Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 827: Vicious methods, the decision of the two individuals...

Marcus, Andrew, and Pelosi were sharing the same table inside a rather large tent. It seems they are discussing something important.

Pelosi frowned when he saw Marcus and Andrew who treated this meeting like it's none of their business.

"Do you hear me?!"

Pelosi roared.

"If you two aren't going to move, at least let me order my guys to investigate..."

Pelosi, you're making mountains out of anthills..."

Marcus eyed Pelosi.

"They are just low-ranking personnel..."

"Are you kidding me?"

Pelosi is so angry he slammed his palm on the table.

"Look at how many of our guys went missing?!"

"We lost soldiers every single day for an entire month! Hundreds of soldiers are missing!"

Marcus glanced at Andrew. He cast his doubt on Pelosi's report.

"Is your report even accurate? Sounds to me like somebody's faking it..."


Marcus snickered.

"Those guys are eyeing our positions, I am not surprised if they did this..."

"That's why we need to investigate, isn't that right?"

Pelosi had an urgent and upset look.

"The outer region of this base where the soldiers are living is already in chaos. There are rumors of a disease spreading or demonic beast's revenge. This is seriously affecting our morale and effectiveness!"

Pelosi roamed his eyes over Marcus and Andrew.

"We cannot drag this on. I firmly believe we should stomp out the root cause while we still can. When this thing gets any bigger, the operation base will ground to a halt!"

"Marcus! Andrew!"

Pelosi stood up as he looked down at the two. He growled.

"If you two aren't going to do anything, that's fine with me. I will investigate myself, if anything goes down, I am not going down with you two."

Pelosi turned around and he headed for the tent exit, he also took the missing persons report with him.

Andrew started channeling mana as a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Marcus pressed Andrew down, he silently waited for Pelosi to exit.

Andrew glared at Marcus with a frustrated look.

"You, why did you stop me?"

"Stop you?"

Marcus asked him.

"You have the confidence to take him down without anyone noticing?"

Andrew snapped back at him.

"What? You're gonna let him search for the truth like that?!"

"Find out the truth?"

Marcus snickered.

"Don't tell me you left loose ends when you did your part of the plan."

"O-of course, not!"

"Then we have no issues!"

Marcus grinned.

"We left no traces when we took down those lowly insects. Pelosi will be none the wiser, if you attacked just now, that would have been an admission of guilt!"

Marcus' cold logic made Andrew sweat bullets.

He almost screwed things up...

Marcus can see Andrew is cooling down, he gave him a slap on the shoulder.

"Remember, we cannot make a single mistake. We are walking on a very dangerous path, I can understand losing rationality because of the stress, just make sure you don't make this hasty mistake again!"

Andrew gave Marcus a thankful look as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

"Thanks, Marcus, yeah the stress was getting to me..."

Marcus bitterly laughed.

He's just as stressed out as Andrew.

Unlike Andrew, he made sure to keep the stress boxed away, keeping his sanity, he needed each iota of his sanity if he's to survive this ordeal...

"Don't celebrate too early."

Marcus sighed.

"I am confident Pelosi has nothing on us. But, we cannot allow anything to occur, maybe we should rein in our activities..."

"Keeping a low profile?"

Andrew frowned.

"When Wu Yan arrived, we already laid low. Our yield is not pleasing our master at all, if we rein in even more..."

"Prudence is our best ally right now!"

Marcus tapped his fingers on the table.

"So what if he's unhappy, our master needs us, he can't cut us away, not now..."

Marcus sounded very confident when he said that. Andrew wanted to say something when a spark flew in from the tent entrance, he flew into Andrew's head and he looked like he swallowed bitter bugs.


Marcus subconsciously knew something bad happened.

Andrew continued with a grave look.

"Just now, the spying magic I laid around the base triggered due to one of the Misaka Army member's approach, it appears they are also investigating the case of the missing soldiers..."


Marcus looked anxious. He slammed his fist on the table.

"Did Shokuhou Misaki sense something?!"

"No way!"

Andrew panicked.

"I thought you said we left no tracks, how would they know?"

"The fact that she's investigating means she has no idea about our plan. If she already knew, she wouldn't bother sending her subordinates to snoop around."

Marcus jeered.

"She probably got wind of the missing soldiers, what a meddling woman, I bet she ordered her subordinates to investigate us..."

Andrew sighed in relief.

"Good, they aren't aware yet..."

"No, I wouldn't put it past her!"

Marcus had a nasty glint in her eyes.

"She can read people's mind. If she pressed on, it's only a matter of time before they find out the truth!"

"What do we do then?..."

Andrew started freaking out again. Marcus couldn't help but silently judge this man in his heart. Why did the Ladin family send someone so incapable to this base...

Marcus grinned although he talked bad about his ally inside his mind.

"With things as they are, Shokuhou Misaki cannot be left alive, we need to kill her!"

"Will it be fine though?"

Andrew hesitated. Marcus dismissed his concern with a cold laugh.

"That woman has a special ability but she's physically weak. If we use sneaky tricks, it should be easy to kill her..."

Marcus turned his back towards him.

"As long as we don't get found out..."

Andrew looked like he still had some qualms but he agreed with Marcus in the end.

"Okay! Let me do it!"

Andrew volunteered.

"Your Cyto family dou qi is too obvious. If any trace is left on the scene, it's basically a smoking gun. Let me kill that pesky Shokuhou Misaki!"

Marcus nodded.

"Sure, again, discretion should be your top motivation, leave no traces and witnesses!"

"Okay, I understand."

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