Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 819: Testing magic spells, speedy takedowns


The beast image behind Jaafar bellowed as it swiped at the stone snakes. The attacks seemed like it cleaved the air wherever it went.

The immense force of the beast image's attack crushed the snakes to dust.

Jaafar took another swipe at a sneaky snake that got past him, aiming for Kaya. But, Jaafar demolished the snake too. In an impossibly agile manner, the hulking man jumped in front of Wu Yan and he unleashed a half-circle claw attack at Wu Yan's chest.

The Beast Image merged with his hand.

"Bloody beast king claw!"

Wu Yan remembered this attack. It was the same attack Jaafar used during his Grand Tournament duel with him.

At the time, he was only a peak tier 7 individual. Meanwhile, Jaafar who stood at tier 8 basically gave him a run for his money. He had to use his Lightning Flash Punch to tank Jaafar's attack.


Mana surged as a magical formation expanded.


A viscous bloody energy shield intercepted the attack. The savage attack punched a terifying dent into his shield.

The attack inched closer and closer, should the shield break, Wu Yan's going to taste iron in his mouth.

The shield rebounded just centimeters away from Wu Yan's face.

Jaafar got sent back by the recoil. Resisting it, he clenched his teeth. He diverted the force into sending himself back at Wu Yan. Claw beams formed as he sent them crashing into Wu Yan's energy shield.

Clang clang clang

The energy shield proved to be more resilient than expected, although the claw beams were as sharp if not sharper than real weapons, it didn't shatter.

Wu Yan had to stake his all to tank one hit. However, he can now take dozens of this attack without breaking a sweat.


The shield finally crumbled after being assaulted by so many claw beams.

Wu Yan is satisfied with the results. He wanted to test out a simple defensive spell within the 103,000 grimoires he attained. This exceeded his expectation.

Yeah, it was worth the cost alright.


Wu Yan laughed out loud as another surge of mana infused him. Jaafar backed away only to hear a ding sound coming from somewhere.

Up above, the winds changed direction like an anomalous calamity. Jaafar looked up with a grim face.

A 2 meter-wide fireball floated above. However, the flames were dark in color, like that of an eclipse, it had bright outline but a dark core. The dark fireball came crashing down.

"You wish!"

Sharp whistling sound came as a golden wind crashed against the fireball.


The whole floor shook when the two energy attacks collided. The audience found it hard to stand properly as some of them fell over. The sparks that scattered caused combustion here and there, from the sounds of panicking student. Uniforms burned while the audience tried to put out the fire that spilled over.

He looked at Kaya who was panting. He looked a bit helpless. Wu Yan forgot the guy's Winds of Dissolution could cancel out energy-based attacks.

"Bloody Beast King Claw!"

With blood-covered qi claws, the hulking fiugre descended upon Wu Yan.

The beast image condensed into a more realistic image when Jaafar channeled more dou qi into his claws.


Dark claw beams fell like lightning bolts.

Wu Yan can feel the sharpness even from a distance, he froze up as mana flowed throughout him. He uttered a few incantations and a dark miasma covered him.


The claws pierced through the dark mist. However, the claws got stuck in them, it's like he plunged his claws into a deep swamp.

Jaafar's expression changed.

A part of the mist gave way to shoot out mist extensions like black laser.


Jaafar felt like somebody smashed him with a sledgehammer. Fresh blood spilled from his mouth as he fell.


Kaya channeled more power to form wind arrows. He swung his staff and the arrows flew out.

The arrows made a pincushion out of the black mist, there's nobody inside!

Kaya's hair stood on ends, his pupils contracted as he jumped back with protective winds surrounding him.

A dark figure appeared behind Kaya in a flash.

Kaya felt chills going down his spine.

Wu Yan grabbed at Kaya's neck. At least, he tried to.

"Wind Cast Net!"

Kaya's rich fighting experience taught him well, he endured his fear and he used a spell to counter at the last moment. The wind blades formed a net that covered Kaya from outside harm.

Wu Yan didn't stop, his hand combusted into a flaming hand similar to that of a dark infernal being.

His flaming hand entered the net without much difficulty. He burned his protective wind coat and he successfully grabbed Kaya by the neck.

The arena fell silent.

With Wu Yan firmly grabbing on to his neck, Kaya didn't dare to put up resistance. Meanwhile, Jaafar struggled to get up after getting heavily whipped by the dark mist tendrils. Nobody made a peep.

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