Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 818: Sparks flying, the spells of the duelists


Kaya and Jaafar yelled at the same time. They stared at Wu Yan who bathed himself in his sea of flames, towering above them by standing on his magic formation.

"That's impossible!"

The crowd couldn't believe their eyes. When they felt the undulations of mana, they were faced with a contradictory reality they never thought possible. Even the faculty members were making noises up there.

There is one fundamental rule in Silvaria. Even non-cultivating muggles are aware of this rule: A cultivator can only choose dou qi or mana, a practitioner can never train in both as the two energy sources cannot exist together.

What then, is this?

Wu Yan who fought like a fighter suddenly pulled out a magic with mana rippling around him.

The audience looked at the spectators beside them, asking silently with their eyes if they saw the same thing they did. Wu Yan fought multiple times with what appeared to be lightning dou qi skills, his flames were generated from his sword. Even the styles of attack he used were that of someone trained in the art of a fighter.

All prior experience pointed to Wu Yan's ability as a fighter. However, he's clearly using magic so how do they account for the difference?

Wu Yan beat Jaafar in a duel when he's still at peak tier 7 power. At that time, Jaafar was tier 8, that should have been shocking enough.

But this, what he did broke the fundamental rule governing cultivators.

Did he just break commonsense?

The others felt dizzy, they couldn't see the world the same way again. Wu Yans hook his head and he puckered his lips.

"Calm down, it's just something I did after using shameful methods..."

Wu Yan explained, hoping this would save him more trouble down the road.

"Shameful methods?"

They were confused to say the least. They wanted to know what shameful methods would allow someone to break a fundamental rule of cultivation.

Jaafar and Kaya sucked in a cold hard breath as they accepted Wu Yan's curt explanation. Wu Yan was never someone who followed conventional rules, something like this shouldn't have surprised them. It seems like Wu Yan is suggesting he didn't break the no-dou-qi-and-mana-at-the-same-time rule.

For now, they have a pressing matter at hand: How do they proceed with this duel?

Kaya looked at Jaafar, he nodded back. Kaya jumped back while Jaafar took the vanguard position. Then, Jaafar started channeling dou qi while Kaya channeled mana.

They created strong gales with their powers unleashed. They calmed down as they got into serious-modes. Then, the sound of whistling winds and a beast's roar came.

Kaya initiated a green magical formation. Tornadoes descended from the sky, covering him as it ruffled his clothing. With two tornadoes at his command, the ground started cracking under the intense force of nature. Kaya took out his golden staff embroided with a green crystal ball.

Jaafar also took out his armament, a very sharp pair of claws.

Jaafar crossed his claws, making sparks fly while an unknown beast's roar came from the faint aura standing behind him. The beast's bloody eyes were trained on Wu Yan.

They went all out the moment this duel started.

Kaya and Jaafar knew better than to take their current opponent lightly. The moment they lower their guards, they are definitely going to lose.


Wu Yan grinned, his deep red eyes flashing with the light of an apex predator.

"Let's go!"

The moment he said there...


The sea of flames exploded as it rained down in a gigantic palm made out of flames.

The sea of flames covered the entire arena. With this overbearing attack, Jaafar and Kaya turned grave.

Kaya emitted a battlecry and green mana covered him, he charged them into his staff.

This staff is a rare armament, but, empowered by his massive mana, the armament exhibited power comparable to a Gold Armament. The crystal ball whistled as if it's summoning something. A mini-tornado came from the staff.


The tiny tornado expanded rapidly, turning into a decently sized tornado in no time at all, covering both Kaya and Jaafar within. The flames clashed against the tornado but the tornado reversed polarity and it dispersed the sea of flames in a gigantic fireworks show.

Wu Yan was a bit shocked.

"There it is!"

Fei Fei continued.

"Prince Kaya's favourite magic spell, the Wind of Dissolution..."

"That is a spell capable of dispelling all energy-based attack, a hereditary magic only taught to direct successors to the Feya Throne."

Kaya lightly smiled.

"Don't be surprised, Jaafar has his Beast Techniques, I need my own unique skills to beat him, that much should have been obvious, right?"

He swung his staff, gathering green air that entwined to form a green-colored spear.

"Plus, you can use it like this!"

Kaya chucked the spear at Wu Yan. The spear dispelled all the flames in its path, heading straight for Wu Yan.

If Fei Fei's words are to be believed, magic won't be able to block the Wind of Dissolution-enhanced spear.

He punched the green spear by enveloping his hand with condensed air.


The spear got shattered as the space itself shook from the intense collision.

Jaafar flew at Wu Yan without warning. The beast image flashed and he clawed at Wu Yan's chest.

Wu Yan silently clicked his tongue, a tiny formation flashed as stone snakes sprouted from the ground, snapping at Jaafar's face with their gnarly maws.

Jaafar didn't back off, he smashed the incoming stone snakes while roaring.


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