Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 840: First demigod fight, the power of boundaries and the gaps...

The Beast King is an ascended form demonic beasts, having achieved a humanoid form, he achieved human-like composure. He exhaled slowly.

He doesn't know how Wu Yan borrowed Yakumo's power, but, with this, Wu Yan isn't someone he can take lightly anymore.

If he didn't go all out, dying is a very real possibility.

He must use his full power!


The Beast King clapped his hands and he unleashed a wave of miasma.


The Beast King bellowed as his roared reverberated throughout the cave. It sounded like thousands upon thousands of lion roared at the same time. The aura came crashing down upon Wu Yan in dust and shockwaves.

The soundwave ruptured the ground. It clipped the boulders near the cave walls. Everything turned to dust when struck by this attack.

A demigod's power is terrifying.

If Wu Yan was in his tier 8 self, he would have been reduced to dust just like the boulders around him.

Wu Yan was unfazed by this sound attack. He flicked his finger.


The soundwave stopped mid-air. It's like time itself got halted. Then, the wave disappeared without a trace.

Having fought Yakumo once and living to tell the tale, the Beast King knew what skill he just used.

"The boundary of existence and non-existence!"

Wu Yan chortled.

"As expected, you remember it well. The power of boundaries appears to be embedded in your mind..."

The Beast King clenched his fists, he felt bitter inside.

Such a rule-breaking power, why wouldn't he remember it?

The Beast King snarled at him, revealing his canines, his reptilian eyes also grew violent.

He's just using borrowed power, he isn't the real person herself. Against this fake, I can't possibly lose.


This stomp didn't destroy the ground, instead, the earth rippled like a gelatinous cake, then something wiggled behind the Beast King.

"Bone beasts!"

The Beast King spawned several bone beasts that looked very sturdy.

Roar roar roar

The beasts growled and howled like beasts that won't accept their deaths.

"Get him!"


The bone beasts rushed towards Wu Yan with their sharp bony claws and talons.

Wu Yan appeared calm. He can erase them from existence in a second.

The Beast King assumed Wu Yan would have a hard time adjusting to an external power. But, Wu Yan had the Eternal Arms Mastery.

With this, he can use anything he gets his hands on to the highest extent.

The Red Jade mode gave him Yakumo's powers, his skill allowed him to use the skills with such proficiency and mastery that he might even give Yakumo a run for her money!

Moreover, the Power of Boundaries made the Beast King look like a clown who is about to jump off a bridge.

Wu Yan flicked his finger and the space in front immediately split open like someone used a giant dimensional scalpel on it, the gap was at least 50 meters wide.

Then, the dark abyss of the gap spread, hiding Wu Yan's figure from sight. From within the abyss came eyes that chilled the Beast King to the core.


Black lasers came from within the gap in space, the black lasers were fired from an omnidirectional angle.


The Beast King never saw Yukari using this attack. The bullet storm of black lasers came for the Beast King too. His eyes shone with a green light and he disappeared from his standing spot.

Dozens of black lasers crash into where he was standing.

The bone beasts weren't as lucky.

Pew pew pew


And the beasts were reduced to nothing.


A dirt-yellow magical force burst out from the ground not far away.

Wu Yan looked at the vortex of magical power, the Beast King was standing in it, he was flashing with static electricity, his rumbling appearance can strike fear into anyone.

The mana vortex was at least 10 meters wide. This savage power is something only demonic beasts had.

As the Beast King, his savage aura made Wu Yan take on a serious look.

The Beast King is generating this by using his own mana. It appears his mana pool is greater than Wu Yan in his True Ancestor form, at least, he couldn't compete mana pool with the Beast King, for now. The Beast King got ready to use a powerful spell.

The vortex created a strong suction force. The ground got pulled apart as crevices opened up that's as wide as an adult's arm. The cave shook and finally, it started crumbling.

Wu Yan allowed the suction to work on him, he stared at the vortex and he grabbed at thin air, a mysterious power surged forward.


A beast image clad in his dirt-yellow mana burst out from the magic vortex, the beast image travelled so fast it's like it teleported to Wu Yan.

Wu Yan couldn't react in time, he opened another gap with a swing of his arm.

The beast image collided with the gap and it got engulfed by the gap.

The lightning around the beast image rubbed past Wu Yan, charring his golden locks.


The mana vortex snorted and a snake image made of yellow mana came for Wu Yan's head.

Wu Yan moved slightly and he appeared some dozens of meters away.


The snake came for him once more. Like a relentless viper, it shot at Wu Yan again.

Wu Yan frowned as he got angered.

He lifted his palms and ripples of energy swirled around his hands.

He grabbed at the incoming snake image.


The earth lost all colors.

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