Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 832: Marcus' rage and hypotheses



He shattered his desk, his eyes were bloodshot as he heaved in anger. The destruction of his own property didn't cool him down at all, he wanted to wreck everything in his tent.

Anyone who knows Marcus can tell he's absolutely blowing his tops right now.

Even a mosquito wouldn't be spared when he's going on a rampage. It's not going to be fun serving as his attendant when he's angry. Play your cards wrong and your life is forfeit.

That's how bad is personality is, if he isn't the second-in-charge of the Cyto family, if he isn't a peak tier 8 cultivator, he would have made a lot of enemies over the years.

Although he has bad temper. He has never been as angry as he is today.

He's already unhappy with Mikoto & co's occupation in his operating base. Now, he is under investigation because of the dark deal he struck. Shokuhou Misaki also started snooping around, the assassination attempt on Shokuhou Misaki failed miserably.

More importantly, he got held hostage by women half his age, their weapons were pinned against his head and he couldn't do anything to resist or escape.  He tried to bail Andrew out only for Wu Yan to execute him without hesitation.

He lost a valuable partner in crime. However, it's a lost he can deal with, unlike the humiliation he suffered at Wu Yan's hand.

Wu Yan didn't care what he had to say. He slapped his honor with a nailed bat by killing Andrew without heeding his threat. There are rumors going around in the camp that Wu Yan executed Andrew because he didn't like how Marcus tried to use the Ailu empire as a deterrent.

His pride, his honor, how will he ever recover from this?

"Wu Yan! Wu Yan !!!"

He raged as he recalled how Wu Yan grinned at him like he's looking at a clown. The vivid memory made Marcus feel like bashing his head against a wall to forget his dismissive attitude.


His icy blue dou qi exploded outwards, filling the tent with chilling aura that demolished objects after freezing them.

When he calmed down slightly, the tent was empty, the bed, chairs, tables, and furniture were destroyed by his freezing dou qi.

After rampaging around in his own tent, Marcus cooled down a little although he is still gnashing his teeth. He balled his palms into fist.

Andrew is dead. Nothing to do about that, he needed to come up with another plan.

Luckily, he is still in the clear because Andrew died without saying anything incriminating. The disappearances are still being investigated so he can continue the plan.

Wu Yan was swift in his judgment. So swift that not even Marcus or Andrew can do anything before Andrew got executed. Andrew might have something to say about his untimely death but Marcus is glad things ended this way.

The downside, however, is that he's the only who can complete the mission now. By himself, his yield would no doubt fall and his master's wrath will fall solely on him.

He cursed Andrew for screwing up and letting him clean up the mess. He's also very vengeful against Wu Yan for putting him in this situation. Given the chance, he would kill Wu Yan.

However, Marcus doesn't stand a chance in a duel with Wu Yan. He is stronger than Andrew because of his ice dou qi, but, he's not confident he can kill Andrew quickly and without suffering any damage.

Wu Yan did just that.

This means Wu Yan is stronger than him.

Did Wu Yan reach tier 9? It wouldn't be shocking if he killed a peak tier 8 in seconds.

No, that's not possible.

Marcus subconsciously escaped his own theory. He doesn't know Wu Yan's true level, he's just trying to run away fromr eality. He didn't want to believe that his sworn enemy touched tier 9 before he did.

With this, marcus came to three possibilities.

1: Wu Yan wasn't the one who fatally wounded Andrew, it was the work of one of his tier 9 comrades.

That seems unlikely given the two tier 9 only arrived after he did. Andrew also wouldn't be so scared if it was someone other than Wu Yan.

2: Wu Yan teamed up with Shokuhou Misaki and they defeated Andrew as a result.

If Shokuhou Misaki did help, Andrew wouldn't scared witless like that.

In any case, he's someone with top tier 8 power.

The last possibility, Wu Yan attacked Andrew by himself.

He soundly defeated Andrew and made a terrible wuss out of a strong captain like that.

He might have used external help or some treasures, he might have even consumed performance enhancing potions or used a high level armament.

Anyway, he didn't do it by pure skills. He reckoned there's a high chance he's right. His nephew told him that Wu Yan participated in the Beast King incident, he gave the people there a potion that made them invulnerable, with a potion like that, beating Andrew should be easy.

His nephew also told him that Wu Yan possessed a Gold Armament.

His brother, the patriarch doesn't have one and he doesn't have one too.

Gold Armaments are equipment tier 9 individuals can afford to get their hands on. His father, the ex-patriarch had one. The members on the Board also had Gold Armaments. Tier 8 individuals had no business waving one around.

Sylph got her Gold armament by winning an auction in Silvaria World Institute. Jaafar, and Kaya are crown princes so it's not surprising their wealth and status afforded them a Gold Armament. That's how rare a Gold Armament is.

Only a monster like Wu Yan can climb the student rankings in Silvaria World Institute and ascend to the top in such a short span of time.  That means Wu Yan should be stronger than Shokuhou Misaki who is around the early middle stages of tier 8. There's a high chance Wu Yan is a high level tier 8 or even a peak tier 8.

With a Gold armament, it should have been easy for Wu Yan to defeat another peak tier 8 practitioner of similar strength.

Marcus excluded the possibility of Wu Yan taking Andrew down with his own power.

Wu Yan had Eternal Arms Mastery, True Ancestor bloodline, and he already beat a tier 8 at peak tier seven level. After that, he obtained mana and countless spells, if he can't beat someone with the same level, he would have wasted all the opportunities given to him.

Marcus inhaled deeply and he walked out of his tent.

He needs to go hunting for preys for his master...

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