Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 814: Saying goodbye to Fei Fei and Lulu


Due to this sudden suggestion, the girls couldn't react properly.

Wu Yan nodded as he approached the window, looking beyond the villa area, he set his sights on the Arena Tower in the distance.

"Silvaria world institute, the best and biggest institute in the entire world. At this point, we don't need to stay anymore..."

Wu Yan turned around.

"When we came here, our strength were not yet up to standards. Kurumi, Tohka, Kotori, and Yoshino hadn't joined us yet. With so many powerful individuals here, I thought we could see Lulu and Fei Fei once more while increasing our levels with the facilities here."

"However, we have outgrown this institute. This place is now a liability that slowed our progress..."

Wu Yan said with a helpless tone.

"Staying any longer would do us no good. For one, it would be hard to level up. This is the reason why I suggested we move on..."

"Moving on... Huh..."

The girls exchanged glances. They were growing attached to this place, that's why they hesitated.

No, not all of them hesitated.

Ikaros went to Wu Yan's side, she grabbed his sleeve.

"Wherever Master goes, Ikaros will follow."

Ikaros' simple and gentle sentence woke the girls up. They all laughed at the same time.

"Ikaros-senpai is right!"

Astrea glomped Wu Yan, she grabbed Wu Yan's other sleeve.

"Wherever Master goes, Astrea will go there too!"

"Flan too! Don't forget Flan!"

Flan hugged Wu Yan.

"Onii-chan, you can't abandon Flan, okay?..."

"M-me too..."

Yoshino approached in a bashful manner.

"You girls..."

Wu Yan shook his head with an awkward grin.

"Hey! Stop surrounding Shido!"

Tohka got jealous and she stomped furiously.

"I will never leave Shido! Don't throw me aside!"

Tohka also glomped Wu Yan, adding further weight to his encumbered body. He fell with the 5 girls piling up on him. Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi amused themselves with this wholesome scene.

"About leaving this place..."

Hinagiku helped Flan and Yoshino to their feet.

"Where are we going? Do you have a place in mind?"

Wu Yan waved his hands.

"Let's go into the Giant Beast Forest, Mikoto and the others are still there."

"How about Sister Fei Fei?"

Kotori fidgeted.

"Aren't you very close with them? Just leaving like this isn't cool, right?"


Wu Yan shrugged.

"Before we leave, we should probably go see them. I think Fei Fei can take it well if we left without saying anything. As for Lulu, well, if it's that girl, I am sure she would raise hell if we left without saying anything..."


Hinagiku felt her head hurting when she thought about how Lulu would react.

"You want me to come along with you?"


Wu Yan shook his head.

"Pack our stuff, food, make preparations so that we can depart soon."

The girls nodded and Wu Yan nodded with a smile.

Mana surged as Wu Yan covered himself in the magical power. Then, Wu Yan disappeared when the purple magic formation beneath him pulsed and flashed.

"He's gone?"

Astrea and the others gasped.

"So that's his new power?"

Hinagiku looked at Kotori. Meanwhile, Kotori carefully examined the residual energy Wu Yan left with his teleportation. The energy signatures looked similar to spacequakes, however, this energy is less destructive than spacequakes.

"A space-type ability, huh?..."

Kurumi grinned while licking her lips.


Silvaria World Institute, Fatal Forest headquarters...

Fei Fei was in her room. She sat on her chair, polishing and maintaining her sword, the Night Elf. She attentively cleaned the blade with a white and pristine cloth. Meanwhile, Lulu chilled on a nearby sofa while kicking her legs in the air.


Fei Fei jumped up suddenly. Her eyes shrunk when she sensed the presence. She got into a stance which gave Lulu a giant shock. She coldly yelled.

"Who goes there?!"

The space in front of her rippled and a figure emerged from it. Wu Yan showed himself.


Wu Yan waved at the two girls who almost had a heart attack.

"Sister Fei Fei, quite the sharp senses you have got there..."


Fei Fei sheathed her blade. She stuttered when she tried to voice her confusion.

"Yo-wha- what was that?"

"Oh, a spatial-manipulation magic, I just learned it recently!"

"Spatial manipulation magic?"

"Yeah, basically, it's magic!"

Wu Yan sat at Lulu's side. It took her this long to finally react. She shrieked.

"Why are you here? More like, how did you appear out of nowhere?!"

Wu Yan pulled her cheeks.

"Well, sorry, I like coming suddenly like this!"

"Spatial... manipulation... magic..."

Fei Fei shook her head after failing to understand what Wu Yan meant. She asked Wu Yan.

"Do you have some business to discuss with me?"


"I am leaving..."

"You're leaving?!"

Fei Fei and Lulu cried out at the same time.

"But why?"

Fei Fei looked at Wu Yan with a stern look.

"Did something happen?"

"Did somebody bully you?!"

Lulu panicked.

"If somebody's bullying you, tell me, I will go teach them a lesson for you!"


Wu Yan laughed.

"Thanks for offering help, but no, it's not that..."

"Why are you leaving then?!"

Lulu grabbed Wu Yan's hand and she hugged his arm.

"Please stay? Did I make you angry? If so, I am very sorry!"

Wu Yan rubbed her head, he felt a bit sad to see Lulu freaking out like this.

"Look, it's not like that. We just outgrew Silvaria World Institute, that's all. With our increased power, we want to go try our luck at the world outside..."


Lulu started tearing up.

"Let me go with you!"


"That's enough, Lilu."

Fei Fei grabbed Lulu's hand.

"You are not strong enough, not yet. If you go with Yan & the others, you will only slow them down..."

"Sister Fei Fei..."

She couldn't hold back her own tears as she dived into her bosom, she started sobbing out loud.

"Lulu, don't cry..."

Wu Yan bitterly smiled while rubbing her head.

"I will keep in touch with you two. If you miss us, become stronger and come find us..."


Lulu's exquisite tear-stained eyes met with Wu Yan.

"Don't you lie to me..."

"Come, now..."

Wu Yan gave her a gentle smile.

"I would never do that..."

Wu Yan gave Fei Fei a look and she responded with a nod. There was no longing in sight, she looked at him with the eyes of someone who can read his heart's intention.

"Be careful!"

"Yeah, I will!"

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