Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 825: Dark plot

There are tents all over the operating base. According to one's social status and ranking, the sizes of the tents differed. There are three tents here that easily beat out the others in size and grandiosity.

Wu Yan & co's arrival reached Marcus and Andrew's tents. Inside one of the large tents, without Pelosi attending...

"You said Wu Yan's here?"

Marcus frowned when he heard the news Andrew brought.

"You sure about that?"


Andrew gnashed his teeth.

"His airship is very special and it's the only one I know that can turn invisible."

"Hmph, I didn't think he would come here when we are close..."

Marcus balled his palms into fists. Andrew asked him.

"Will we get found out?"

Andrew asked with an anxious look.

"Given how sudden his arrival is, do you think he's on to us?"

Marcus' expression changed to a malicious one.

"God damn it, why did he have to appear now..."

Andrew struggled before he suggested something brutal.

"Maybe, we should just bury..."

Though he didn't finish his sentence, Marcus already knows what he's going to say.


He denied the guy outright.

"He might be young but Lei Wang likes him very much, it won't be easy to cover up anything we do here. Plus, he's the fiancee of Princess Sylph, I am sure you already know about that. If we proceed with your suggestion, the imperials will probably sniff us out, then our deaths will be all but certain!"

"With him here, we can't do what we want!"

Andrew looks terrified.

"If we can't finish our mission, then..."

Marcus also turned fearful, it's like he saw something terrible and he shook his head.

"No! The plan will go on, otherwise, our lives will be a living nightmare!"

"What do we do then?"

Andrew got a bit impatient.

"We can't kill him and neither can we leave, are we going to stand here with our thumbs up our stinkholes?"

"I thought I already said it, proceed with the plan!"

Marcus growled.

"He's just a brat, Misaka Mikoto is as capable as him and she still hasn't found out about our hidden plan. I am sure the sly woman known as Shokuhou is similarly clueless. I don't think they have the brains to see through our plans!"

"Ye-yeah, you're right..."

Andrew had a hopeful look.

"Yeah, he's just an upstart, if we watch our moves, we should be fine..."

"I just hope nothing untoward happens..."

Marcus sighed.

"Amen, brother."

Andrew answered as he hesitated.



Marcus stored away his desperate expression and he bitterly laughed.

"Andrew, stop beating around the bush. We might be from different clans but we are both in the same boat. I die, you die, I live, you live, speak your mind and be done with it."

Andrew bit his lips.

"Marcus, we are selling the empire out, what we are doing is tantamount to betraying all humans, if word ever got out, we won't be able to hide anywhere in this world, is this really worthed it?"

"What's the point of bringing that up?"

Marcus' eyes dimmed down.

"Our deaths versus the deaths of others, do you want to die for others?"

Andrew had a sad but selfish look. Marcus also had a derisive smile.

"There's no going back. I for one, do not wish to die. I would rather others die first before me!"

"The ants who are now resting in heaven probably died feeling proud their lives redeemed the lives of two peak tier 8 individuals!"

"Too bad, if only we can bring Pelosi down with us, we can take control of the entire base. Then, we can do whatever we want..."

Marcus continued.

"That Shokuhou Misaki, she's as sly as a fox, her savage army of freaks messed the affairs of the base up by coming here..."

"Aren't we going to string Pelosi along to control them?"

Andrew said. If Shokuhou Misaki heard them, she would be surprised because she assumed they wanted control over them for their efficiency in hunting monsters...

"It's fine, don't worry about it..."

Marcus waved his hand. He looked at the ceiling of the tennt.

"Remember, always put yourself before others, you can't go too wrong with that..."


Andrew sighed as he cast his glance at Marcus.

"Let's continue with our plan!"


Marcus nodded.

"Just in case, we should lower our profiles. Keep an eye on Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki, make sure they don't come anywhere near us!"

"I know!"

Andrew bitterly laughed, he couldn't laugh his worry away.

"I just pray they don't find out what's going on in this base, it's going to be hard to explain what we did..."

"It's fine!"

Marcus grinned.

"This just happened so only low-ranking officers are afraid. If they report then we will seal off their mouths. Even if they tell Pelosi, he can't help them because he doesn't know any better!"

This is the only good they got from failing to take control of Misaka & co. They can still keep things under wrap since it's only between the both of them. Leakage of information is still minimal at this point.


Andrew continued with a grim voice.

"Wu Yan & his partners are going to be gigantic pain in the arse, he has multiple individuals that can overpower us, if only we can arrange for people to spy on them..."

"I already tried that."

Marcus eyed Andrew.

"Those women that looked identical are tremendously hard to sneak by, it's almost like they can instantly contact each other and coordinate in real-time, the eyes I ordered to spy on them got cleaned out the same night they were deployed!"

That Starlight Queen leader, Misaki is also a dangerous woman. She might be young but she's very sharp, she left no loose ends to exploit and she also has her troubling ability..."

Marcus, maybe we should look for a way to kill Shokuhou Misaki!"

Andrew narrowed his eyes without caring about how he just suggested they snuff out a younger woman.

"That Shokuhou Misaki, I have a feeling she's going to be more trouble down the road if we don't deal with her now..."

Marcus seems tempted.

"Shokuhou Misaki is probably in a relationship with Wu Yan. If we kill her and anger Wu Yan, Yukari Yakumo, that demigod might come after us..."


Andrew felt chills going down his spine.

"Why does a demigod like her bother wasting her time with tier 8 characters like them..."

"I haven't the slightest clue..."

Marcus sucked in a cold breath of air and a gloomy aura took control of him.

"Even without the implicit protection of a demigod, they still have two tier 9 on their sides. We will lose in any straightforward fight. I just hope they won't get in our way or we might have to resort to desperate measures. Anyway, act in such a way that we wouldn't arouse suspicion, that's all..."

Andrew nodded.

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