Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 828: A change, the roar the shook the skies

Somehow or other, word got out about the missing soldiers.

Normally, lieutenants or generals would quickly investigate and put an end to a situation like this. However, Pelosi placed this matter above the primary objective as this event threatened the functioning of the operation base. Instead of putting out the morale fire, he fanned the flames so more people heard about it.

Thus, as he wanted, the soldiers are now panicking and freaking out. After the whole base got wind of this, Pelosi started rallying the soldiers to investigate the disappearances.

Because of Pelosi's fame and integrity, the soldiers joined his faction by platoons. His vigor and steadfastness in carrying out his duties earned him the respect of many soldiers here. Subsequently, the soldiers calmed down because they know Pelosi is on the job. Suddenly, Pelosi had the most authority among anyone in this base.

With the support of the majority, he announced a curfew that has to be abided at all cost.

Since the soldiers disappeared in the night, Pelosi instructed the soldiers, especially the weaker ones to stay in the base without going out. If under duress or in an emergency, the soldiers must move in squads and never by themselves. He also upgraded the night patrols in both manpower and individual strength. He also instructed them to report directly to him the moment they notice anything fishy.

With such drastic measures in place, the soldiers felt safe under Pelosi's management. They carried on their daily duties with a renewed sense of safety.

Only Pelosi knows the measure are tantamount to slapping a plaster on a leaking hole. Before finding out the real reason behind the disappearances, it's only a matter of time before the next disappearance sparks another panic.

After buffing up night patrols, with groups of soldiers moving around, the operating base looked more energetic at night.

The efficacy of his measures are yet to be seen, not even Pelosi is sure if this will work.

In the night, there's a tent rather close to the edge of the base. It's relatively peaceful here as one could still hear the chirping of the birds and the buzzing of the bugs. Inside one of the tents, Shokuhou Misaki rubbed her moist body down after a nice bath. Her glossy blonde hair shined like jewels in the night. She sighed in relief after a day's work, her starry eyes shone in the dark, combined with her pristine face, she looked breathtaking.

Shokuhou Misaki grumbled.

"I can't believe I have to bath in a special area, there's no hot water, no beauty products. I want to go back to Tokiwadai, or even the Academy, at least there's hot water there..."

Although she sounded like she's complaining, she actually didn't mind this situation too much. If she really wanted to, she could have just asked Wu Yan and he would buy magical tools in the system that would solve all her problems in a snap.

She's just grumbling for the sake of it. After drying her hair, she shook her head as she looked at her beautiful golden locks with a satisfied smile on her face.

She's pretty proud of her physical features. Looking at herself in the mirror, she winked at the reflection.

"No wonder that baddie likes to come knocking, he should be counting his fortune."

Shokuhou Misaki walked towards the magic lamp and she turned it off. Then, she headed straight for bed.

The tent fell silent.

At this moment, a mental signature entered her perception radius.

Shokuhou Misaki stopped yawning as her eyes widened.

Shokuhou Misaki's ability allowed her to sense mental fluctuations, however, she couldn't use it to identify a person. Judging by the mental signal's bumpy and hasty trail, it's highly likely the approaching individual is not an ally.

Shokuhou Misaki reckons this is an enemy sneaking up on them.

Shokuhou Misaki looked at the entrance as she clenched her fists.

Here it comes!

Black misty air seeped into the tent, forming a dark cloud.

Shokuhou Misaki backed away without hesitation.

The black cloud surrounded Shokuhou Misaki and it enveloped her after rumbling for a second.


Shokuhou Misaki's emitted a shockwave that reflected the dark cloud away.


The dark cloud yelped in shock. It seemed surprised that Shokuhou Misaki could defend against its attack.

Shokuhou Misaki sighed as an invisible dragon armor materialized around her. That reflection was a product of this armor blocking an attack.

Imaginary Dragon Armor.

Wu Yan had no use for this armor because he already achieved immortality through the True Ancestor bloodline and mastery of multiple magic. He gave this armor to Shokuhou Misaki, this move turned out to save her life.

However, she's not in the clear yet...

The dark cloud morphed into a wolf, no, it looked like the dark cloud grew a tail and wolf fangs, Shokuhou Misaki inhaled deeply.


The wolf opened its mouth and a black beam struck Shokuhou Misaki's Imaginary Dragon Armor.


The armor dimmed in color, it almost shattered causing Shokuhou Misaki to hurriedly fire a mental attack at the dark cloud.



The black cloud contracted as if wincing from pain. Then, the wolf trained its dark red eyes on Shokuhou Misaki.

Recognizing this as a telegraphed attack, she knew her attack had failed to affect the enemy.

In other words, the dark cloud, or the manipulator behind the dark cloud is someone who is stronger than her.

She's sure its master is way stronger than her.

Is this the culprit behind the multiple disappearances? Is she the next target?

Shokuhou Misaki bit her lips as she looked at the entrance behind the dark wolf.


The entity's blocking the tent entrance.

Call for help? That wolf looks like it has enough time to attack before help arrives.

The armor cannot block another attack, the shaky performance was a dooming indicator.

Her frail body also couldn't take a hit, most likely, she will die if the wolf successfully lands an attack.

Shokuhou Misaki started getting anxious.

Then, the wolf opened its mouth once more, it's charging up for another beam attack.

Shokuhou Misaki reflexively closed her eyes.


A deafening roar came when the entity is about to fire its laser. The whole base shook with this heaven-shaking bellow. Wu Yan's harem woke up, the night patrols, even Pelosi and Marcus were awakened.

"What's going on?!"

Pelosi dashed out of his tent.

Marcus felt an ominous feeling in his guts. He ran out of the tent to see Pelosi looking at him. The two immediately ran in the direction of the roar, the guards nearby also tagged along.

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