Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 812: Lancer E-rank luck...


Wu Yan opened his eyes, after digesting the information influx, his eyes had a hint of fatigue in them.

It's not fun to have the contents of 103,000 grimoires shoved into your mind. Although the mind-corrupting effects of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum got negated, the sheer volume of information in the grimoires can probably wrap the earth up if the theories and concepts were written on physical paper.

It's already amazing he still retained his sanity and sense of self after merging with the foreign memories. Fatigue is just a slap on the wrist in comparison.

Wu Yan felt as tired as he is excited.

While impossible for humans to attain mastery, Wu Yan did the impossible by buying it from the System and integrating it with his memories.

Wu Yan's knowledge is a weapon in and of itself. Without needing Psychic powers or other mystical abilities, he can hold his own in a fight with his new abilities.

Even if he lost the System, he would still be a super-powered individual.

Spending 16,000 Ability points like this was worth it.

Rubbing his forehead, he endured the sense of lethargy and excitement. Although it sounded contradictory, that's the best description of his current emotional state.

Wu Yan perked himself up and he clicked on the System interface.

"Now, let's get an equipment..."

Wu Yan had tons of equipment at his disposal. The Gate of Babylon, Nietono No Shana, Meteor Shower, Fraxinus, and C rank Noble Phantasm enhanced Iron Sand. Other than the Augmented Iron Sand, the other equipment were B rank equipment which would be Gold Armaments by this world's standard. If anything, he is doing well on the equipment side of the equation.

To increase his current power further with equipment, he would need an equipment to be at least A rank, in other words, he needed a Legendary Armament.

Wu Yan checked the shop and...

Nope, he can't afford them cause the cheapest A rank equipment is 100,000 Equipment points or more.

With a little over 12,000 Equipment points, he isn't anywhere near the minimum threshold.

Thus, Wu Yan needs an equipment with special effects.

He combed through the equipment list, excluding equipment that is priced more than his current Equipment Points holding. He started reading the equipment he can afford without holding a high expectation of a good find. But, his hands stopped on a certain equipment.

Crimson Rose of Exorcism, Gáe Dearg: A Noble Phantasm from Fate Stay Night, a spear that can render magical constructs useless upon contact, severing connections to magical energy. It is a passive weapon that can unleash its effects without calling out its name. Extremely effective against barriers made from mana or magical powers, this weapon is also extremely effective against enhancement, buffs, defenses connected to magical energy or mana.
Cost: 3,000 Equipment Points

"Nullify magic, huh?"

Wu Yan furrowed his brows when he read the effects.

Its anti-magic capabilities intrigued Wu Yan. With it, an opponent using mana or magical energies as energy sources would suffer a crushing defeat in a duel with Wu Yan.

However, that's all it can do.

Wu Yan is not living in a world with only mana as energy sources. He visited many worlds and each world had their own version of special powers: Dou qi, mana, psychic power, and various other special powers. If it's only anti-mana, then its utility would be rather limited...


An idea came to his mind like a bamboo sprouting after a rain. Wu Yan asked the System about his ingenious notion.

"System, is there any way you can make Gáe Dearg an equipment that can sever connections to other anomalous powers including mana?"

Wu Yan's idea reverberated in his mind, echoing in the messy room. He's surprised he came up with this crazy idea, did he really come up with that by himself?

The System stayed silent for a few seconds, it's like it wasn't expecting this from Wu Yan. Then, it replied.

"The user's suggestion has been accepted after due consideration."

Wu Yan became jubilant.

"Yeah? Tell me, what do I need to do?"

The System continued with its frigid voice.

"The equipment's modification will require extensive work. The System can undertake this with an additional fee, taking into consideration the complexity of the user's request."

"Modification, huh?"

Wu Yan hesitated and he gave the green light.

"Okay, modify it. Change the Crimson Rose of Exorcism into an equipment that can nullify all special powers!"

"Request confirmed, changing the equipment according to user specification. Please pay 7,000 equipment points and 10,000 Item points to proceed, continue with modification?"

"7,000 Equipment Points and 10,000 Item Points..."

Wu Yan nodded.

"Alright, do it!"

"Modification in progress..."

A scarlet spear appeared in front of Wu Yan, it floated in midair with a weird glow covering it. It looked like giant hands were molding it into something different, the shape changed according to the force applied.

The scarlet spear started glowing with gold circuit-like engravings climbing from bottom to top, spreading across the demonic spear like a ravenous vine. The engravings sunk into the spear after a violent stop.

"Modification complete."

Wu Yan grabbed the scarlet spear with an elated grin.

Crimson Rose of Excorcism Revised: A scarlet spear that can dispell powers outside of common sense. An equipment made from special modifications, cannot be bought.

Wu Yan's smile grew wider until he laughed out loud. Without planting his butt firmly on the bed, he fell down after he tilted a bit.



Before he can catch his breath, a hard object fell from above like a bedpan, making him see stars flying around him.


Wu Yan cursed, throwing the "bedpan" away on reflex, the "bedpan bounced against the wall and went on a trajectory that would smack Wu Yan's face had he not dodged in time.

"This luck..."

Wu Yan recalled something when he looked at the scarlet spear in his hand.

"Don't tell me it's because of this..."

Wu Yan knows about Kamijou Touma's ridiculously bad luck stemming from his right hand, Imagine Breaker, nullifying even luck or fate. He modified the Gáe Dearg with the inspiration he got from Imagine Breaker...

"I reckon you're going to give anyone an E-rank Luck just by possessing you..."

Wu Yan wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry. Fortunately, he can just toss the spear into the Gate of Babylon when not in use, saving him lots of trouble...

"Since you can exhibit an identical effect, I am going to call you Imagine Breaker!"

Unit: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 2,170

Item Points: 1,260,000

Ability Points: 1,000

Summoning Points: 2,300

Level: 79

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