Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 850: Decision? Marcus' unusual behavior...

Giant Beasts Forest, Forward operating base...

After a disastrous night has gone by, the skyfall event disappeared just like the chaos that swept up the base when it first happened.

The guards were perking themselves up for their daily duties. No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't shake off their fatigue and mental exhaustion. The whole base is down in the dumps.

Nobody could blame them, the events of these past few days really took a toll on their energy reserves. Wu Yan's wrathful roar woke up the base, then Andrew's murder stirred the base up, after that, you have a broken sky in the middle of the forest. Nobody could sleep in peace after seeing the apocalyptic scene.

In just two short days, so many stuff happened the soldiers, warriors or mage, couldn't deal with the mental and physical enfeeblement. Morale is naturally low as a result.

In a large tent reserve for officers with high ranks, soldiers surrounded the tent as they discussed and gossiped loudly. It was as rowdy as a wet market on the weekends.

Almost all of the high-ranking officials were in attendance. They looked at the person chairing this meeting.

A person sat upon his high seat and the soldiers couldn't believe his stern expression was gone. The chairperson looked like he's too busy thinking about something else to focus on this meeting.

He arrived in this base yesterday, however, the shock he received surpassed the soldiers here.

The Board, presided over by the twelve heads of the factions that rule this world, including the three empires, consist of 12 tier 9 cultivators. In an independent faction not affiliated with the Board, there's seven tier 9 supers with the rest of the faction comprised of peak tier 8 individuals.

Although this small group of individuals couldn't surpass the Board in absolute strength, they are already fast catching up.

Lei Wang vividly recalls the scene where Wu Yan and his comrades ascended at the same time. Even now, he's still shaken by the implications of that event.

Lei Wang holds Wu Yan in a high regard, he couldn't praise the bloke enough.

He knew the day would come that the young fellow would stand on the same ground as him, heck, he reckons the young fellow had a high chance of surpassing him, standing in the exalted realm of demigods. He didn't think his predictions would come true so quickly.

Not just Wu Yan, even the girls around him are basically monsters with enormous, almost unbridled potential and talent. They were strong in their own ways, a few of them were stronger than Wu Yan. He took great care of the group because he wanted them to mature, now, they were a group of individuals who can take the world of Silvaria by storm.

Lei Wang feels like, even his optimistic assessment felt like he was looking down on them, after seeing what they could do...

Even more surprising, five youngsters who are still not 25 years old achieved tier 9 power. Lei Wang didn't think it was an accident.

Wu Yan & co probably cultivates an exotic training technique that gave them devilish cultivation speed and frightening talents.

Even Lei Wang is intrigued by the secrets they held.

If he can get a hold of that technique, the Lori family will become the top faction ruling the land, if not this decade then in the next century.

For him, the climb to the exalted peak of demigod seemed like an achievable feat.


His eyes filled with passion. However, he kept his passion from morphing into avarice by thinking back on his relationship with Wu Yan. Suppressing the innate flames to grow stronger, he sighed as if he gave up on his own thoughts.

Lei Wang would kill for whatever technique they cultivated in. However, even if he ignored his granddaughter's suspiciously close relationship with Wu Yan, his dignity as an elder nurturing the next generation stopped him from holding greedy thoughts.

Moreover, if Wu Yan does get together with his granddaughter, all the better. When they get hitched, this youngster with a boundless future will be in his family register, even the girls around him are very likely to join his faction. Even if they don't officially join him, when Wu Yan ties the knot, really, their futures would be tied inextricably with each other.

Now, Lei Wang worried about the enegagement Wu Yan had with Sylph. If he does give his blessing for Lulu's hand in marriage to Wu Yan, wouldn't that mean his granddaughter would become Wu Yan's concubine?

No, I can't have that...

"Elder Patriarch..."

Pelosi, the representative sent here mumbled humbly as Lei Wang returned to the current meeting.

Suppressing his idle thoughts, he swept his gaze over the entire room, silencing anyone who was still busy whispering or talking.

Lei Wang nodded and he stared at an empty spot some distance away. A figure knelt there with a look of despair.



Lei Wang sighed, his excitement died down the moment he looked at Marcus. He felt sympathy and a sad tinge of remorse.

The other high ranking officials looked at Marcus with looks of coldness, wrath, and schadenfreude.

Pelosi asked Lei Wang after sighing at Marcus.

"Elder Patriarch, how should we deal with Marcus?"

"How should we deal with him?"

A high ranking official spoke out.

"He colluded with the Beast King, sold out the soldiers fighting to save humanity, this traitorous person should be put to death immediately!"


"Only death can pardon his sins!"

They didn't notice Marcus' brief look of malice.

Lei Wang rubbed his face and he waved his hands, silencing the crowd.

"Marcus has indeed turned his back on humanity, however, the decision to unleash capital punishment rest not with us..."

Marcus looked coldly at Lei Wang, he could see the old man looked at him like a sad and pathetic human.

"He's the brother of the Cyto Patriarch, his father is also on the Board, I already reported his actions and crimes to the Board. The final decision lies with the Board!"

With that, nobody could voice their objections.

Marcus raised his head.

"Master Lei Wang, you heard my conversation with the Beast King. You know full well I was coerced into this, don't you?"

"So what?!"

Lei Wang shot down his defense.

"You turned your back on your fellow humans, that much is undeniable."

"In other words..."

Marcus laughed like a maniac.

"I am dead for sure?..."

Lei Wang felt something wrong, however, he replied anyway.

"That is not for me to decide, the Board will be the judge of your crimes!"


Marcus laughed. His voice picked up in volume and he exploded in laughter.


They knew something was up. Lei Wang acted on his gut feeling and he waved his hand.

"Suppress him!"

Two tier 8 guards nearby immediately pressed Marcus down.

Marcus, with his head on the ground, sneered insidiously...

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