Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 837: Kill Wu Yan? No need to return to base

Looking at the cave entrance that looked like it's the maw of an abyssal chasm, Marcus bitterly laughed. When they first chanced upon this place, they were two, now he's the only one left. Marcus felt a bit sad and lonely now that his only accomplice is dead. With the rabbit dead, the fox isn't in a very good position too.

Shaking his memories away, he tried to assure himself that this is going to end well. Sucking in a cold breath of air, he marched into the cave.

The light dimmed as he traveled deeper into the cave. The mood is silent and scary. Even the temperature steadily decreased but Marcus was already used to this. He reached the innermost sanctum of the cave and he stopped.

The hard walls greeted him, inside this wide cave, there were only rocks upon rocks. It looked like a completely normal cave except for the sinister figure standing at the end.

Marcus flinched as he quickly got down to his knees. He lowered his head and he greeted his master.


His voice echoed in the cave. The figure stood still without replying even when the echo ended.

Marcus didn't continue. He stayed there while bowing down, the figure finally spoke with a steady but cold voice.

"Why have you returned without anything to show for yourself?"

The voice told him more than enough. A heavy aura immediately pressed down upon him.

His bones were cracking all ove rbecause of this pressure. His icy douqi stopped moving, this wasn't the first time he got suprressed like this but it still felt very scary whenever it happened.


Marcus mewled.

"There's a situation inside the base..."

"A situation?"

The sinister figure asked with a colder tone.

"Before, it was meddling by annoying bugs, then, it was the death of that trash, what now?"

Marcus gulped.

He can sense the anger within his master's voice.

Without a proper explanation, he's not going to get out of this one alive.

One wrong sentence is all it would take to die.

That's his master's style.

Even if he's still useful, when angered, his master would not hesitate to dish out heavy punishments.


Marcus gnashed his teeth as he explained himself.

"Today, a member of the Board was sent here. He's a tier 9 practitioner!"

"A tier 9?"

The figure grumbled.

"You're telling me there's no one else in the base that can stand up to that Board member? You bunch are the strongest in the camp?"

"Master, that tier 9 came because of a certain person..."

Marcus reported.

"A tier 9 isn't someone who's free enough to overlook the base's operation, he came because he is on good terms with the same guy who killed Andrew."

"The same guy who killed Andrew..."

Marcus might be wrong but his master is apparently very intrigued with Wu Yan.

"You're referring to Wu Yan aren't you..."

The figure's voice turned frigid again.

"Does this have anything to do with why you came without anything to show for yourself?"


Marcus bitterly quipped.

"With that tier 9 around, I am not brazen enough to go around capturing soldiers. If I got busted, master's location might be sniffed out too...'

The figure turned silent.

The air was thick with tension. Marcus laid low as he waited for his master to come up with a plan. He's not sure what his master was thinking but he's sure his master is experiencing emotional fluctuations.

The figure spoke again. This time, his words shook Marcus to the core.

"Since you can no longer do my bidding, pray tell, why should I keep you around?..."

Then, the figure exploded with aura.

The whole cave shook. Dust rained down from above while Marcus suffered an invisible attack that made him vomit blood. He pressed his chest to rein in the pain as the cave continued shaking.

"Master! Spare me!"

Marcus yelped.

"Give me one more chance, I will definitely complete the mission the next time!"

"Next time?"

The figure snickered.

"I already gave you three chances..."

"Master! I have no excuses for my incompetence, it's Wu Yan's fault for his continuous interference!"

Marcus tried to defend himself.

"If he isn't around, I would have more success in my mission. Please, master, give me one more chance, I will get rid of Wu Yan!"

"Get rid of him?"

The figure loosened up and he reined in his power domain. Marcus got up from the ground, he didn't check his injuries, he got into a kneeling pose again.

"Yes, master, it's his fault Andrew and I failed our missions. If he's not around..."

"Since you already found the cause, why didn't you get rid of him?"

The figure nonchalantly said.

Marcus bitterly laughed.

"Master, I would kill him if I had the chance, but the demigod that's protecting him, I can't do anything about that..."

"The demigod?!"

Marcus saw the sinister figure flinch and tremble for a brief second, his voice also sounded hoarse.

"Is the demigod in the base too?"


Marcus didn't know why the figure had such a huge reaction, he replied anyway.

"That demigod isn't in the base."

"She's not there, huh?"

The figure mumbled in a relieved tone. Then, he sneered.

"If that's the case, go kill Wu Yan!"

"Bu-but the demigod?"

"I thought you said she's not there?"

The figure roamed his eyes over him.

"That demigod's not there..."

Marcus grumbled.

"There are still two tier 9 individuals around Wu Yan..."

"Sounds like a you-problem"

"Remember! This is your last chance!"

"If you fail once more, don't blame me for..."


Marcus answered in fear.

"I will return to the base and come up with a plan to end Wu Yan!"

The sinister figure turned his back on Marcus after hearing his declaration. He only gave him a nonchalant nod. Marcus sounded confident but he's the only one who knows how hard it is to kill Wu Yan, he has no confidence he can pull this off.

Then, a sound came that destroyed whatever the plotting tricksters were coming up with.

"You don't have to return to the base anymore."

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