Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 838: Busted, unveiled, and true identity...

"You don't have to return to the base anymore."

The sinister figure and Marcus flinched at the same time. The figure immediately unleashed a torrent of killing intent that almost blew Marcus away.

"Who goes there?!"

Marcus covered his ears as he suffered through his shout that swept up the cave in a wave of shockwave. His face went pale with disbelief.

He already knows his master is very strong, he just didn't think he's this powerful.

This is no longer something a tier 9 can do.

Wait, could it be...

When Marcus came to an unsettling conclusion, rain droplets-esque light came from somewhere a bit distant to them.

They looked at the light show until two figures appeared the next instant.

Marcus and the sinister figure were shocked when they saw the ones who followed them. Marcus stepped back as he pointed his trembling index fingers at the two people who just got here. He couldn't believe his own eyes.


His elderly voice couldn't hide the fury within.

"To think it was you!"

"L-lei Wang..."

Marcus roared in disbelief.

"Why are you here?!"


Lei Wang chuckled. He looked at Marcus with the eyes of someone staring at a dead man walking.

"I could ask the same of you, why are you here!"


Marcus continued backpedaling away from him.

Lei Wang looked sincerely hurt.

"I doubted my ears when this fellow told me about your suspicious movements. I didn't want to believe it, I didn't think you would actually betray your own base, your own people..."

"Young fellow?..."

Marcus looked at the guy standing next to Lei Wang and he shrieked in madness.

"Wu Yan!!!"

Wu Yan ignored Marcus, he continued looking at the sinister figure standing at the darkest corner of this cave.

"You bastard!!!"


"You! It's always! Why do you have to get in my way every step of the way?!"


Wu Yan shook his head with a chuckle.

"You're wrong, you got busted because you messed up, I just caught your lying tail."


"Oh? Do you need me to jog your memory?"

Wu Yan sneered, he looked at Marcus with disdain.

"You said something the night I killed Andrew."

"A peak tier 8, sneaking into the camp of someone in the middle-stage tier 8, how did she escape unscathed when Andrew used a sneak attack..."

Marcus clenched his fists.

"Wh-what about it?"

"Not enough, huh?"

Wu Yan looked at Marcus like he's looking at a pitiful person.

"Misaki and I only said Andrew tried to kill Shokuhou Misaki. Nobody said anything about the method Andrew used, sneak attack."

"How then, did you know what method andrew used?"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. Then, he continued with a frigid voice.

"Unless you knew from the start that Andrew planned on killing Misaki!"

"Wh-what, I-I..."

Marcus saw Lei Wang looking at him with a pair of pitiable eyes too. He collapsed to the ground after losing his own grip on reality.

Wu Yan sighed.

"I only suspected you worked with Andrew to kill Misaki, I didn't think there was such an insidious plan going on behind the scenes..."

Wu Yan sighed. He stared at the sinister figure in the dark with a stern look.

"I also didn't think you would be the puppet master behind Marcus..."

"Beast King!"

The air froze.


Lei Wang gasped.

"That's the Beast King?"

Wu Yan stared at the sinister figure, not letting his eyes wander from that menacing figure in the dark. He didn't reply.

Then, the figure emerged from the darkness and he revealed himself.

It was the Beast King himself!

"I knew the day would come when a human would discover me..."

The Beast King mused to himself.

"I just didn't think it would be you, kid..."

Wu Yan scoffed with a serious look.

"What? Is the great and mighty Beast King afraid of a brat like me who is not even in tier 9 yet?"


The Beast King laughed in amusement.

"Since the day I was born, I never tasted fear!"

The Beast King stared daggers into Wu Yan and he grinned with contempt.

"Even against Yakumo, though she can strike me down, she can forget about instilling fear in me!"

"Is that so?"

Wu Yan laughed out loud.

"For someone who ran away with his tails between his legs, I find your words lacking in substance."

The Beast King isn't even mad, a reaction that surprised Marcus and Lei Wang.

That's the demigod Beast King, is this guy not afraid of death? Why is he taunting the Beast King?

"I ran away?"

The Beast King simply shook his head.

"It was only a strategic retreat..."

"Wow, look at you."

Wu Yan laughed.

"You're speaking more and more like a human!"

The Beast King's expression turned sour and he growled.

"You still have a sharp tongue on you, I see."

"Please, the feeling is mutual."

Wu Yan turned frosty too.

"I still remember how you took great care of us, I never forgot what you did last time..."

The Beast King was stunned for a second, then, he guffawed.

"What? You want revenge on me?"

The Beast King couldn't believe the nerves on this guy, he's just too funny, his laughter hurt Lei Wang and Marcus' ears.

"Without Yakumo around, what can you possibly do?"

Then, the Beast King exuded his aura upon this place, sweeping up a storm that blew against the walls of this cave.

Wu Yan stepped back while enduring the winds. His eyes turned golden and he used his True Ancestor aura to withstand the Beast King's intimidation.

Lei Wang also used his mana to resist the Beast King's aura. Marcus wasn't as lucky, without something like Wu Yan's overwhelming bloodline or Lei Wang's tier 9 power, he fainted when the Beast King unleashed his aura.

"Gramps Lei Wang!"

Wu Yan shouted.

"Leave this place!"


Lei Wang yelled back.

"Youngster, you better not be joking around!"


Wu Yan looked at the Beast King without a hint of apprehension.

"I don't do stuff I have no confidence in pulling off..."

Lei Wang glanced between the Beast King and Wu Yan. He gnashed his teeth and he wrapped Marcus and himself in aura.

"Little fellow!"

Lei Wang roared.

"You better not bite the dust here!"

Wu Yan nodded nonchalantly. Lei Wang gave him one last bitter laugh and he tarried no longer. Then, the two disappeared from their spots.

Now, there's only two combatants left.

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