Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 843: Final act, the Boundary between heaven and earth


The wind howled like a blaring car alarm. in the sky, the dark spatial storm assaulted everything around it. The white and black flames it carried also rained down upon the land in fiery brimstones and flaming meteors.

The trees that stood their ground for centuries got blew away like they just grew yesterday. Some were instantly reduced to nothing by the dichotomous flames. The most unfortunate trees were the ones that got uprooted and then incinerated in midair. It was like the trees never existed.

That's how frightening this power outburst is.

The mountain that had done no wrong got demolished, reduced to boulders that littered the ground. The land was dry and barren, all resemblance of moisture were gone from this area. For this area to make a recovery, it would probably be measured in centuries.

The flames raged around violently, it made one wonder if the flames were here to stay. Luckily, they didn't stay for long, the flames slowly died down in intensity.

A gap filled with eyes opened up as Wu Yan examined the wreckage they wrought. He looked a bit pale and haggard. He had opened the portal in a hurry.

With a pale face, he looked at the raging storm of flames and broken space.

Even he had used a major portion of his energy reserve to use that white flame attack. The power was in-line with the energy consumption.

If he didn't die from the initial singularity, he would have lost his power-up at the very least.

He didn't let his guard down. That space shattering anomaly fueled by his white flames and the Beast King's black flames wasn't an event he would like to be dragged into.

Regaining his breathing, he narrowed his eyes as he swept his gaze over the batterfield.

Where's the Beast King.

The spatial crack still permeated this area. However, the devastating powers that ravaged the land is still here.

With the hell on earth here, even a tier 9 would die in a second if they charged in.


It sounded like something broke out from the ground. Wu Yan's expression tensed up.

A dark light rose and the surrounding sea of flames were blown away when a shockwave was emitted from the epicenter.

This outburst increased the cracks of space while blowing away the flames nearby.

The storm, weird flames of opposite polar temperatures threw the environment into disarray.

Wu Yan stared at the event as sparks flew by. He ignored the sparks while keeping his eyes on that corner.

Mana surged and a figure shot out form within the fiery hell.

The Beast King looked tattered, his clothes were burnt to crisps, he's also sooty all over with smoke coming off him. His skin was charred and his face is just as pale as Wu Yan.

Blood could be seen streaming down the side of his lips. His blood stained the bone statue he used to cover him. The guy took the singularity's explosion head-on and survived.

Wu Yan's eyes flashed with a cold glint and he disappeared through another gap.

When the gap opened again, it was behind the Beast King.

The bone statue immediately shot dark laser at the gap as if he anticipated this sneak attack.

Wu Yan pointed at the light and a gap in space opened up to stop the black laser.

It didn't take the black laser and flames to burn the gap to nothing.

With another finger point, a laser struck the Beast King who was protected by the frames of his bone statue.


The collision staggered the Beast King. He got pushed down onto the desolate land.


The Beast King spat out a fresh mouthful of blood. He held his pained chest as his mind went blank.

A portal opened up next to him.

"Divine statue!"

The Beast King's instincts took over and he conjured the bone statue again, covering him in a dark set of bony frames.

Boom boom boom boom

Multiple black and white orbs struck the statue, it didn't damage the owner within.

Wu Yan wasn't fazed. He stretched out his palm as he appeared in front of the statue.

His cold grin entered the Beast King's shrunk pupils just as he placed his palm on the dark skeleton.

He used the dreaded technique.

"The boundary of existence and non-existence."

A weird power suffused the divine statue, it came from Wu Yan's hand.


The statue got dematerialized as it lost color and power. The bones were cracking all over and then...


The whole thing shattered into myriad fragments.

The Beast King saw his trump card destroyed and his heart started racing. Trembling with survival instincts, the Beast King showed a desperate expression and he channeled what little mana he had left.

However, a sly figure appeared before him again.

Wu Yan placed his hand upon the Beast King's robust shoulder and he mumbled something that froze the Beast King.

"It's over..."

An intense alarm rose within the Beast King. Then, a familiar wave of energy struck him.

"The boundary between Heaven and Earth!"

Wu Yan declared the end of this fight, regardless of what the Beast King had to say.


The heaven tumbled down...

The earth gave way...

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