Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 845: Gonna keep growing stronger! Until...

The scene wasn't the only shocking thing. Only someone near the spot of havoc would be able to describe the sheer destruction here, it was almost as devastating as the spatial storm from before.

It was as imagined by the soldiers in the operating base. If the sky continued falling and shattering, once it gets near the base, all the people, the tents, the base itself would be devoured.

Alas, the one who unleashed this attack didn't have that much reserve on hand.

The Skyfall event ceased slowly but surely...

The fragments of what used to be the sky also stopped raining down. It disintegrated anything it touched out of existence.

After that, the sky came back.

The black void-like hole got covered by thick clouds. The night returned after a chaotic fight. After a few more minutes, the black hole completely disappeared and the moon and stars in the sky announced their survival through their soothing light.

It was like nothing happened.

However, that's just what it looks like from far away.

Approach ground zero and the ground is now a gigantic hole easily one kilometer wide, the circular edge suggested somebody just gouged a gigantic hole and took away all the contents on it or living in it. No trees, demonic beasts, or microbes were left untouched.

Deep in the hole, a few hundred meters below the ground, two figures were still breathing.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed as his pale face revealed a hint of frustration. The sky recovered while leaving behind this giant hole in the ground.

His blonde hair flowed with the wind, slapping against his black robes. His eyes were tired and he was panting like a dog in a hot summer's day. He can feel his Yokai power reserve, it's mostly depleted.

His bitter smile turned into a helpless grin.

He wasn't planning on unleashing this devastating move, however, he did it anyway.

With Eternal Arms Mastery supporting him, Wu Yan had perfect control over the Power of Boundaries, theoretically, he's as strong and as capable as Yakumo at deploying the Power of Boundaries.

He thought so, but he was woefully wrong.

He might have perfect control over his powers, however, he lacked finesse and efficiency.

He's a peak tier 8 who borrowed a demigod's power. He had control but not complete understanding of his own limits.

During the battle, he failed to account for the Heaven and Earth's effects on the environment. Understandably, he was pressed for mental power during the intense brawl.

To make sure the Beast King gets completely trounced, he had no choice but to unleash his full power.

In the end, that's what brought them here...

Wu Yan looked down at his feet.

There, the Beast King laid.

At this point, there's a only a shred of beast skin covering his junk, the rest of his clothes were either burned or reduced to nothing. His skin were charred and he was heavily bleeding all over. He was more blood then human at this point. Even his facial muscles were torn from his skull. His blood boiled on his skin and the right half of his torso were missing huge chunks of flesh and bones.

Moreover, the Beast King lost an arm and two legs.

He's literally beaten to an inch of his life at this point.

But, even so, the heaving chest suggested that he's still alive.

After enduring through the spatial storm, baptized by two types of extreme flames, and taking a direct hit from the Heaven and Earth Boundary attack, he's still alive. This was the best evidence of a demonic beast's extremely durable physique. Although he's not as OP as a True Ancestor, he can definitely take more hits than a human.

The Beast King who rose to the peak of his race as the King of demonic beasts. His vitality surpassed lesser vampires and other immortal vampires.

His vitality tethered him to the mortal realm, Wu Yan sighed when he looked at the Beast King who is coughing up blood while on death's door.

Wu Yan hated this guy for almost killing the girls around him the last time they fought. Because he had a score to settle with the Beast King, he chose to use his bloodline power and borrow external power to fight the Beast King.

With his opponent in such a state, Wu Yan felt no further hatred for him.

Is it because he settled his score with the guy?

Or is it because life and death is just a natural cycle?

His blonde hair danced in the wind, giving him a brooding look. His purple eyes were trained on the twitching Beast King on the ground. He slowly closed his eyes.

"With this... we are even..."

The Beast King struggled to look at Wu Yan. Then, he laughed out loud.

"Ha... Hahaha... Hahahaha...."

The Beast King laughed even as blood continued to pour out his mouth. His movement agitated his wounds, making him bleed out faster. His facial muscles twitched, probably because of the immense pain coursing through his mind.

Even so, the Beast King laughed and laughed like a pathetic maniac.

Wu Yan quietly watched him. Without saying a word, his calm eyes angered the Beast King.

"Y-you... it's the same... Just like last time..."

The Beast King squeezed out his hate-filled words. He didn't care about his wounds, he bellowed.

"Yakumo... her face... her words, and you... that face..."

The Beast King struggled to voice out his verbal jab.

"Don't give me that victorious look! I am still alive and kicking!"

Wu Yan coldly retorted.

"But, you lost."

"You only borrowed that woman's power..."

The Beast King growled, he stopped struggling, his chest rose and fell steadily.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

He raised his arms and he continued.

"Yeap, you're right, I used Yakumo's power, this victory is not truly mine."

The Beast King stared at Wu Yan with a pair of cold eyes. Meanwhile, Wu Yan entered memory lane.

He recalled how he first arrived in Silvaria. The first Transcript world he entered, the first summoning, the first encounter he had with the girls in his harem. He remembered the waves he caused with the girls as they rumbled around Silvaria. Wu Yan slowly lost himself in his memories.

"With so much time elapsed, you would think I have outgrown relying on the people around me. Without them, I would have died a long time ago..."

He showed the Beast King a steely look, his resolution made the Beast King flinch.

"I know, I am still very weak, I still can't separate myself from them..."

Wu Yan expressed a type of emotion, a concept the Beast King will never understand.

"I will grow stronger, I am gonna keep growing stronger, then, one day, I will return this debt of strength with interest, I will protect them and even so, I will keep reaching higher heights!"

Wu Yan looked down at Beast King.

"Beast King, you're very strong. There are probably no more than 5 people in this world who can fight on the same level as you. However, one day, I will surpass that zenith!"

"Too bad, you won't be around to see it..."

Wu Yan raised his hand and a wave of energy swirled around it.

"If we do meet again in the next life, let fate not ordain us as enemies..."

Wu Yan smashed his palm towards the Beast King's chest.

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