Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 815: The aftermath, the various faction's movement...

A news started spreading in Silvaria World Institute...

The content is rather simple. But the waves it caused cannot be described as such.

The strongest student, Wu Yan, and his stunning lineup of beauties are applying for graduation.

Graduation is something relatively normal in Silvaria World Institute. Anyone older than 25 years old must take part in a test. The graduation test will end with two results: If the student pass, they can graduate, if they fail, they will be expelled.

There are people who applied for the graduation exam when they are still younger than 25 years old. There are also those good-for-nothings for laid about doing nothing until they became 25 years old. Either way, taking the graduation exam means the student will be leaving the school by the end of the test. However, there are no recent case studies of students who applied for the graduation exam before they hit the age of 25.

Silvaria World Institute is an institution founded by the three empires and the 9 greatest nobles houses in the entire world. The resources available here is just mind-numbing.

Cultivation here will be faster than anywhere else in the world. To call this place a cradle of superheroes wouldn't be a far-fetched statement. Leveraging on the resources here, even strong and talented students would want to stay as long as possible.

It would be folly to graduate before you're 25.

It's almost an unspoken rule for any student enrolled here to stay until they are 25 years old.

Wu Yan & co broke this unspoken rule by taking the graduation exam early.

The students couldn't stop gossiping about how Wu Yan & co continued to break records and set new standards since their enrollment.

As for the result of the test, well, it goes without saying.

The institution administered test according to the student's capabilities. However, there is a floor difficulty that just can't be lowered any further.

For normal students, if they have tier 6 power by graduation time, they should pass their exams without an issue.

For elite students, tier 7 power would allow them to pass without much difficulty.

For special students, they would have to be near the top quartile of tier 7 to pass the hardest test in Silvaria World Institute.

Wu Yan & co was comprised of members with at least tier 8 power. Even the two girls who constantly ditched training and ran around the campus on their own merry little adventures also had stunning strength that made a lot of jaws drop when they actually fought. With their abilities, the test was a walk in the park.

The faction leaders who knew about Flan's true power silently prayed for the exam proctors. They prayed that the examiners wouldn't lose their will or courage upon seeing Flan's power.

Then, as expected, Wu Yan & co finished their graduations exams without a hitch.

The group of students who turned Silvaria World Institute on its head finally graduated.

While most of the students are glad that these stellar students are gone. They couldn't help but feel a bit poignant. Without Wu Yan & co around, things would become boring pretty quickly.

"They all passed, huh..."

Jaafar looked at the report his subordinates gave him. He clenched his bear-like claws. A hint of frustration could be seen within his eyes.

Officially, he tied with Wu Yan in the last Grand Tournament. However, he's sure who the real victor was, it was not Jaafar.

After losing, he trained like crazy to challenge and defeat Wu Yan in the future. He wanted to regain his honor.

But, the man he set as his benchmark is about to leave...

Not only that, from what he has seen, the gap of power between them grew wider and wider. Even the patriarch of the Lori Family, Larl admitted that he's not sure he can win a duel with Wu Yan.

Jaafar is not satisfied with the results. He made progress in his training, however, compared to Wu Yan, he has a feeling that the both of them lived in a different world.


He smashed the table to pieces with red eyes. He bellowed like a furious beast.

No! Without personally seeing his true power, I will not admit defeat!

Jaafar headed for the door.

"I see, so they are leaving?..."

Kaya listened to his retainer. His back is straight, the retainer couldn't see Kaya's sad expression as his back was turned to the retainer.

Lady Ikaros, will be going too, right?

Kaya was visited by a sense of intense grief and lost, accompanied by jealousy.

Kaya is well-aware of the fact that the angelic woman known as Ikaros would do anything Wu Yan asked of her. Kaya saw how she attentively attended to Wu Yan. A smart man like him knew, even if he didn't want to admit it, that Ikaros' heart only had one man.

Even so, he just couldn't stop himself from falling in love with that angel. He deluded himself into thinking he stood a chance, just to escape the cruel reality he faced...

Kaya still remembered how Ikaros unfurled her wings. The sight of her flying in the air, blessing the ground with her divine light and feathers... that scene... it will forever be in his mind...

Now, she's about to go, along with that man...

Am I ever going to see her again?

Kaya balled his palm into fists while grinding his teeth, making audible sounds.

Kaya lifted his head.

"Let's go! We are going to the villa area!"

In a room that's decorated with luxurious decors, an icy blue figure sat on the executive chair. Stacks of paper were on her table but she's not dealing with that for now. Her eyes were closed as mana fluctuated around her. She's deep in her cultivation.

Soon, the mana flowed back into her as the queen of ice opened her eyes. Her exquisite features would draw people's attention even if she had the most frigid attitude in the world. Breathtaking and mesmerizing would be apt words to describe her.

Her Snow Song faction was composed of female members only. However, all her followers adored her and respected her ability as a leader. They were similar in behavior to the girls in the Starlight Queen's faction.

Aside from a fervent, almost cult-like adoration of their idols, the members cared little about the outside world. That's the kind of loyalty found only in Snow Song and Starlight Queen.

Indeed, Sylph and Shokuhou Misaki knows how to get people to like them.

Her followers were watching her with admiration-filled eyes. She can feel her mana pool increasing in response to to her cultivation. Her icy blue eyes dimmed down a bit when she thought about something. She asked the girls around her.

"Is he going?"

The others weren't sure if they should tell her but since she asked, they have to answer.

"Sir Wu Yan should be making preparations to leave..."

Sylph stood up and she started making her way towards the exit. The other Snow Song members followed her.

The factions within the campus moved according to their own agendas, they shared the same destination: the villa area...

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