Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 841: Trump card? The Beast King's techniques...


The brilliant light of this explosion lit up the entire cave.


Metallic sound rang.

The Beast King stayed in his mana vortex, the light made the Beast King squint as he tried to get a target on Wu Yan.

Although he couldn't see past the light, he can feel it, that's the power of boundaries.

"Using your power over boundaries again, huh?"

The Beast King looked like he didn't want to deal with this. He stretched his hands into his mana vortex and he dragged something out.

From within the mana vortex came vipers and snakes made of mana. They hissed and twirled in the air as they shot towards the mass of light.

Clang clang clang clang

The mana vipers failed to do anything against the mass of light.

The Beast King knew his attacks failed yet again. With a dark look, he leered at the mass of light with hatred.

He channeled more mana and he injected it into the mana vortex, expanding it and molding it into a giant beast image.

In the center of this image, the Beast King snorted.

"Beast assault!"


The beast image turned into a gigantic laser as it shot up above the mass of light.

Then, the beast image descended into the mass of light, pounding the mass into glass-like fragments. It started making its way to the center of this mass.

Gleeful with his apparent success, a verdant green light shone below the beast image.

An elegant lotus with emerald color bloomed. It was a very soul-capturing sight, however, the Beast King wasn't in the mood to enjoy it.

The beautiful lotus belied the incredible destructive power hidden within.

As the lotus hadn't finished blooming, the beast image charged straight for it.


Another deafening explosion erupted as the mountain continued collapsing, there's a giant hole in the ceiling of the cave and the base of the mountain could be seen too. From the perspective of an outsider, one would see that the mountain had been modified, it looked like a hollowed out volcano with a giant hole on top.

The cave is more or less gone as the two demigods duked it out. The green lotus resisted the beast image as they brawled for supremacy. They consumed and destroyed each other. In the process, black cracks in space could be seen wherever they went.

Space itself was destroyed whenever they collided.

The verdant lotus was as robust as a crystalline ceramic, the vibrant light didn't give way no matter how hard the Beast King tried to smash it spart. While the two forces clashed, the beast image slowly dimmed down.

Crash crush grind

The strong suction force generated from these spatial anomalies sucked up the surrounding debris, deleting them from existence.

The Beast Image dimmed down as it lost mana. The spatial anomalies also died down with the weakening of the beast image.

In the mana vortex, the Beast King watched this scene with clenched fists. He couldn't help but feel disappointed.

The Power of Boundaries, and that ability to open up gaps in space, the Beast King didn't know how to get around it.

At this point, he can't take Wu Yan down. His canines pierced his lips as he gnashed his teeth too hard. The taste of blood enraged his already raging heart. He can't even beat a faker, how is going to take revenge against Yakumo?

While the Beast King hesitated, the flower of light became a shining emerald laser that shot straight for the Beast King.

The Beast King hurriedly clapped his hands together, using mana to cover himself in a barrier.

Then, the laser collided against the barrier like a bomb dropping into a lake, the barrier shook with ripples.

With the lightshow nearing its peak, the barrier continued vibrating. Then, it finally burst under the immense power of the incoming attack.

The remnant power smashed into the barrier.

The Beast King got sent flying as he left afterimages in the air. When he steadied himself, he looked rather haggard.

With smoke coming off him, the Beast King had a dark look on him. Then, he flew into the air.

He's a demigod so he can easily take flight, with the cave collapsed, the Beast King can finally move around more. Looking down at the flower of light, he snorted.

"Not coming out?"

The Beast King growled.

"Then, I will force you out!"

His gargantuan mana started pouring out, like vapor, the mana congealed near the top of his head as it started forming a giant bone statue around the Beast King.

The frame resembled a hybrid skeleton framework of a lion and tiger. The bone isn't an ashen white shade, it was completely dark, giving off a sinister vibe. The savage aura it gave off stirred the peace and order of the immediate area.

Without a mercy, the eyes of the beast were trained on the flower of light, then, it raised its arm.

"Divine Statue spell!"

The statue shook.

As if brought back to life, the statue bellowed. It opened its gaping maw and a lance of darkness materialized inside its mouth. It crashed down on the flower of light like a meteor.

The darkness threatened to swallow everything.

Wu Yan experienced a brief moment of crisis. Without losing a single second, he opened a gap in space and he disappeared from the spot.


The spear of darkness crashed down on the mass of light, then, sizzling sound came.

The ground gave way to a giant crater. Dark flames burned everything to crisp.

Wu Yan emerged from his crack in space. He watched as the dark flames scored the earth around it to nothing. The flames were very insidious although they weren't very hot. Those flames were the reason why his internal alarm went off.

Pointing his finger at Wu Yan, another spear of darkness came for Wu Yan like a venomous viper. It crackled and whistled as it flew through the air.

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