Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 830: Chaos, seizing control of the situation...

Wu Yan stepped out from the wasteland he created, tumbling rubbles, he emerged slowly within Marcus and Pelosi's vision.

"Wu Yan!"

The place turned silent.

Wu Yan's name entered the ears of everyone here. The soldiers and sentries here were gasping with slack jaws.

Did Wu Yan, someone who just graduated from Silvaria World Institute, beat Andrew until he's within an inch of his life? Is this the guy who made a peak tier 8 piss his pants in fear?

Nobody dared to make a peep. Wu Yan's footstep rang clear in their ears as if his footsteps carried an illusory effect. If not for their aching bodies, people would have questioned if they are dremaing.

Shokuhou Misaki saw the same scene but she said nothing. Then, her allies came calling for her.


Mikoto and Hinagiku hurried to Shokuhou Misaki's side.

"What happened?"

Mikoto asked.

"What happened to you?"


Hinagiku looked at Wu Yan, her eyes brimming with curiosity as she wondered what got Wu Yan's feathers so ruffled.

"What happened? I have never seen Yan like that before..."

Shokuhou Misaki chuckled with a hint of sweetness and bitterness. More than that, she felt a bit helpless with how things turned out this way. She slowly shook her head, that was all the girls needed to see. They looked at Andrew with frosty eyes of still anger.

"N-no, don't come closer..."

Andrew started dragging himself back as if he's looking at an eldritch horror. His pathetic appearance made the soldiers question if he's really a peak tier 8 cultivator.

This also served as a perfect example how Wu Yan's effect on him.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes, he inched closer without listening at all. Driven into a corner, Andrew called for help.

"Pelosi! Marcus! What are you doing?! Save me!!!"

Pelosi and Marcus got ready to help as they screamed at Wu Yan.


Wu Yan glanced at them. Then, he looked back at Andrew. Mana surged through his body as Wu Yan raised his hand. It appears he is going for the killing blow.

"I told you to stop, didn't I?!"

Marcus, enraged by Wu Yan's dismissal of his authority, started channeling icy blue dou qi only for the sound of a gun being cocked and the crackling flames of a flaming ax to stop him dead in his tracks. The flaming ax and gun were pushed against his head.

"I highly advise against moving around unnecessarily..."

Kotori grinned while in her Fairy suit known as an Astral Dress. She held Camael, the flaming ax-cannon.

"I never said you can approach my onii-san..."

"Since hubby-sama wants to wreak havor for once..."

In a black and red goth dress, Kurumi who held her Zaphkiel angel in the form of a flintlock and musket licked her lips with an excited look, her elation is visible through her differently colored pair of eyes.

"Say, would you mind not interrupting him?"

Marcus stopped channeling his icy dou qi as a drop of cold sweat flowed down the side of his head. It was like somebody choked off his power.

When did these two girls...


Pelosi yelled, he subconsciously wanted to assist but he fell into the same situation as Marcus.

A blue photon sword and a slender hand held his neck down.

Astrea and Ikaros gave their support too.

"Stand right here."

Astrea's cute expression is now replaced with a serious and tense look.

"Move a muscle and I will cut you down!"

The owner of the hand grabbing Pelosi's neck said nothing. However, her red eyes were fixed on Pelosi. He's sure if he did anything sudden, the slender hand will break in his neck and free him from his mortal coil.

Two tier 8 individuals standing at the top of their ranks were instantly subdued by Kurumi, Kotori, Astrea, and Ikaros.

The soldiers stepped back as the three highest ranking officials in this base got subjugated in no time at all. With the chain of command broken, they weren't sure how to proceed.

"Captain Pelosi!"

"Captain Marcus! Captain Andrew!"

"Hurry! Save the captains!"

"Let go off the captains!"


Pelosi told his subordinates to shut up.

"Nobody moves unless I tell them to."

The soldiers calmed down. Pelosi and Marcus, however, are not very happy with their current situations. They didn't think they would be taken down in a brief moment by youngsters half their age.

"Pelosi... Marcus..."

Andrew can see their hands are tied, his expression changed when Wu Yan kicked him in the chest.



Andrew shrieked in pain.

He flew in a beautiful parabola. Then, the same foot that sent him flying pinned him to the ground, removing the oxygen from his lung by force.


Pelosi froze up when Marcus roared in anger.

"Wu Yan! Do you know what you are doing?!"

"Shut your goddamn mouth!"

Wu Yan yelled back, shutting Marcus up. Marcus is angry at himself for listening to Wu Yan's order, his face turned green with frustration.

Even his brother, the patriarch of Cyto family isn't bold enough to scold him!


Marcus' expression turned green but the flaming ax and gun behind him reminded him to cool his temper. So, he stood there with his raging fire contained within his weak mind and body. It isn't hard to imagine why he's red with frustration and anger.


He pressed down on Andrew, the guy is in too much pain to struggle.

"Spill it, why did you try to kill Misaki-chan?!"

Wu Yan resisted the urge to continue his carnage.

"According to your answer, I might give you a painless death!"


Andrew shook his head frantically.

"I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"

"Wu Yan! Calm down."

Pelosi is shocked by Wu Yan's rampage. He tried to mediate.

"There must have been a misunderstanding, don't do anything rash!"

Marcus swallowed his wrath and he yelled.

"This is the operating base of the Ailu empire, Andrew is one of the captains here, if you kill him then you're committing crime against the crown, is that what you want?!"

"A crime?!"

Wu Yan laughed from sheer anger.

"Oh, sure, you can try to pass judgment after I kill him, that is!"


Pelosi gasped.

"Wu Yan, this must be a misunderstanding. Don't kill the wrong guy and get yourself in a heap of trouble."


Wu Yan looked at Andrew.

"Alright, you, speak, why did you appear inside Misaki-chan's tent, explain why you tried to use lethal force on her!"

Wu Yan pressed down harder. Andrew bled from his nose, mouth, and ears, his eyes were also bloodshot and he looked ghastly.

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