Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 817: Come all at once? Who wants to taste remorse first?!

Silvaria World Institute, Arena Tower, Floor 1...

Only the lowest leveled students would train here, however, today, this place was packed to the brim with students and faculty members.

Normal students, elite students, and, at the center-most circle, special students. The special students were easily identified as they were wearing gold-gilded uniforms.

The students cheered and made noises for the duel participants. Like fans at the concert of their favorite idols, they shouted and voiced their support for their respective champions.

No, not just the student.

On a platform overlooking the entire floor, the balcony only faculty members and high-ranking can access, the figures here could be seen as they were looking forward to the fight here.

Almost all personnel with clearance attended, packing the VIP box to the brim too.

The VIPs were all teachers and big-wig officials.

You know the duels are interesting when the teachers and bigwigs are here to watch.

Jaafar and Kaya jumped onto the elevated arena with light footwork. They looked at the audience, specifically where Wu Yan & co were standing at. Their eyes were brimming with fighting intent.

The students started turning up their volumes when they saw this clear confrontation. Their combined voices were deafening. Creasing his nose, he felt like he just can't live without the spotlight being shoved into his face.

The girls looked at Wu Yan, they wanted to know what Wu Yan is going to do. The girls couldn't care less about the peanut gallery egging them on.

Wu Yan steadied himself and he disappeared on the spot. Before anyone noticed, he was already standing in opposition to Jaafar and Kaya.

Their pupils shrunk when they saw this. However, this display of power didn't dampen their fighting spirits, they just started looking at him with greater consternation.

The audience opened their eyes wide, they were afraid they might miss important details of this duel that is bound to go down in this institute's history books.

This is a fight between top students of Silvaria World Institute.

Just that alone is enough for the audience to stay.

What's more, the participants are crown princes leading an imperial faction each. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the two crown princes here will be the future emperors of their own empires.

Kaya and Jaafar were both leaders of their own faction, representing the Feya empire and the Baruba empire respectively. These crown princes deigned to challenge someone without a background. Strictly speaking, he should be a commoner of unknown background.

A duel between princes and a peasant, this simple line would sell tickets no matter how bad the salesperson is at marketing.

More importantly, most of the viewers here wanted to see Wu Yan's true power for themselves. The bigwigs, the teachers, they wanted to see this man's abilities.

In just a few months, Wu Yan's name became a legendary name in Silvaria World Institute.

He's the strongest student who reached his current status within half a year since enrollment.

Who else can do this?

They saw Wu Yan & Jaafar's duel during the Grand Tournament. Back then, he was strong enough to qualify as the top 10. Soon after that, he climbed up the rankings and became the strongest student.

At the time, Astrea is the reigning champion. Wu Yan and Astrea fought with multiple examiners as witnesses. They weren't invited nor were they aware of the duel between Wu Yan and Astrea. Plus, it's pretty much known fact that Astrea is in Wu Yan's harem.

If not because of the school's system where rankings can only change through the decision of witnesses and examiners, they would have suspected Wu Yan got his ranking through nefarious means.

Wu Yan came into the picture once more, accepting Kaya and Jaafar's duel request. This is the best chance for students to see Wu Yan's capabilities.

Wu Yan shook his head when he saw the crowd. Seriously, these students needed better hobbies...

Unlike Wu Yan, Jaafar and Kaya preferred things this way, they wanted everybody to spread the news about this duel.

"I always wanted to duel you, but, I never got the chance..."

Kaya grinned with an excited look.

"Finally, I can scratch my curious itch and assuage one of my life's great regret!"


Wu Yan furrowed his eyebrows.

"I hope you don't regret this duel, losing in front of so many people would surely tarnish your reputation..."


Kaya bitterly laughed.

"You have more fame than me, if anything, you're the one staking the most in this duel..."

Kaya asked Jaafar.

"May I go first?..."


Jaafar puffed out his chest. He adamantly asserted his position.

"Me first!"

"Please, allow me to go first."

Kaya got into a stance, this duel is so important he cast his gentleman's attitude to the winds.

"I have a personal ax to grind with him..."

Jaafar lowered his tone.

"Same here, I have my own reason why I am doing this."

"I want to fight him when he's at his peak power, this is why I insist on going first!"

"You're implying I want your sloppy seconds?"

"Come, now, do me a favor and give me just a few minutes to duel him."

"No, you back off!"

"Dude, you already dueled him once..."

"That was before, don't try to frame this duel in that manner!"

"Look, you backing off or not?"


The crowd just couldn't cheer for the two man-child who verbally fought each other to go first. Their jaws almost dropped when they saw the two refined princes going at each other without any cordiality.

Is this what the gentleman-esque Kaya, and the macho Jaafar would do?


Hinagiku chuckled.

"Those two are unexpectedly cute..."

The girls nodded with amused smiles. Even Fei Fei and Lulu couldn't hide their amusement. Wu Yan rubbed his forehead when he saw the two fighting each other when they were supposed to be dueling him. He reached his hands out.

"Don't fight, come at me together!"

The air froze.

Jaafar and Kaya looked at Wu Yan with insulted gazes. Wu Yan shrugged.

"Don't look at me like that, I mean it without sarcasm..."

Wu Yan crossed his arms with a sigh.

"You two should be smart enough to know that you stand no chance in a 1 versus 1 setting. Losing too fast wouldn't be the hot-blooded fight you want, right?"

"To better fulfill your objectives, wouldn't it make more sense to duke it out with me by working with each other?"

Kaya and Jaafar took his advise seriously as they turned taciturn.

Even if they didn't want to admit it, he was giving them a logical and rational way out.

The two exchanged a look and they told Wu Yan in a grim manner.

"You better not regret your words..."

"Regret them?..."

Wu Yan laughed with narrowed eyes. He slowly raised his foot before stomping it down.

The sound of a bell jingled as a red magical formation spiraled outwards and upwards from the ground, instantly enveloping Wu Yan.

Flames started floating around him as they merged to form a giant wall of flames. The hellfire's brilliance and heat started permeating the arena.

Wu Yan's eyes flashed with a savage spark while the audience gasped.

"Remorse is something I hope you two wouldn't taste after this..."

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