Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 822: Swift backlash, offending the Queen is a very costly mistake

Jealousy is an ugly color, that's rather obvious here.

These petty individuals staked their sorry lives on the line to make sure the empire can run properly. Meanwhile, these girls come in here and loot all the resources they can get their hands on.

The unfair treatment they received caused the audience to look at Mikoto & co with hostile eyes. They were charmed by their pretty appearances but their jealousy got the better of them.

To put it bluntly, these adults are unsightly creatures.

Shokuhou Misaki's power is Mental Out, this provided her with deep insight into the psyche and mental states of others around her. Due to power differences, she can only control individuals as strong or weaker than her. Now that she's in tier 8 power, there is nobody around here that can hide their thoughts from her.

For one, she can sense the negative emotions these soldiers are emitting. She sneered, although it's a beautiful smile, on closer inspection, one could see the disdain hidden within.


Mikoto's hair started floating as she lost control of some of her power. Crackling with lightning, her petite body released a frightening amount of power. This is a sign that she's very angry.

"Hmm? You want to fight your way out of this?"

The mean looking man laughed as he channeled dou qi. The two appeared to be similar in strength.

Mikoto's level is at peak tier 8 power. A little bit more and she would reach tier 9 power.  This means the mean-looking guy had the same level as her.

The three great noble houses noted the importance of this base so they sent elder-rank people to take command of the base. They were individuals who had about the same power as the patriarchs of each noble houses. The oldest male and the blonde guy who didn't say anything probably had the same level, peak tier 8 power!

Mikoto is the only one with peak tier 8 power here. Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou still needed some levels to reach peak tier 8. Even if they commanded 20,000 sisters, they were the weaker force in this negotiation.

Shokuhou Misaki reckons it won't come to that. She is better than stooping to their lowly levels.

"Ara ara, Misaka-san, don't get violent..."

Shokuhou Misaki lightly smiled.

"They are counting on you to throw the first punch..."

"Marcus, rein in your power now!"

The blonde guy said as he stared coldly at the mean man known as Marcus.

"I didn't come here to pick a fight or watch one unfold!"

Marcus snorted as he threw the blonde guy a verbal jab.

"Pelosi, I know your Lori clan is very chummy with them. I am not going to mince my word here, you're standing dangerously close to the wrong side of history. Stand aside and let us handle this, nobody will blame you for staying neutral. However, if you choose to protect them, look around you, see if your comrades agree!"

Pelosi's eyes flashed with anger. Marcus allowed his authority to get to his head. This guy, give him a bit of power and he gets drunk on it like a fool given chicken feather as a commander's fan.

"Oh? You're one to talk about conflicts of interest. You wanna explain how you might be motivated since your Cyto family has a... rather embarrassing past with them, that's why you want to create trouble?"

Pelosi chortled.

"Yeah. I know about it. Your patriarch, your brother, he put you up to this didn't he? Make trouble for them who were related to the guy who pounded your favorite nephews in battle..."

"Wait, no, that's not quite right..."

Pelosi acted like he just remembered something hilarious.

"If I remember correctly, the second young lord, what's his name again? ah, Bing Mian, didn't he almost died of his own Ice dou qi when he tried to pull a sneaky trick on a certain someone...?"


Marcus got real mad. The signature ice dou qi of the Cyto family exploded outwards from him. It was grander than the outburst he used on Mikoto. Apparently, that really did a number on his mental state. Pelosi allowed the guy to roar like a clown, he got his verbal hook in and that was enough, now he just needs to watch the show.


The oldest man tried to defuse the situation only for him to get into Marcus' crosshair.

"What? Andrew, do you want to drag the Ladin family into this?"

Andrew knitted his brows when Marcus yelled at him. He's not entirely amused with the man-child's unbiased anger.

"Internal strife? At a time like this? You should know better than this, you're making fools out of all us by forgetting what we came here to do!"

Pelosi and Marcus flinched. They leered one last time at each other as they looked away. Marcus reined in his power, although he would never admit Andrew had a point, he did as he said anyway.

Pelosi hesitated before he approached Mikoto  & co.

"Shokuhou-san. With things how they are, I am sure people are not pleased with you and your company. There are unsavory individuals who want to use this against you and your friends..."

Pelosi didn't forget to throw a judging glance at the disgruntled soldiers behind him.

"This whole thing started because you girls didn't submit your levies. If you compromise a little, just a little, that would help greatly, how about it?"

Shokuhou Misaki tilted her head and she smiled brightly.

"Sir Pelosi, may I ask what's the primary objective this forward operating base was established for?"

Pelosi stopped. Shokuhou Misaki looked around her and she nonchalantly continued.

"Let it not slip past your minds that this base was established to prevent another monster flood and to find traces of the injured Beast King. We are all here to end a crisis. Hunting and gathering resources came second to this..."

Shokuhou Misaki grinned as she slowly walked up to Marcus. Marcus stared coldly at Shokuhou Misaki.

"Indeed, it's a noble thing to do, risking your lives for the empire, gathering resources for the empire to operate as normal. You all have my respect for your selfless acts of courage..."

Shokuhou Misaki gave Marcus a suspicious smile.

"Since you went ahead and labelled us as detestable individuals for desecrating your base. Allow me to pose another question. Can you in good faith and honesty say that all your actions are for the benefit of the Ailu empire?"

Marcus snickered.

"Of course..."

"Sir Marcus, please don't speak too soon..."

Shokuhou Misaki's starry eyes flashed.

"According to what you say, I might have to respond with the commensurate action. Don't forget I can control and read minds..."

Shokuhou Misaki had one hand to her cheek as she said this.

"My inability to control multiple individuals is a thing I lament. However, I am confident in being able to control your lieutenants. Under a state of mental suppression, what do you think they would say about the 'beneficial things' you did for the empire..."

"I reckon it's going to be an entertaining when people starts judging your 'selfless acts'."

Pelosi, Marcus, and Andrew's faces changed.

Shokuhou Misaki gave them a glance and she returned to Mikoto & co.

"Now then, three gentlemen, I think it's fair to say we all have our own objectives. I won't meddle with your business if you stay clear of our business. You see, if we really had to go at each other..."

Shokuhou Misaki giggled.

"Our side won't be the one with the greatest loss!"

Shokuhou Misaki left them with that ominous line. She led her friends and the sisters away from the human army. The three leaders were too busy digesting Shokuhou Misaki's words to make a comeback.

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