Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 820: Heading forward, towards the person inside their hearts...

Wu Yan's arm stopped burning, although his arm isn't overly burly, nobody thought little of this neck grab.

For one, before using magic, the crowd already pegged Wu Yan as an expert combatant.

The warm but cold hands formed a dangerous contrast that Kaya took seriously.  He clenched down on his staff but he lowered it in the end. He smiled with a faint sense of defeat. He knew things would turn out this way.

Jaafar who finally got up gave a bitter but resigned grin. Then, he collapsed, it doesn't look like he will be getting up anytime soon...

We lost...

Kaya and Jaafar weren't sure how they should describe their current emotions.

Frustration? No, they fought with all they had and the opponent treated them seriously by soundly defeating them. What's there to complain about?

Satisfied? How then, do they explain this unbearable tinge of pain and sadness? Where is this coming from?

Fight one more time?

The two combatants laughed. They already used all they had in the duel just now. But, Wu Yan took them down without resorting to his combat skills, he didn't even use his armaments. Without making it obvious, he implicitly told them this isn't his full power.

They worked together and fought at full power, that wasn't enough to force Wu Yan into using his other skills. What good would another duel do?

"At least,  enlighten me..."

Kaya's dim eyes stared into Wu Yan's eyes.

"How did you appear behind me so quickly?"

Wu Yan paused and he chuckled.

"Why? Maybe I used my speed to run? Who knows..."


Kaya shook his head.

"I installed wind perception magic around me, if you rushed over, no matter how fast, I would have sensed you coming through the trail you drew in my controlled environment."

"I didn't sense any trail much less sense you coming. It's like you appeared out of thin air!"

Kaya stared at Wu Yan.

"Tell me, how did you do it?"

"Using the winds as your perception extension, huh..."

Wu Yan blinked in honest shock. He sighed.

"As expected of a magi well-versed in the wind-attribute magecraft..."

Kaya said nothing, he waited for Wu Yan to answer him. He's silently telling Wu Yan that he can't BS his way out of this one. Wu Yan helplessly explained.

"I just used spatial manipulation magic."

"Spatial... manipulation magic?"

Wu Yan nodded.

"It's a little trick I used to displace position, instantly moving between two coordinates. Basically, yeah, you got me, I appeared out of thin air."

"A magic that can manipulate space..."

Kaya mumbled with a dazed look. The audience were also stupefied by what they heard.

If he can manipulate space, is it fair to say that Wu Yan mastered the art of instantaneous movement?

Instant teleportation...

They exchanged looks of shock and disbelief. They looked at each other to confirm they weren't dreaming or misheard Wu Yan.

There are different types of magic in Silvaria. To count all the spells would take at least a year or more. In the realm of magic spells, there are spells with mystical and special effects.

However, nobody's heard of a spell that can manipulate space.

Did Wu Yan create this magic by himself?

When this idea popped up, they started shivering as they wondered where Wu Yan came from, what a freak.

Kaya gulped while Wu Yan beamed at him. His frustration turned into the bitter taste of giving up.

"A magic that can manipulate space itself, to lose to such a mystical spell, this duel was not a practice in vain..."

Kaya grinned.

"It's my lost..."

Wu Yan unhanded Kaya when he admitted defeat. Jaafar turned his head the other way, even if he's still on the floor. He also threw in the tower with a snort.

"I surrender..."

Wu Yan can see he isn't entirely honest with his admission of defeat, but, he took it anyway, albeit with a shaking head.

All but one duelists gave up. So, the audience cheered.

"Wu Yan ! Wu Yan! Wu Yan! Wu Yan!"

"Ara ara..."

Kurumi covered her mouth, she giggled with a cute grin.

"Hubby-sama's popularity increased yet again..."

"That guy..."

Hinagiku laughed too, her eyes were brimming with a warm light.

"He just can't stay low-key, huh..."


Kotori crunched her Chupa candy. She chortled out loud.

"As the curtains falls, this was a rather amusing closing play."

"Yeah! Yeah!"

Astrea, Tohka, Flan, and Lulu turned into cheerleaders. Even Yoshino who is shy around people couldn't help but jump in glee with her arms in the air.

Fei Fei watched as Wu Yan got bathed in the audience's cheer and praises. She mumbled.

"Even when the lights go off, you still left a legend on the books..."

Kaya helped Jaafar up as they slowly made their way down the stage. He glanced at Ikaros who never strayed her eyesight from Wu Yan. With a hurt heart, he gnashed his teeth.

"I hope you will make her happy..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Don't worry, buddy, my fate is inseparably entwined with the fates of these girls!"

Kaya stopped. He took Wu Yan's words to heart and he walked down the arena with closed eyes. Before he exited, Wu Yan told him one last thing.

"Should the chance ever arise once more, let's duel again. I will be waiting for you guys ahead...'

Kaya stopped and Jaafar struggled to lift his head. The two stared back at the worthy foe they fought with all their abilities. Their factions escorted them out of the arena tower. They left with one arm raised each, gesturing something Wu Yan implicitly understood without words.

Wu Yan stretched his back and he laughed with a satisfied tone.

"Yeah, what a great ending to this episode!"

Wu Yan went down the stage but he stopped soon after.

"When are you coming back?..."

Wu Yan can tell who the person was without turning around. For formality's sake, he turned around nonetheless.

"What's the matter? Is the princess going to miss me when I am gone?"

Sylph nodded much to Wu Yan's surprise.

"You're my fiancée after all."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"I don't think I will be returning anytime soon. However, it should be rather easy to track me down. If you miss me, don't be a stranger, come visit me..."

Sylph nonchalantly nodded.

"Then it's a promise."

Sylph left without turning her head back.

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

When confronting this icy princess, he's not sure which sentence is from the heart and which one is from her sense of duty. Either way, it felt she's joshing with him.

"We all ready to go?"

Wu Yan asked the girls around him, they gave him the green light and he summoned the Fraxinus.

"Take care now!"

Fei Fei yelled.

"Don't forget us!"

Lulu waved her arms with a resolute look, she didn't cry this time around. After this parting, it seems like she experience emotional growth...

Inside the command room, Wu Yan looked at Silvaria World Institute through the gigantic display in front of him, Wu Yan & co engraved the institute into their minds.

Thus, the airship steadily flew into the distance...

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