Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 813: It's time to leave

In the villa, the girls did what they normally did, giggling and chatting about any topics they can think of. The house lit up with their cheerful laughters. Kurumi who would usually mind her own business by sipping tea also started playing with Flan and Yoshino, a rare sight indeed.

The girls would sneak glances at the stairway leading upstairs. They were focused on one of the stairs along the corridor. Their eyes had hints of anticipation. They awoke about half an hour ago. However, within the span of half an hour, they peeked at the room at least a dozen times, although they did try to make it look like they couldn't care less.

Wu Yan has been in his room for a day now.

He didn't come out for an entire day, that's why Astrea and the others got slightly worried. Hinagiku and Kotori stopped them from barging in.

They were just as worried but they can feel mana emanating from Wu Yan's room, the ripples grew stronger as time went on. It was like a slowly growing whirlpool of magic power.

Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi can feel Wu Yan's aura within the magic power. It's probably him hard at work, combining that with what Wu Yan got, they surmised that he probably bought some new abilities and he trained to get used to the power, By the time he comes out of that room, his power will probably rise to another level.

Interrupting him at this juncture wouldn't be okay. Otherwise, Kotori would have dragged Wu Yan out of his room, waking up her lazy brother became her daily life for quite some time now.

"Looks like it's still going to continue for a while..."

Kotori sighed after sensing the undulation of mana coming from his room. She averted her attention to the sweets on the dining table. Naturally, she didn't forget about her Chupa candies.

The room suddenly started shaking, no, the whole villa was shaking from the rapidly-expanding mana storm generated inside Wu Yan's room.

Hinagiku, Astrea, Tohka, and the others can feel the ripples of power. They immediately turned their attention twoards the room in question.

Ikaros' eyes turned deep red as she flew towards the room with the flap of her wings.

The others also rushed for Wu Yan's room. They opened the door and they looked at the bed.

On it, Wu Yan sat with eyes closed, his harem's arrival didn't elicit a response from him. Mana steadily rose within him, climbing to newer heights with each ripple.

The other girls couldn't help but feel tense when they perceive the rapidly increasing magic force coursing through Wu Yan. They weren't sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. They continued observing Wu Yan with a worried look.

If anything untowards happen, they were ready to intervene.

The mana storm continued for about 10 minutes. It culminated at a peak and it stopped expanding. Then, it started rushing back into Wu Yan's body.

As if sucked by an invisible cooking hood, the mana, so saturated it's visible to the naked eyes, went back into Wu Yan's body. His complexion had a healthy blush on it. However, by the time all his mana returned, Wu Yan looked like someone who just went into a hot spring. His expression returned to a normal shade seconds after that.

Wu Yan slowly opened his eyes while the girls watched with glad looks.


He released a sigh, sensing his amplified mana pool, he couldn't help but show an excited look on his face.

"Ara, looks like we were worried for nothing..."

Kurumi giggled. Wu Yan finally noticed the girls as he expressed his surprise.

Blinking in shock, he asked them.

"Why are you girls here?"

They weren't sure where to begin.

"With all the commotion you caused, I am stunned that you can ask us why we are here..."

Hinagiku rolled her eyes at him.

"You just can't chill for a single day, huh?"

"Take a break, you mean?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. When he noticed the mess he made out of his room, he laughed awkwardly. The girls were just as relieved as they are frustrated with him.

Kotori sized Wu Yan up, she moved the Chupa candy in her mouth to the other side of her mouth.

"Did you gain a lot from your trip this time?"

Wu Yan gave her a big grin and a nod. It's evident that he's satisfied with his gains this time around.

Wu Yan spent an entire day delving into his mana cultivation. Naturally, this was rewarded with a bigger mana pool.

If at first, Wu Yan's mana pool can be described as a river, now, his mana pool expanded to the scale of an ocean.

With the highest mana cultivation technique he can buy in the System, enhanced by his True Ancestor physique, he brought out the potential of the lifeform that stood at the apex among vampires. Every cell, every drop of blood, pulsed with excitement and glee. His body thanked him for giving them a feast.

Yeah, this is what I am talking about.

Wu Yan wanted to make up for loss time. He cultivated like mad and he got similarly frightening results in a day.

He reached the maximum his True Ancestor body can attain at this level and stage. Further gains would have to come from slow training, there won't be anymore insane gains like this one.

Wu Yan is pretty satisfied with his current gains. His mana pool reached an unfathomable level. Even demigod-tier magicians would find it hard to compete mana pool with him.

Like moving furnace of mana power, the System was right when it recommended mana for this True Ancestor body.

Wu Yan stretched his body, popping his joints with visible sounds. They thought Wu Yan's body sounded like rusty steel rubbing against one another, that's how loud his joint pops sounded.


Wu Yan was greeted by Ikaros, she passed him a bun.

"Thank you very much..."

Starving, he wolfed down the bun and he gave Ikaros a loving rub on her head. She also responded in kind by pushing her head against his palm, she blushed with a blissful look on her face.

Wu Yan looked around at the girls around him. He continued after a brief moment of contemplation.

"Since everyone's here, I have something to discuss with you all..."

The girls immediately put on their game faces and Wu Yan nodded.

"I think it's time we leave..."

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