Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 833: The attitude they adopted and the clamor within the base

The operating base near the Giant Beast Forest was more organized than usual, there's an air of stress and pressure around the base.

The soldiers carried out their duties while recalling what happened yesterday. When they walked near Shokuhou Misaki's campsite, they couldn't help but go against their instincts as they glanced at the scorched ground. Then, fear sipped into their hearts.

A captain, an official from the Ladin family (No.3 Noble House), and a peak tier 8 cultivator.

Those didn't mattered at all when he got killed without mercy.

The killer is still in the base, he made no preparations to leave. The other two captains and even the soldiers sent here by Ladin family sought no further conflict with the killer's party.

These events were beyond their understanding. They weren't sure what the higher-ups were thinking, why did they allow the killer to continue staying in the base. Why did nobody convict or sanction him for his action?

They all shared a common sentiment, however...

A storm is coming...

Coupled with the disappearances of the rank-and-file soldiers, the base continued operating, but, this belied the stress and the tension within the base. Morale is already suffering hard if the gloomy faces of the soldiers are any indication at all. At this rate, mental stress will cause mental illnesses within the soldiers before they fall in official duty.

Marcus' actions are unknown. Pelosi didn't want to wait for him, he decided to get in touch with the imperial family himself.

The events last night, the disappearances of their foot soldiers, or even the operational affairs of the base, Pelosi felt like things were getting out of hand. If he didn't consult with his superiors, he's afraid he might not be able to handle the work load.

Especially so when he thinks about how to handle Wu Yan & his cohorts.

Killing a member of the Ladin family escalated this beyond his authority.

Andrew is someone who is only below the patriarch. Ignoring the patriarch and the retired patriarch of the previous regime, he's the one who called the shots.

Andrew fell by someone's hand while operating the base, Pelosi can already imagine the wrath Ladin family will bring down upon this place.

If he didn't play his cards right, their relationship would sour beyond salvage.

Pelosi feels like he's not in control anymore. Andrew helped the imperial family run this base. However, the killer is also the imperial princess' fiancee, if anyone can help them, it's the imperial family...

The world of Silvaria communicated with far away individuals through crystal balls. If the crystal ball is high specs enough, one could contact someone on the far ends of the continent if they so wished. This is the reason why Andrew's death had already reached the people in high political or noble offices.

Including the Ladin family.

Understandably, they are royally mad!

After Pelosi submitted his report, the patriarch of the Ladin family submitted an official complaint.

They want nothing less than to tear Wu Yan to shreds. However, Ladin family, as strong as they maybe, they weren't sure if they can win against the two tier 9 individuals by Wu Yan's side, Ikaros and Flandre.

With only one tier 9 cultivator in their house, it would be hard to do anything against Wu Yan.

Moreover, Yukari Yakumo, the mysterious demigod that's impossible to track loomed behind Wu Yan & co.

Should they storm here with arms raised?

Sure, if the patriarch is high on otherworldly kush.

In this case, they had to find grievance with the parents of the naughty kid.

But, Wu Yan & co isn't affiliated with anyone nor were they an established sect.

Ladin family had no choice but to launch a formal complain against the imperial family. This is on the basis that Wu Yan is the princess' fiancee.

Kate is also having a minor headache over how to defuse this situation. The tier 9 retired patriarch from Ladin family wouldn't stop requesting support and sanction against Wu Yan for killing one of the pillars of their family.

Andrew acted in the empire's interest when running this base. Technically speaking, he died in active duty so this fell within the imperial family's authority and responsibility to arbitrate. The other two noble houses couldn't excuse itself too.

The retired patriarch suggested a coalition to take Wu Yan down.

But, who would be dumb enough to go with that crazy fool?

One wrong move and Yakumo might come knocking on their doors.

The imperial family and the Lori family stood with Wu Yan on this case. A coalition seems impossible, at least, they won't be supporting any open attack against them.

Moreover, Cyto family which is already on bad terms with Wu Yan couldn't wait to jump on this bandwagon. Yakumo defeated the retired patriarch soundly in front of all the Board members. Bing Ling, the successor also lost in combat to Wu Yan. Bing Mian also almost died from Wu Yan reflecting his sneaky poison back into Bing Mian.

With two supporting and two abjecting, this problem got raised to the Board where all 12 members debated each other on ethics and law.

In the end, the meeting ended without conclusive action. Yakumo's existence is the one deterrent they couldn't overlook. Thus, the Ladin family can only go home and lick their wounds.

With so many people dragged into this affair, the Ladin family will probably stop at nothing to get their revenge.

With a demigod-level threat looming overhead, the Ladin family reckons they couldn't make big splashes, how about small ones?

Outside Pelosi and Marcus' tent, the forces affiliated with the Ladin family chanted and protested.

"Chase them out! Chase them out! Chase them out! Chase them out!..."

The Ladin forces gathered as they raised their armaments in protest. Other soldiers stuck around to watch the commotion. They more or less know how things came to be.

Pelosi and Marcus stared at each other. They sighed while shaking their heads. Pelosi looked like he's not paid enough to deal with troubles like these while Marcus enjoyed what he's seeing.


Pelosi raised his voice while frowning.

"Have you forgotten what this base stands for? Is this a market where you can make a ruckus?"

Pelosi quelled the crowd with his voice but the soldiers didn't disperse. They clearly want to make their message known.

A leader-looking representative was sent out.

"Captain Pelosi! Captain Marcus!"

He bowed towards the two captains, however, he sounded like he's picking a fight.

"We understand the clamor we are causing is disrupting the peace. However, we cannot suffer in silence when there's a killer walking around. Please do the right thing and chase the killer out of this base so our soldiers might sleep in peace!"


Another soldier chimed in.

"We don't know if they are going to come at us when they feel like it! We won't be able to put up a fight at all!"

The Ladin forces echoed their protests. Not just, the soldiers sticking around also thought seriously about this. Their voices swayed popular opinion against Wu Yan & co.

As time went on, more and more soldiers joined in. At this rate, all the soldiers might protest.

Things on this side is already seriously wrong...

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