Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 847: Techniques used and missing by that much...

After teleporting here, Wu Yan got jumped by four giant bone spears. The spears were aimed at all the directions he can dodge.

Judging by the aura and mana surging within this attack, the Beast King isn't satisfied with just slowing him down.

With almost no mana left, the Beast King used this technique without sparing a single iota of mana. The guy had guts to stake it all, Wu Yan can give him that.

The Beast King can still fly so fast because he was supporting his tattered body with mana. If he depleted his mana reserve, the Beast King will no longer be capable of running away.


Wu Yan snorted. He looked at the direction the Beast King fled in and he disappeared the next second. The spears smashed together without hitting anything.

The Beast King continued flying while covered in his own mana. In the guise of the night, his mana gave his location away.

"His aura is gone..."

The Beast King mumbled while looking back. He didn't think Wu Yan would give up so easily.

Combining this situation with the one from before, it's highly likely Wu Yan used an instantaneous movement technique.

"Did I shake him off?"

Suddenly, the Beast King stopped as he smashed the area in front of him with pure mana.


A figure emerged from thin air.

It was Wu Yan.

The Beast King flew the other way.

Wu Yan teleported again, this time he blinked above the Beast King.

"Don't you get it?"

Wu Yan looked at the Beast King with a frosty look.

"You can't beat me in speed."

The Beast King balled his palms into fist and he snickered.

"Look at you, you're more decisive than the first time we fought."

Wu Yan sneered back at him.

"When you tried to kill the people important to me, that's when you signed your death warrant."

Andrew, Marcus, or even the Beast King, Wu Yan couldn't care what they were planning to do with the world.

But, when they touched his reverse scale, they signed up for a rough beating.

Wu Yan's golden eyes fell upon the Beast King. He charged towards the Beast King while blowing everything around him away.

"Big talk for a small fry!"

The Beast King channeled his mana and his claws lengthened.

The wounded Beast King clashed with Wu Yan.


A large shockwave of mana spill and crackling lightning exploded above the forest.

In a storm of sparks and smoke, the two got sent back some distance.

The Beast King endured the pain assaulting him and he stared at Wu Yan with shock.

He's seriously wounded but he didn't think a demigod like him would have trouble ending a cocky peak tier 8 like Wu Yan.

Yet, when they clashed, he tied with Wu Yan in power.

Wu Yan, he isn't your average fighter.

Wu Yan flickered from existence, this time, he appeared behind the Beast King in a flash of bluish-white lightning. He unleashed a lightning punch on the Beast King.

"Lightning Flash Punch!"


The Beast King used his mana to resist the attack. However, his body still slightly winced from the impact.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes when he saw the Beast King nullifying his attack. He clenched his fists as he clad himself in lightning once more.

He flicked and lightning shot forth, the lightning tore through the air. The air was filled with electrical charges.

The Beast King can see this attack isn't something he can easily defend against. With a hint of fear, the Beast King dodged his attack as he silently cursed Wu Yan.

This monster, he's only peak tier 8 but he's fighting with the power of a tier 9 cultivator!

"Running away?"

With lightning shrouding him, he struck the Beast King like a lightning bolt.


The protective mana around the Beast King dimmed down. This wasn't according to the Beast King's calculations.

Before he can regain ground, another surge of electricity struck the Beast King in his chest.

Slammed head-on, the Beast King groaned as he fell down towards the forest.

Pew pew pew

Wu Yan rained down lightning bolts upon the Beast King, making him howl in anguish.


His protective mana thinned further as blood started spewing out his wounds again. The Beast King's eyes flashed with desperate malice.

"Don't think you can take me down with just this..."

The Beast King sucked in a breath of air and he bellowed.


His loud roar echoed throughout the forest.

Wu Yan knitted his brows as a strange sense of unease rose within him. He instinctively raised his hands to guard against the soundwave.

Uyiii Awoo  Gaooo

When Wu Yan was about to use Railgun to pierce the Beast King, a series of beast roared back in the distance. He looked at the source of the sound and his expression petrified.

Flying demonic beasts responded to the Beast King's call for help. They were swarming here in hordes.


Wu Yan cursed.

The Beast King grinned and he ordered his subordinates to attack.

"Get him!"

Uyii Gaoo Awoo

The flying beasts were either flying with their wings or flying with mana, they charged at Wu Yan with reckless abandon.

There are tier 7, tier 8, and tier 6 creatures mixed in this army.

In terms of power, the beasts knew they were not a match for Wu Yan. Only a grim fate awaited the beasts that came for Wu Yan. But, like moths that flew into flames, they surrounded Wu Yan from all directions.


The Beast King laughed out loud as he disappeared beyond the thick woods of the forest. He left Wu Yan with a parting declaration.

"Wu Yan, I will remember everything you did today. One day, I will pay it back with interest!"

"Stand right there!"

Wu Yan wanted to give chase but the beasts swarmed Wu Yan.

Wu Yan teleported away from the beasts. Unleashing his senses, he couldn't detect the Beast King's aura or direction no matter where he looked.

A deep sense of frustration and anger rose within Wu Yan. The beasts covered Wu Yan as he roared in fury.

The flying demonic beasts surrounded Wu Yan once more...

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