held two grand summits in a row, this kind of frequency isn't normal, in the entire history of Silvaria, there were only a few cases like this.

The twelve Board Members can feel the world teetering out of sync, their guts told them a storm is coming.

They exchanged a look and they bitterly laughed.

"Lei Wang, please go ahead..."

Kate sighed.

Lei Wang nodded and he addressed everyone with a grim look.

"There are two agendas for this meeting."

The members perked themselves up, however, one of them looked like he's trying really hard to contain his emotions.

"Firstly, as I am sure most of you have received the bad news..."

"You spotted the Beast King, didn't you?..."

The Baruba Emperor asked and Lei Wang nodded. The twelve members here weren't as ready as they thought to accept this news.

"I found the Beast King and saw him with my own eyes."

Lei Wang sighed, he continued without minding the people's reaction around him.

"And I come with a very bad news..."

Lei Wang shook his head in dejection.

"The Beast King was heavily injured after a fight with Yukari-sama, that was our latest intelligence until now..."

"When I saw the Beast King, his injuries were almost fully recovered."


Kate is the first one to gasp.

"Lei Wang, you said the Beast King would take at least a year and a half to recover, didn't you?"


The Feya emperor chimed in.

"Yukari-sama herself said it, if I remembered clearly."

"And that was true..."

Lei Wang bitterly laughed.

"As if to rub salt on our wounds, the Beast King appears to have the ability to recover from injuries through consuming human cultivators."

"Consuming humans..."

The other tier 9 members here were struck with austerity.

"According to your words, Lei Wang..."

Kate slowly voiced his thoughts.

"It sounds like we have to make preparations for another war with the Demonic beasts there?"

"This is connected to my good news."

The others flinched.

Lei Wang grinned.

"The Beast King almost recovered but he was swiftly dealt with and he retreated with heavy injuries once more!"

"By who?!"

The others asked.

"Speak clearly and concisely!"

"I am not too sure myself..."

Lei Wang scratched his cheeks.

That youngster and I found the Beast King. Then, he told me to run and get help. By the time I arrived, the youngster said the Beast King escaped with heavy injuries.


Kate chuckled.

"You mean Wu Yan?"

That boy, always at the center of something big..."

"Wait! I have a question."

The Feya emperor questioned  Lei Wang.

"You said the youngster told you to run while he confronts the Beast King? Evenw hen you two found the Beast King?"

"That is correct."

Lei Wang answered.

"Isn't that fishy?"

The Baruba Empire intervened, he frowned.

"According to my reports, Wu Yan is only peak tier 8, right? It's unthinkable a tier 8 would dare confront a demigod alone. He even told you to run away, was that what I heard?"

The elders all nodded as they exchanged their own thoughts on the matter.

"That does sound illogical..."

Kate seemed to agree, he rubbed his chin and he gave his opinion on the matter.

"Does that youngster have a trump card that can take down demigods?"

"No way!"

The other board members chortled at once.

If a peak tier 8 can defeat a demigod in battle with a relic or something, demigods wouldn't be taken so serious in Silvaria.

Unless it's the Mythical Armament foretold in the legends, other than that, the elders and even Kate himself would find Lei Wang's story hard to believe.


One of the elders opened his mouth.


"Maybe that Wu Yan is in cahoots with the Beast King, the two of them might be plotting something against Silvaria?..."

The air immediately turned heavy.

"You're implying that Wu Yan is the true traitor and Marcus was framed?..."

Lei Wang stared at the old elder with a pair of tranquil eyes, those were not eyes of an indifferent person, it's when Lei Wang is truly angered that he talks in a tranquil fury.

"I-I am just saying..."

The elder followed up.

"I wasn't saying it was a fact!"

Lei Wang stared at the guy for a few more seconds. Then, he told Kate with an unyielding tone.

"Your majesty, I may not have any proof to vouch for Wu Yan, however, I will stake my life that Wu Yan isn't a traitor who would do something like this to us!"

Lei Wang's stern declaration shocked the tier 9 around them. They knew he was on good terms with Wu Yan but they didn't think he would stick up for Wu Yan to this extent. Kate was of the mind that Wu Yan won't do that too.

His daughter knew better than to choose a man like that, as frigid as she might look.

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