Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 834: Shutting everyone down, Lei Wang's arrival.

Indeed, who in their right minds would want to share a base with a killer who wasted other people just because he felt like it.

Wu Yan said Andrew tried to assassinate Shokuhou Misaki. But, he provided no proofs nor were there any official investigations. He just went ahead and stripped Andrew from his mortal coil. His barbaric action instilled anxiety in the hearts of the soldiers.

They were afraid, afraid that the tiniest action might irk Wu Yan the wrong way and forfeit their lives.

The Giant Beast Forest's operating base is established for the purpose of defending humans against any possible monster outbreak. Outside this base, in a world where might makes right, killing others just because you're stronger is so common nobody would weep when a soul dies out on the cold street. But, in this base, everyone's in the same boat, killing each other just didn't make sense so nobody tried to kill anyone here.

Everyone here is indispensable in the fight against the demonic beasts.

It's like in times of war, people are free to brawl as long as they are ready to handle the consequences. Meanwhile, who would try to kill each other in an army, provided martial laws weren't broken?

Everyone's a comrade here...

Moreover, the soldiers here have their own factions. Killing another person here might drag the victim's entire family into the fray. From there, it would escalate into a feud between families. Nobody wanted that to happen.

The soldiers here understood this implicit rule. Sure, they fought over resources or who gets the bigger piece of the pie, but, that's about it.

The game changed when someone dies, it won't be settled with just words...

So, whenever a fight gets out of hand, the soldiers reminded themselves to chill so no lives were lost.

Wu Yan & co had no such reservations.

They outright killed a peak tier 8 individual from the Ladin family, everyone is fair game in this base.

Capitalizing on this, the Ladin family stirred their soldiers into action, using the people's voice against Wu Yan.

They didn't think Wu Yan would be gutsy enough to slaughter an entire base of soldiers.

When it's your word against the world, there is quality in quantity. When all the lemmings gather, they possessed the verbal power to stir the base into rejecting Wu Yan & co. Staying any longer would be impossible under such intense pressure.

Pelosi understood the motives behind the soldiers' action, that's why his hands are tied. Marcus also enjoyed watching the show, he's the first person who would celebrate the moment Wu Yan & co gets chased out of the base.

However, they forgot one crucial thing. Wu Yan & co stayed here out of convenience, not necessity.

If the sisters weren't here, Wu Yan would have moved his girls away from here. Of course, whoever wanted to stay are free to do so.

The sisters relentless hunting expeditions in the Giant Beast Forest gave him a ton of resources. The monsters they killed also gave lots of EXP that staked up. But, for Wu Yan & co who had the wealth of the golden ring and who are experiencing a grinding hell where a mind-boggling amount of EXP is needed to go into the next tier, they were indifferent to the gains from staying here.

Again, despite the resources they can get by staying here, Wu Yan & co can uproot themselves and move to another base, like Baruba Empire's base or Feya empire's base, those empires would be more than willing to accept them.

The Ladin family enjoyed their sweet revenge, even if it's only a small win.

For Pelosi and Marcus, the problems were relatively larger.

Listening to the protest, the two understood Ladin family's motive in instigating this movement.

However, they cursed the Ladin family for dumping this burning heap of crap on their doorway. It's not like they were powerful enough to tell Wu Yan & co to take a hike.

They were just strung along by the political waves of Andrew's death.

Now, they were faced with a hard choice. They can choose to ignore this movement or they can choose to exile Wu Yan & co. Ignoring this movement wouldn't do well for the base, chasing Wu Yan is also impossible because they were too weak to do so.

Between a rock and a hard place, they found it hard to move on from this point.

The movement grew larger and louder. The spectators were joining the movement in droves. Suddenly, a heavily armored unit barged into the crowd, stifling any noise and forming a circle that surrounded the Ladin family's forces in an encirclement.

Surprised by this special unit, the Ladin forces were stunned and cut off from the rest of the movement. Pelosi and Marcus gasped as they looked at the newcomer.


Pelosi wasn't sure.

"The imperial soldiers?"

"Why are they here?"

Marcus knitted his eyebrows.

He voiced his confusion.

"Aren't the imperial soldiers busy finding the Beast King? They weren't assigned to this base, right?"

The imperial soldiers were tasked with finding the Beast King, they didn't have to report to Pelosi and the other captains because they reported directly to the emperor.

They are away most of the time so it's hard to see the imperial soldiers. Yet, here they are, the whole unit is back.

The sudden development caused the spectators to calm down. They watched with bated breathes. From the other side of the sky, a figure came flying over and he landed on top of a tent.

Pelosi and Marcus gasped when they saw the figure who just landed.

"Old master!"

Pelosi yelled in joy.

"L-lei Wang..."

Marcus's voice is shaky.

It's Lei Wang.

His old appearance commanded stern respect from everyone around him. With his hands behind him, his aged eyes swept over everyone like a lightning bolt, freezing anyone who looked him in the eyes.

That's the intimidation coming from a tier 9 cultivator, strong and tyrannical.

"What's this? Are you all creating a ruckus?"

His nonchalant sentence sent signals of pain into the ears of the ones listening to him.

"Who gave you that permission..."

Silence greeted him back.

"Each second wasted here is another second you could have spent getting more supplies for our cities! Shame on you, the losses you have forced upon this base, your families, the people who depended on you!"

The soldiers lowered their heads in shame. Even the soldiers from the Ladin family are too embarrassed to look Lei Wang in the eyes. He shut everyone down with a few short sentences.

Lei Wang loosened his expression when he saw the remorse on the soldiers' faces. He flashed and he appeared on the ground in the next second.

"Go back to your posts! Do your jobs, leave the other jobs to people who can deal with it!"

The crowd scattered immediately. They returned to their posts and the Ladin forces hurriedly turned tail and ran away.

The words of a tier 9 practitioner, they didn't have balls big enough to stick it to him by ignoring Lei Wang's order.

Pelosi sighed in relief. Marcus also approached Lei Wang with a hung head. When he wanted to say something, Lei Wang stopped him.

"Where's that cheeky youngster?"

Pelosi and Marcus tilted their heads in confusion, they figured out Wu Yan is the cheeky youngster he's referring to and Pelosi immediately answered him.

"Old master, Wu Yan is living near the edge of the base..."

Lei Wang waved his hands.

"Go back to your posts."

"Yes sir!"

The two bowed as they went away.

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