Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 849: Ascending at the same time, leveling up and making choices...

Congratulations, you leveled up, you're now level 80.

The System's voice rang in Wu Yan's mind. He was looking at the place where the Beast King was last seen when the System called him back into reality.

Then a thick bloody aura rose up from Wu Yan, the aura swiftly wrapped Wu Yan up.

This sudden change made the others jump in shock. Wu Yan was taken by surprise too. However, before they can ask anything, the strange scene happened with Kotori, Mikoto, Astrea, and Tohka.

Mikoto lit up with a storm of bluish-white lightning. Meanwhile, Kotori burned with raging flames, her flames also grew deeper in tone. Tohka was covered in a beautiful glow of purple sheen. Even Astrea is unleashing a blinding array of light, lighting up this part of the forest.

All at once, bloody aura, blue lightning, purple light, crimson flames, and white light burst forth. Their light dispelled the surrounding darkness. Even the ground started cracking from the sheer amount of power they unleashed at the same time. Five mini craters were made.

The others backed away to avoid getting hurt by their power-ups. Gasping, Lei Wang is the first one to back away but not before getting struck by Wu Yan's bloody aura whiplash.


The others mumbled in awe as they looked at Wu Yan, Mikoto, Kotori, Tohka, and Astrea. If it weren't for the stunned looks on the perpetrators, they would have assumed they were pulling a prank.

"What's going on?"

Lei Wang applied pressure on the his aching chest, he looked at Wu Yan and the four others who ascended with a look of absolute puzzlement.

He can feel their power increasing drastically from tier 8. They were now far stronger than peak tier 8.

He's not sure about the flashy power display, however, that steady increase in power is something familiar to Lei Wang. After all, he experienced it before.

That happens when someone ascends!

"Th-they ascended..."

Lei Wang was stunned.

He admits he isn't too familiar with the girls' power. However, he asked Wu Yan just this morning, and he said he was at peak tier 8.

By extrapolation, that would make him a tier 9 now, right?

"Erm... Ah..."

Lei Wang's mouth widened.

"Youngster, did you just enter tier 9?"

"Tier 9?"

The girls flinched in surprise too. They were dazzled by their own empowerment, then, their faces changed to one of glee.

"Yeah, that should be correct."

Shokuhou Misaki assessed calmly. Her starry eyes couldn't hide her excitement. The other girls joined in on this fun.

Wu Yan, Mikoto, Kotori Tohka, and Astrea stood at peak tier 8 for a long time now. After defeating the Beast King, a demigod, the experience points they gained allowed them to break into tier 9.

Lei Wang is the only one who still couldn't handle reality. At least, his mouth isn't shut yet.

Right in front of him, 5 tier 9 individuals just came into existence.

Lei Wang only detected Ikaros and Flan when he was around last time. At first, he couldn't accept reality, but, with hard cold evidence in front of him, he had no choice but to believe his eyes.

Youngsters who are practically like babies to him just touched the milestone known as the ninth tier.

If only it was just one of them, he would raise an eyebrow for sure but he wouldn't be so baffled as to look like a buffoon. Yet, reality just slapped him with five practitioners who reached tier 9 at the same time.

At the same time!

Who, in the long annals of history, has ever seen five people reach tier 9 at the same time? Even more so when they are just youngsters?...

Even the four fallen gods never had the luck to see something like this, right?

Ignoring what Lei Wang had to say, the five celebrated. Then, they slowly reined in their powers. Mikoto reduced her electrcity output, Kotori extinguished her flames, Astrea and Tohka also stored their powers away, calming themselves down. Meanwhile, Wu Yan is still blasting bloody aura like it's new year's eve.

He wasn't doing this on purpose, it's his bloodline acting up, how is he going to suppress a passive state like this?

When the girls returned to their normal state, Wu Yan was still gushing with bloody aura. However, the girls weren't focused on him.


Astrea yelled when she just returned to nromal.

They stared at her with astonishment.

There were glimmers of light coming from Astrea's chest. It was coming from where her heart is, it dimmed down but it didn't fade away. It continued faintly shining like nobody's business.


The girls gasped.


Astrea touched the glowing spot with a worried look. She glomped Ikaros in a frantic manner.

"Ikaros-senpai! Astrea's dying!"

The other girls stumbled as they fell to the floor. Astrea started tearing up.

"Ikaros-senpai! I am dying! Dyingggg!"

Ikaros couldn't keep up with Astrea's tempo. She used her dove's eyes and she scanned her glowing spot, data flew by her eyes and she replied with a slightly surprised tone.

"This phenomena..."

Astrea touched Astrea's glowing heart.

"I experienced it before..."

The girls remembered it and Shokuhou Misaki pointed it out first.

"Yeah, this happened when Ikaros hit tier 9 last time!"

"You mean this?"

Kotori, Kurumi, and the others who were recently summoned didn't get to see the scene so they were curious. Shokuhou Misaki mumbled to herself.

"If I remember correctly, this is the sign that the Pandora System within them are awakening..."

"If that's the case..."

Mikoto and Hinagiku turned towards Astrea.

"Astrea is undergoing her Pandora evolution?"

"That should be it, yeah."

Astrea blinked as she sighed in relief, storing away her panicky behavior from before.

"Oh, jeez, here I was thinking I was going to die..."

The other girls started sweating cold bullets.

While the other girls were busy dealing with Astrea's change. Wu Yan's bloody aura disappeared and he seemed out of it so Kurumi asked him with intrigue.

"What's wrong? Hubby-sama..."

Wu Yan felt a strange sense of happiness when the girls showed him concern, he shook his head.

"No, it's nothing, don't mind me..."

Wu Yan smiled as he dived into his own consciousness. He was greeted by the same mechanical voice from before...

Requirement for True Ancestor's bloodline awakening fulfilled, True Ancestor bloodline abilities unlocked...

Please choose one of the abilities from the 3 choices below...

1: Turn into mist

2: Blood contract

3: Beast familiar summoning

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