Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 844: The shock brought about by the Power of Boundaries, support on the way?


This attack was so large scale the sound and the effects could be heard and observed all the way from the base situated outside the Giant Beast Forest.

The patrols saw this and they all looked in that direction.

Soldiers who were sleeping got an abrupt awakening. They watched with stupefied looks at the scene in the distance. They were stunned, struck with disbelief, and awed...

What did they see?

They saw the sky shattering into a million pieces, it looked like the world was ending over there in the forest. The pieces of the sky rained down on the land, at least, the land that used to be there. Now, the ground was empty, there's a giant hole expanding profusely like a black hole that threatened to consume everything around it.

No, to them the world was ending.

They looked around and they saw familiar faces, they weren't dreaming. Mesmerized by this obscene display of power, they watched as the sky in the distance fell. Beneath them, the earth quivered. It wasn't just the sky, the earth was facing the day of reckoning too. That's no man's land there, neither sky nor earth for any creature to live in.

If this scene continued any longer, the base would be swept up in it.

The base rallied as they started reporting to their superiors. Some cowardly soldiers already deserted the base. The base was in a complete chaos.

Pelosi yelled as he tried to maintain order. He's shaken to the core too, however, he needs to do his job by leading his men through this weird event.

Suppressing his own fear, Pelosi ordered his men.

"Gather here right now! Everyone is to standby for further orders!"

Order returned as the soldiers gathered on a vacant field nearby. They waited for their superiors' orders.

Pelosi sighed in relief. He looked at the void in the sky as a cold drop of sweat rolled down the side of his head. His back is already wet with sweat. Chilled by this anomaly, Pelosi shivered as he thought about the implications.

Thousands of theory played out in his mind, Pelosi bitterly shook his head to get rid of the mind demons. After Wu Yan & co's arrival, his daily life got thrown into disorder. He couldn't control most anything that happened in this base. This is the first time when he felt like his peak tier 8 power is woefully insufficient for the events that were thrown at him.

Indeed, if he got involved in the fight between demigods, his peak tier 8 power really isn't anything to look at.

Balling his palms into fists, Pelosi looked at the apocalypse event in the distance and he went for the tent housing Lei Wang. But, the tent was empty...

Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kotori, and the others also saw the scene. Even they were taken by surprise when faced with this apocalyptic scene.

"That's too scary..."

Hinagiku mumbled subconsciously when she saw the void in the sky.

What in the world happened? Why is there a giant hole in the sky?

Isn't this something straight out of a cosmic horror work?

"What's going on?"

Mikoto looked a bit intimidated, she's a girl who normally isn't fazed come hell or high water, but this scared her.

"Did another headache-inducing thing happen in the Giant Beast Forest again?"

Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her eyes. She exchanged a look with Kotori. Their actions drew the curiosity of the girls nearby.

"Seems like you two know something about this..."

Kurumi tilted her head at them.

"I wouldn't say that..."

Shokuhou Misaki sighed.

"That's definitely not natural, no matter how you look at it..."

Mikoto rolled her eyes at her.

"Thanks for the obvious summary, what is natural about that scene?"

"No, Shokuhou Misaki doesn't mean that..."

Kotori answered for Shokuhou Misaki.

"She's saying that someone did that."


Kotori and Hinagiku continued.

"You're saying that was brought about by someone?"

"Most likely..."

Shokuhou Misaki lowered her head.


Kotori answered in an uncertain tone.

"Hey, you're not joking with us, right?!"

Kinuhata Saiai is the first one to snap.

"You're telling me there are people who can go around making holes in the sky?"

"That's exactly what I am saying."

Mikoto frowned.

"I find it hard to believe there is someone who can do that. Not even a demigod should be able to do that, unless..."


Hinagiku bitterly chuckled.

"It's a god-tier being..."

"Didn't you guys say that all the gods died out?"

Frenda retorted.

"Doesn't that contradict with what you people said before?"

The girls bitterly chortled. Indeed, nothing would be resolved if they keep throwing conspiracy theories around. The best way would be to go over there and investigate.

Go over there...

That place that is raining space fragments and where the land is sundered, nah-uh, no way are they going there.


Kotori noticed it. Then, Ikaros also sensed it, her eyes were flashing with lines of data.

"What's wrong?"

Ikaros replied as she looked at that disastrous location.

"Master, he's there..."

"What was that?!"

Kotori and the other girls gasped.

"You're telling me that guy is already there?!"


Shokuhou Misaki turned grim.

"You can sense Yan-kun's existence?"

Ikaros shook her head. She mumbled softly.

"I don't know, I only know Master is in that place!"

They were doubtful, but, since Ikaros never lies, it's most likely the case that Wu Yan got dragged into something again.

"She might be on to something..."

Kotori gnashed her teeth as she looked a bit panicky.

"This great energy signature wouldn't escape Onii-san's detection. However, he's nowhere to be seen. That means he's most likely over there!"

"Master... Master is over there..."

Astrea flailed her arms around in panic. Tohka also asked Kotori in a flustered manner.

"Shido is going to be okay, right?!"

"I doubt that."

Shokuhou Misaki answered.

"If anything happened to him, we would also be dead if he met his end."

"Let's go!"

Mikoto said.

"Let's go check it out!"

The girls nodded without hesitation. This was in contrast to their prudent attitude just a few minutes ago.

Then, a soothing wind blew over and when the dust settled, Lei Wang appeared while carrying Marcus like a potato sack.

"Good, you girls are all here!"

Lei Wang didn't wait for the girls to answer. He immediately asked them to come along.

"Quick, we must hurry, Wu Yan needs our help!"

Lei Wang already assumed Wu Yan's defeat.

The girls were petrified for a moment but they nodded without hesitation. They started making their way towards the land where the sky crumbled and the earth rived.

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