Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 842: A storm of flames, an anomaly

Wu Yan frowned at the incoming spear. His eyes flashed with thoughts.

The spears are empowered by a terrifying power. Even in his current state, getting hit by it would severely injure him.

He can use his Power of Boundaries to counter, doing so would open him up to attacks from the Beast King.

Dodging it is...

Wu Yan sank into the gap he opened in the ground.

The Beast King sneered.

"Hide? How long can you hide?"

Within the space between space, Wu Yan couldn't hear the Beast King. He opened up portals in the sky.

The dark lasers burned the portals up.

The flames literally burned up space itself.

Wu Yan gasped in surprise when a black bolt of light came for him.

Using the power of boundaries, he didn't expect the dark light to resist his power, it dimmed down but it still continued coming for him.

Well, it wasn't because his powers were ineffective, he had little time to prepare for the attacks.

The dark light came for him without stopping. Wu Yan had a grave look on him.

I can't keep dodging forever.

With the Power of Boundaries, he can put up a minor defense against these weird attacks, however, to completely nullify this attack would take a significant amount of time.

This also included coming up with a superior attack.

An idea struck Wu Yan as he balled his left palm into a fist. A pure-white ball of blames burned as a terrifying heat grabbed the area.


The Beast king knitted his eyebrows.

"Another one of your Boundaries?"

The Beast King truly hated his Power of Boundaries. He snorted coldly.

"No matter what you do, I won't hesitate!"

He swiped and the dark light rose in speed. Wu Yan jumped back as the flames within his hands grew in intensity and heat.

The flames shook the space around it, the sheer temperature caused the air around it to rapidly expand in booms.

Then, he threw the fireball in the direction of the dark light.

The white flames shook the space as it emanated outwards like ink on paper.

The earth and the sky trembled.

The Beast King can sense a dangerous power within the flames.

It's the same as when he threatened Wu Yan with his dark flames.

He recalled his dark wisps of light with a stern look, the light surged back into the bone statue.

With veins bulging near his temples, the Beast King roared.

"Divine Statue Spell! Full-power mode!"


After the statue howled, the dark light also echoed as they grew in intensity.

The dark light squirmed around on the statue, then, they crept into the statue's mouth, forming a dark vortex within.

With dizzying amount of mana coming from within, the swirling mass of energy generated a mini-storm. Unlike the white flames, the dark flames took the temperature from the environment, chilling the area.


The Beast King roared as the statue spat out a pillar of flames from the dark vortex within its mouth.

The white flames also shot across the sky as the two opposing forces met in a fiery explosion.


The shockwave spread out for miles, then, a large shockwave swept up the area followed by a giant wave of downburst. Even the clouds in the sky were blown away.

The black flames spread out as if to challenge the white flames to a battle of supremacy. The sea of flames crashed against each other.

The sky was dyed in two colors, black and white. Wu Yan and the Beast King saw the remnant flames coming for them so they quickly formed their defenses. One of them escaped via portals, swallowing the flames up with multiple gaps in space. Meanwhile, the other conjured up a bone shield with immense mana.

Luckily, they just had to deal with the aftermath, if their attacks landed, they wouldn't be walking around unscathed.

The two flames continued vying for supremacy as energy ripples reverberated throughout the area.

The two forces didn't relent. They held steadily when an anomaly occured.

A dense singularity appeared between the two balls of flames, it started swirling rapidly as the two flames merged. The singularity engulfed the flames.

Then, the sky went silent.


The sound was tiny, it was nonetheless audible to the two demigods.

They looked at the singularity.

Space itself broke around the singularity.

The cracks were tiny at first. However, Wu Yan and the Beast King knew better. They had grim looks on.

Pure unadulterated power of destruction emanated from the singularity.

Crack crack crack...

The crack in space started spreading like an uncontrollable wildfire. They could hear space shattering all around them.

The singularity trembled as the anomaly grew in area.


They immediately backed away.

At this time, the singularity stopped still.


A spatial storm swept out with the singularity as its center, this storm brought with it the combined force of the white and black flames they threw at each other. The speed of this explosion outpaced Wu Yan and the Beast King. Both got dragged into it.

This explosion born from a singularity ravaged the land.

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