Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 846: Escape? The pursuit in the sky

At the same time Wu Yan was about to land the last attack, the Beast King who looked like he was resigned to his fate suddenly opened his eyes.

Mana surged around the Beast King and the ground swallowed up his tattered body.

This was the same move the Beast King used to escape Yakumo.

Wu Yan's eyes turned frosty.

"Running away?"

"You won't have it that easy!"

Wu Yan used what little power he had to unleash another Boundary attack.

"The boundary between existence and non-existence!"

Like a megaton hammer, he erased the soil from existence, in the ensuing boom, a figure shot out from the ground. It stopped briefly in the sky and then it shot far away.

Wu Yan sneered and he opened up a gap in space.

If he entered the gap, he can catch up with the beast king no matter where he tried to run.

But, he couldn't enter the gap in space, the gap with gnarly eyes closed automatically after trembling for a second.

Wu Yan gasped. Then, the third Magatama on his chest dimmed down and returned to its passive state.

Wu Yan's blonde hair disappeared and his hair also shortened to his original choppy black hair. His eye color returned to his usual deep shade of red.

The Red Jade Mode's duration ran out!

His power fell from demigod level and he returned to his tier 8 self. Wu Yan silently cursed the untimely end of his Red Jade mode.

Wu Yan saw the Beast King quickly escape his range and he used a teleportation spell to catch up to the Beast King.

His range was limited. Unlike the Gap used by Yakumo, he couldn't catch up with the Beast King's immense speed, not with his limited teleportation range. Plus, he's only peak tier 8 right now.

Wu Yan continued chain-teleporting his way over to the Beast King.

By rapidly casting teleporation, he slowly caught up with the Beast King. He's flying and he can only fly so fast, for Wu Yan who can instantly appear in a spot far away, this was the only reasonable outcome.

Wu Yan stared at the retreating figure.

"You cannot escape!"

The Beast King turned and he charged straight for a mountain range in the Giant Beast Forest. Forcing himself to go at his fastest speed, the Beast King was like a meteor soaring through the sky. However, he had a grim expression on his face.

Even if he's heavily injured, he can detect Wu Yan hot on his tail.

The Beast King sensed Wu Yan's drop in power, however, his survival instinct is still telling him to run so he did so, but not without fueling his internal rage.

"Looks like he used up the power Yakumo borrowed him..."

The Beast King flew without stopping. He disappeared beyond the horizon.

"With my current state, I should be able to win. However, that guy probably has more tricks up his sleeve. His ardent pursuit means he probably has another trump card, I better play this safe..."

After he mumbled that, the sound of something obstructing wind came. The Beast King stopped instantly.

He looked at Wu Yan who was standing in opposition to him with his fluttering robes. He looked like he was playing with the Beast King.

"Damn you brat, what terrifying speed..."

The Beast King turned into a bolt of light as he changed direction.

When Wu Yan wanted to teleport one more time, space distorted and a bony sword emerged.

Wu Yan paused as lightning crackled around him, the sky laso dimmed down.

He manifested a lightning spear and he threw it at the bone sword that emerged out of nowhere.

"You're going to slow me instead of fighting me?"

Reading the Beast King's mind, he chucked the spear at the bone sword.


The two energy weapons exploded.

The Beast King didn't stop to look, he continued flying away from the explosion behind him.

"To think a day would come when I am chased around by a peak tier 8 opponent..."

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