Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 824: Wouldn't you like to see it? You love to see it...

Mikoto and the others couldn't help but feel giddy when the teleport beam struck the ground. Shokuhou Misaki also looked a bit joyful given her bright starry eyes.

When Wu Yan departed with Hinagiku and the others, they were here even when Yukari went back to Gensokyo, or when Wu Yan completed his forced mission. It's been dozens of days since they last saw each other.

Mikoto and others felt like it was longer. They kept in touch but seeing each other physically is way better than through a screen or crystal ball. This is doubly so when she saw the guy who came here.

Hinagiku and the others also missed their sisters/


Flan pounced on Frenda who fell because she wasn't prepare for this cute ambush.

"Uwah! In the end, don't rub your face against my chest!"

Frenda kept her arms around Flan even if she sounded like she's protesting this display of affection. Her blue eyes were filled with helplessness and love. Flan's too cute for anyone to hate her.





They hugged each other as they enjoyed their reunion. Although they only got summoned recently, Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino were like BFFs with the older girls. The space was filled with their cheerful alughters.

Although Wu Yan wasn't here, it seems like they got along well when he was gone.

Of course, there is an exception...

"Tokisaki-san, long time no see..."

Shokuhou Misaki covered her mouth as she beamed at Kurumi who stood in front of her.

"It looks like you've been well. I was worried school life might not be comfortable for you..."

"Ara ara, I am doing fine, thank you..."

Kurumi tilted her head, she miled until her eyes narrowed into crescent moon shapes.

"Great, Shokuhou seems to be in good spirits..."

They talked like noble ladies who met after a long time. However, the coldness they are emanating told a different story. The girls made sure to steer clear of the two kitties.

Wu Yan felt a bit stressed out when he saw the two intelligent women going at each other. He wondered how their aggro meter maxed out so quickly.

"You, about time you showed up."

Mikoto started talking to Wu Yan like she's angry. She also brought Hinagiku with her.

She's fine if he couldn't come because he's busy doing the forced quest, but he should have at least talked to them after returning. She's just pouty because Wu Yan didn't attempt to see her or contact her after his return.

"I am sorry..."

Wu Yan admitted his fault, he knew better than to butt heads with a Tsundere like her. He clapped his hands together and he lowered his head.

"These two days were filled with so much stuff, I just couldn't find the time..."

Shokuhou Misaki ditched Kurumi behind as she remembered what Hinagiku said about their encounter in the capital's ball. She more or less understood the gist of the matter.

The crystal ball can allow communication between two distant location, this isn't limited by signal availability as in the real world. However, the crystal ball's message can be spied on, that's why Hinagiku didn't divulge the secrets Wu Yan found and heard during the encounter in the empire's treasury. She just gave them a broad and ambiguous warning about an ominous event to come.

"Hmm? Do you mean it's an unsolvable problem?"

Wu Yan signed.

"It isn't a question of difficulty, it's how we go about handling it..."

Shokuhou Misaki's confused look entered his eyes and he shook his head.

" I will fill you in on the details later..."

Shokuhou Misaki had a rather serious look on her when she smiled at him.

"Since we are done with the official matters. Now, my sweet Yan, would you care to explain something to us? Oh, how about you tell us about your engagement to the imperial princess?..."

"On that subject, which cute little bee did you induct into your harem this time, you nasty playboy?..."

Wu Yan silently cursed when Shokuhou Misaki touched this topic. He started sweating as scrutinizing gazes fell upon him. His back is now drenched with cold sweat.

Wu Yan turned around rigidly as he started explaining himself.

"Look, Joou-sama, can we... leave that for another time? I mean this really isn't the place to..."

"Ara, is that so?"

Shokuhou Misaki caressed Wu Yan's shoulder as she brought her lips close to his ear.

"Then, let's have a private talk later, my~ sweet~ love~"


Shokuhou Misaki's warm and tempting words immediately sparked a fire within him. He gulped once more when he heard the other girls around him chuckling with sarcasm. He silently sighed, he's not happy with how things turned out.

I am going to be busy pacifying these jealous girls...

If only he can solve every problem with his meat stick, that would be so nice...

Giant Beast Forest operating base, in a rather spacious tent...

"What?! You guys graduated?!"

Mikoto gasped.


Hinagiku chortled.

"Yan said we had no further business staying in Silvaria, that's why we applied to graduate."

"Why didn't you guys tell us?"

Kinuhata Saiai who sat next to Mikoto grumbled.

"What about us? You're gonna leave us in the dust like that?..."

"Yeah, we couldn't get the memo out sooner..."

Hinagiku bitterly smiled.

"We almost couldn't come here due to how urgently we left..."

"Isn't that pitiful?"

Shokuhou Misaki raised an eyebrow at Kurumi.

"Too bad, you only enrolled in the school recently, you hate to see it, you poor thing..."

"Ara, I don't mind it at all..."

Kurumi touched her lips with her index finger.

"As long as hubby-sama is with me!"

"Oh, I can't imagine how the Starlight Queen faction will last without your leadership. Is that really fine?"

"It's fine~"

Shokuhou Misaki waved her hands.

"My factions have capable individuals, I can let things run on autopilot by giving them an order or two. I wouldn't wrinkle my forehead worrying about it, Tokisaki-san..."

"Oh, that's a shame..."

Kurumi said while staring at Shokuhou Misaki. They had classy smiles but the antagonistic air between them couldn't be missed. The others can almost see sparks flying between them. Wu Yan's headache started acting up again, if only he can discipline these two cheeky women in bed, maybe that would make them less feisty around each other.

Wu Yan massaged his temples and he looked at Shokuhou Misaki.

"I don't think it's a big issue. You girls are all super famous and influential, just call Gramps Lei Wang up and get him to give you the graduation certificate or something..."

Wu Yan turned serious.

"Misaki-chan, what do you think I should do about the message left behind in the imperial treasury?"

"Nothing, that news deserve no further action."

Shokuhou Misaki brushed off the troubling prophecy just like that.

Shokuhou Misaki saw the puzzlement in their eyes so she winked at them while laughing.

"I already have the solution for it, why should we worry about a solved problem?"

The others chuckled in unison.

As expected of Shokuhou Misaki, she wasted no time in going to the heart of the matter.

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