Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 836: The night operation, cause...

Deep in the night...

The soldiers all went into their sacks for a good night's sleep, they deserved it after the chaotic day they had. Most of the soldiers found no trouble in going into the sandman's kingdom in a jiffy.

There are bonfires intermittently spread out between the tents here. The role of these bonfires is to provide illumination to the operation base. The patrols went about their routes, however, because they were dragged into the turmoil during the day, they were just as tired. They were yawning non-stop as they dragged their tired body along.

The security was loose and everybody's guard was down.

When the night progressed deeper, a certain large tent near the central region of the base flapped when a gust appeared out of nowhere. A faint figure dashed between the dimly lit areas of the base.

The guards only felt wind going past them, they took no notice of it as they assumed this wind was naturally generated. Unknown to them, a pair of cold eyes examined the place...

The figure moved in a very sneaky manner. It stayed clear of brightly lit areas, it also made sure to stay clear of the night patrols in a very suspiciously deft manner.

This couldn't have been an accident, this figure must have done this multiple times before!

The clear moon slowly went down as time dragged on, the figure made his way to the edge of the base. Then, after sneaking past the guards, he left the base as he rushed into the Giant Beast Forest.

The sneaky figure started letting his guard down when he entered the forest. The shady figure changed tactic from low-profile to one that focused more on speed. Covered by icy blue dou qi, the figure dashed into the forest, after getting his bearings, he started barging his way through the forest without minding the trees and bushes in his way.

The Giant Beast Forest looked darker in the night compared to the base. It's apt to say anyone without night vision equipment would have trouble seeing in this dark and dense forest. The moonlight couldn't penetrate the thick foliage here. Nobody set up magic lamps or bonfires here, aside from the light reflected by the eyes of the demonic beasts here, there were almost no other source of light.

Ignoring the demon beast around him, the figure flew in a straight direction like he had already memorized this route by rote. At this speed, he finally appeared in a large clearing devoid of trees.

The figure stopped as his pupils contracted in tension. He had arrived at his direction, he didn't look happy to be here. His eyes were filled with apprehension and terror.

The figured hastened until he's completely out of the cover of the foliage.

This sneaky figure was none other than Marcus.

Marcus looked at the barren mountain before him. This mountain was devoid of life, even weeds won't grow on it, giving it a very desolate appearance. There's a cave hidden at an isolated corner of this mountain, it's hard to find this cave unless someone stumbled on it by accident.

Although the cave entrance was narrow, the insides were spacious, the cave passage is at least 100 meters wide in diameters.

Marcus lowered his head as he recalled that fateful day.

It happened soon after the world knew about the Beast King.

To build a base that can withstand demonic beasts, Marcus, Pelosi, and Andrew were ordered by their patriarchs to set up a base with the personnel sent by their clans. Just like the two other empires, they were tasked with this urgent mission.

After setting up the base, Marcus is the first one to start filling his pockets with ill-gotten gains after fulfilling the quota to the empire and his own clan.

Everything was peachy until he stumbled on this barren mountain by pure chance. Then, he found the cave along with Andrew.

This mysterious cave pique the two's interest. The two peak tier 8 reckoned they could handle whatever fate threw at them. Hence, they entered the cave.

When they explored the cave, they came up with nothing.

Marcus and Andrew were disappointed to say the least. The two thought they found a secret hiding spot where a treasure might be hidden.

It's because they got too greedy that they dug their own graves.

In the deepest recess of this cave lies a certain figure. They gasped when they saw the sinister figure.

They didn't think that sinister figure would be here.

And just as well, the figure detected them.

The two were immediately subjugated by the sinister figure when he attacked. The figure didn't even bother to talk with them.

They thought they would be dead. Who would have thought the figure asked them if they would like to serve him in return for salvation.

Given a choice between service and death, the two chose service immediately. They hatched secret plans to revolt against their master but their master was wiser, he shut them down immediately.

It wasn't anything fancy, the master stuffed two really strange-looking bugs into their guts.

These bugs were like slave collars for Marcus and Andrew. The bugs would chew on their insides if their master commanded it.

When they heard about this, they immediately swore never to betray their master.

Since the bugs can eat them from the inside. It wouldn't be hard for the bugs to come bursting out of them whenever their master ordered it.

Even if they don't want to do so, they were dogs that were leashed to their master now.

Their master ordered for them to do a simple task. It wasn't anything earth-shaking. their master asked for cultivators to be delivered to him.

As for what tier, well, any would do as long as they have cultivating experience.

Marcus and Andrew were puzzled at first but they readily agreed.

Then, everything that transpired at the base was a result of them doing their master's bidding.

As for what happened to the cultivators after they were delivered, they didn't know. Their jobs were done after they secured the poor soldiers.

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