Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 831: Make an enemy out of the entire Ailu empire?

The roar, the tent blowing up, the three peak tier 8 cultivators who got subdued in seconds, and the chaos that ensued. Now, it has been 10 minutes since this confrontation started. It all happened too fast and too suddenly, the soldiers here had trouble keeping come.

This included Pelosi who is still trying to figure things out.

Only Marcus knew how things turned out like this, however, he couldn't do anything with Kotori and Kurumi holding him in place.

Either Andrew failed his mission or he got caught.

Shokuhou Misaki didn't die and he's on the verge of spilling the beans.

Seriously, things couldn't be any worse than this.

Marcus acted cool but he is actually very anxious and worried.

He could care less if the base grinds to a halt. He's more concerned with whether or not Andrew will come clean.

If he did, there's a high chance he will drag him down.

Then, it would be reckoning day for him.

Either Andrew dies without saying anything or he cannot be sent to his death like this. He needed to act quick.

It won't be easy to go with the execution route. So, Marcus staked his all on saving his rat friend.

"Wu Yan!"

Marcus looked at Wu Yan who firmly planted his foot on Andrew's chest and he questioned him.

"You said Andrew wanted to kill Shokuhou Misaki, you got any evidence to back that up?"

"Yes, Wu Yan..."

Pelosi tried to defuse the situation.

"Andrew is one of the captains in charge of this base, he rarely crossed paths with Lady Shokuhou, I don't think he would kill the lady, there must be a misunderstanding here..."


Wu Yan's wrath isn't quelled the slightest.

"You're saying my eyes played a trick on me? I saw him try to kill her with my own eyes..."

Pelosi and Marcus silently cursed when they heard the seething tone. An angry man won't listen to logic, he's not thinking clearly and they are sure Wu Yan wouldn't listen to them no matter what they said.

How would they know, how can they fathom how much Wu Yan treasures the girls in his harem.

Wu Yan isn't just angry with Andrew, he's also angry with himself for almost letting Shokuhou Misaki die, this is despite him using his teleportation spell the moment he detected something going awry.

Fortunately for them, Shokuhou Misaki didn't bite the dust. Otherwise, Andrew won't be the only casualty when Wu Yan rampages, Marcus and even Pelosi who are trying to defend Andrew will be killed.

"Your statements have no bearing on this, we need third party sightings..."

Marcus looked at Wu Yan.

"Unless someone can corroborate..."

Shokuhou Misaki sighed and she stood out.

"The victim's testimony should be more than sufficient, right?"

Shokuhou Misaki nonchalantly continued.

"It was indeed this man who entered my tent and he tried to kill me with deadly force..."

"Deadly force? You look fine to me?"

Marcus interrupted.

"You should only be somewhere around the early middle stages of tier 8, right? A top tier 8 practitioner like Andrew should have come out on top in that case."

"I find it hard to believe that a peak tier 8 assassin failed to harm you in the slightest."

Marcus grinned.

"Lady Shokuhou, I am sure you can see why you sound unreasonable..."

The soldiers started whispering as a majority nodded. They agreed with Marcus, however, before he can enjoy his victory, Shokuhou Misaki snapped him in twain, verbally.

"You mean how unreasonable it is for a peak tier 8 cultivator to be pinned by a 25 something who just graduated from Silvaria World Institute?"

That shut Marcus up good. Shokuhou Misaki is obviously blowing huge bloody holes in their relative strength theory.

"We will set aside the logical nature of this for now."

Marcus told Wu Yan.

"At least let Andrew explain himself!"

"That's right..."

Andrew saw the light at the tunnel as he resisted Wu Yan's foot.

"I never tried to kill Shokuhou Misaki. I heard a roar and I came here to investigate. The moment I entered the tent, you kicking me out, I don't know what's going on!"

Marcus grinned as he puffed out his chest.

"Looks like it was you who struck first..."

Wu Yan smiled, however this isn't a happy smile, he's still very pissed.

"You dismissed our accounts without due deliberation but you would take his words as the truth? Sounds like you're more biased towards the accused rather than the victims, this is a first for me..."

"Is this the rule of law in Ailu empire? What an eye opener..."

Marcus pursed his lips.

"You're also throwing accusations without solid proof?"


Wu Yan laughed.

"You're mistaken on that. Uncle, right now, I can take his life if I so wish it, evidence? Screw that."

Marcus couldn't retort. Pelosi mediated as he advised Wu Yan.

"Look, Wu Yan, release Andrew, we will investigate this thoroughly. In the mean time, we will look after Andrew..."

Shokuhou Misaki, Kotori, and Wu Yan laughed with obvious sarcasm.

"Let you guys investigate?"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"You think I am unaware of your petty tricks and ploys? I know how you guys can downplay the narrative according to how the situation fits you."

Wu Yan got bored of this mock trial. He looked down at Andrew as killing intent rose in line with his anger.

"Looks like you're not planning on telling me the truth..."

Marcus saw this and he shouted at Wu Yan.

"Wu Yan, that's an official from the Ladin family, killing him is tantamount to declaring war with the Ladin family, and by extension, the entire Ailu empire!"

"War! War! War!"

Marcus' roar echoed as the air turned deathly still. Wu Yan stayed silent, think that he has won, Wu Yan stopped his momentary glee.

With a dangerous grin, Wu Yan looked at him with a pair of golden eyes.

Lightning surged forth as he sent the torrent of life-stripping lightning into Andrew's chest, electrocuting him without a shred of hesitation or mercy.


Andrew languished in agony as the lightning charred him from the inside out, leaving only a smoky carcass behind.

Andrew's life got snuffed, there is no saving that man now.

Time stopped.


Pelosi and Marcus looked at Wu Yan with eyes of disbelief.

His golden eyes returned to the usual deep red. He told Marcus who is still dumbfounded.

"Yeah, I killed him, make sure you don't forget it..."

Wu Yan dusted his clothes and he walked away with the girls tagging behind him. The others looked at Wu Yan & co, then, they looked at the charred corpse without exchanging a word.

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