Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 848: In time? Not in time?

Dozens of figures streaked across the forest, although the forest is very hard to navigate, the ones dashing apparently had no trouble zipping through the trees, they were all heading in one direction.

A few of them had wings so they flew in the air. They were faster than the ones running among the woods. It's quite obvious that they were worried as it showed on their faces.

Compared to the other girls who can fight well, Shokuhou Misaki's special ability is offset against her terrible physical finesse. She's the slowest among her comrades here. Hence, Ikaros carried her as they flew towards the destination they had in mind.

Shokuhou Misaki knitted her brows. The night sky that got shattered is slowly recovering as if everything from before was just an illusion. She's not sighing in relief, her anxiety only grew to newer heights.

According to Lei Wang, that was probably caused by the fight between Wu Yan and the Beast King. She wasn't sure who caused it. However, she shuddered to think Wu Yan stood alone against a foe who can withstand or dish out an attack like that. She's just not at ease when she realizes her man is alone in his fight.

Back then, Wu Yan, Fei Fei & co, the other girls, they worked together and they still failed to harm the Beast King in the slightest. Only Flandre managed to give the guy a miniscule wound. Now, Wu Yan's all alone against a foe like that...

Wu Yan is much stronger than before. He leveled up a bunch and he got his hands on new abilities. It's fair to say he's basically invincible against anyone lower than tier 9. Even newly minted tier 9 would fall before Wu Yan's newfound powers.

But, the Beast King is a demigod.

Even if Wu Yan used Flan's Red Jade to power up, he still can't beat the enemy.

This is the source of Shokuhou Misaki's worries.

She wasn't aware that Wu Yan had Yukari's Red Jade in addition to Kurumi and Flandre's.

When Yukari left, Shokuhou Misaki was still in the forest with Mikoto & co, taking care of the sisters. She wasn't there to see Yukari giving Wu Yan a drop of blood. After that, Wu Yan entered a transcript world. After his return, he only spent a few days with them so he hadn't the chance to tell Shokuhou Misaki & co about this.

Hinagiku and the others knew about this but their anxiety made them fail to disclose this to Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki.

In their minds, they had only one thought. Rushing to Wu Yan's side.

Awoo Gao Uwik...

The sounds of demonic beasts came from a far, Lei Wang is the first one to pick this up.

"You girls hear that?"

"Demonic beasts?"

The girls slowed down.

"We are in a forest filled with them!"

Mikoto pursed her lips continued moving forward.

"It's natural there are demonic beasts yelling in the forest known as the Giant Beast Forest, wouldn't you say so?"

Lei Wang elaborated on his confusion.

"No, this cacophony, at this time of the night? Nocturnal demonic beasts aren't dumb enough to scare away preys with the noises they make, also, this sounds like..."

Kotori's flaming Astral Dress fluttered as she chimed in.

"It sounds like multiple beasts of different species are bellowing all at once!"

"All at once, you say?"

Shokuhou Misaki stopped.

"You mean there are multiple different types of demonic beasts in one place?"

Hinagiku also casted her doubt.

"That's not part of their ecologies... Normally, the demonic beasts stay in their own turf, it's rare to see them mingle with different species!"

"No! We are onto something here."

Shokuhou Misaki and Lei Wang's eyes lit up.

This is the tell-tale sign of the Beast King using his innate ability to rally demonic beasts.

Only the ruler of demonic beasts, the Beast King had the ability to gather demonic beasts of different species together in one organized unit.

"That's where the Beast King is!"

Shokuhou Misaki deduced.


Mikoto looked in that direction with static lightning between her bangs.

"Yan must be over there too!"

Kotori turned into a flaming object flying across the sky. She led the others over to the source of the sound. Lei Wang also tagged after Kotori.

The faint sound of demonic beasts grew in intensity the closer they got. When they were closer, the beasts' howl sounded clearer to them. It wasn't the angry or savage bellows of mindless beasts, no, it was like they are being...


They exchanged a look and they picked up speed. Soon, they saw it...

The demonic beasts continued diving at a certain point in the air. Then, the demonic beasts were smite down by flames, wind, ice, and lightning. A dizzying array of elemental spells were thrown all over the place. Meanwhile, the executioner was in the air, culling the demonic beasts in droves.

They identified him almost immediately.



Ikaros' green eyes turned deep red as her hair unfurled and a halo appeared above her head.

"Uranus mode: On"

A white light armor covered her as her pink wings changed into illusory blue wings of light. Ikaros passed Shokuhou Misaki to Astrea and she shot up into the sky like an arrow.

Pink missiles materialized around Ikaros' wings, then, she sent them crashing towards the legions of demonic beasts in a flurry of pink light and smoke.

Boom boom boom boom

The beasts were struck down by Ikaros' homing missiles. The fortunate ones were deleted from existence, reduced to ashes while the unfortunate ones were left as falling charred and smoking carcasses.

Mikoto, Kotori, and Flandre followed suit. Astrea threw Shokuhou Misaki on the ground, she ignored Misaki's yelp when her butt hit the ground and she charged towards Wu Yan with Tohka who had Sandalphon at the read.

Wu Yan saw the girls coming, with the cavalry here, he sped up his pace.

Thus, if it wasn't a slaughter before, it's definitely a scene of massacre now...

When it was over, they were standing on a bloody ground where it's hard to not step in a demonic beasts' dead body.


Mikoto pointed her index finger at Wu Yan, almost poking him in the nose.

"You, why did you do something so dangerous as to come wandering out here on your own?!"

Wu Yan can see the girls weren't pleased he took a massive risk on his own. He helplessly chuckled.

"Sorry, I didn't think we would stumble on such a big conspiracy..."

The girls were more or less satisfied with his excuse. Lei Wang asked Wu Yan with a grave look.

"Where's the Beast King?"

Wu Yan clenched his fists and he bitterly laughed.

"He escaped!"


Lei Wang couldn't wrap his head around Wu Yan's words.

The peak tier 8 individual known as Wu Yan is fine while the demigod Beast King escaped?

Wu Yan didn't explain himself. instead, he looked at the direction where the Beast King was last seen with eyes that were as cold as arctic snow.

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