Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 810: Browsing for new abilities, cultivation method...


Wu Yan slammed the door shut and he ran over to his bed, leaving his shoes behind haphazardly. Then, he flew into the bed as he started checking out the armament Kate sent over to him.

The quality leaves much to be desired but the quantity of the armaments inside is mind-boggling. Over 80% of the contents were Mainstream Armaments with the rest composed of Rare Armaments. He more or less knew it was going to turn out like this but he's still a bit disappointed.

"Well, they didn't cost much anyway..."

Said the newly-minted wealthy guy.

He didn't even spend more than 10% of the gold he got from the Ring of Wealth. Most of this went towards paying for the Rare armament, the mainstream armament didn't cost him as much as the rare armament.

That just goes to show how much gold he had tucked away in the Ring of Wealth.

He sold all the equipment to the System.

Obtained 12,000 Equipment points!


Wu Yan tried to gauge if this is a sizeable amount or not. After the System adjusted the points system, cheap D rank Mainstream Armaments can be bought for 1 Equipment point. Cheap C rank Rare Armaments can be bought for 100 Equipment points. For B rank Gold armaments, he can buy them for around 1,000 equipment points.

With this, he surmised that he can buy roughly 12 Gold Armaments with his Equipments points, well, cheap Gold Armaments anyway...

"This should be okay?"

Wu Yan sighed. The System made reading through the entries easier but he lost sense of the value of his points. Before this, he was okay with Rare armaments costing 100,000 equipment points or so.

Unit: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 12,170

Item Points: 1,270,000

Ability Points: 17,000

Summoning Points: 2,300

Level: 79

Aside from Summoning points, he increased his other points significantly. It was enough for him to go on a shopping-spree if he wanted to.

Wu Yan entered the Shop and he clicked on the Abilities sub-page. He clicked on skills after hesitating between Bloodlines and Talents.

When Skills are bought, they will be imprinted in his mind, giving him the instant ability to use said skill like he had known it his whole life.

With this memory, Wu Yan can still use the skills learned even if he lost the System and has to return to his Otaku life.

Skills took more priority compared to talents. As for bloodline, he already has the True Ancestor Bloodline so he's good on that end.

Impeccable memory which used to cost 10,000 Ability points now cost 100 points while Eternal Arms Mastery which used to cost 150,000 points now cost 1,500 ability points. The two skills became "cheaper" by 1oo times.

His current Ability points is about 1,700,000 points pre-update.

Wu Yan felt pretty good about his purchasing power.

He got a discount on True Ancestor bloodline which costs 5,000 ability points or 500,000 pre-update.

17,000 Ability points is a tidy sum. Plus, he still has 5 demigod-tier magic cores he hadn't sold yet.

Wu Yan's heart started burning with passion as he started browsing the shop.

His current abilities repertoire is a mess of ESP power like Electromaster Lv5, pure technique and mastery Eternal Arms Mastery, and True Ancestor Bloodline. He also had the ability to convert anything he deems a weapon into a Pseudo-noble Phantasm, the Knight of Owner.

His ESP relied on his computational powers while Eternal Arms Mastery synergized well with True Ancestor Bloodline and Knight of Owner. He noticed he's lacking dou qi and mana!

He reckons it's high time he bought an energy-based ability.

If he obtained a source of energy, he can do amazing things. For instance, with Chakra, he can run on water, climb trees like the ninjas in Naruto. If he had qi, he can also use it to power himself up like the Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball. He can also use the qi in Xianxia series to do internal damage to his opponents. Likewise, using dou qi and mana can increase his overall capabilities like the cultivators of Silvaria.

Furthermore, a lot of abilities require energy to use. For example, to unleash battle techniques, he needed dou qi. For magic, he needed mana. Getting an energy-based ability would enhance his current powers.

Wu Yan's primary candidate is mana.

Mana, the energy required to use magic and magical arts!

The System sold a bunch of magic and magical powers. There are elemental spells with flame, water, wind, lightning, or earth attributes. There are also special spells like healing and destruction. Going further, there are more mystical magic spells dealing with conjuring or dispelling barriers, spatial or time manipulation spells.

Magic can be applied to almost any kind of territory. As long as he can get his hands on the knowledge, he can put them to great effect in daily life and in fights.

According to Wu Yan's recollection. Most of the True Ancestor-esquie vampires living in various settings usually came with advanced understanding of magic and the ability to unleash devastating spells. Mana should integrate well with his True Ancestor bloodline.

Wu Yan asked the System for opinion and the System agreed with him. The compatibility between a True Ancestor and Mana is superb. Boasting immense lifeforce and vitality, True Ancestors are basically giant engines of mana that can make learning spells very efficient relative to other life forms.

Wu Yan checked out the series related to mana.

Mana cultivation (Beginner): A beginner technique related to mana cultivation. Obtain more mana by cultivation, slow mana growth.
Cost: 1 Ability point

Mana cultivation (Intermediate): A mid-tier technique related to mana cultivation. Obtain more mana by cultivation, average mana growth.
Cost: 10 Ability points

Mana cultivation (Advanced): A high-level technique related to mana cultivation. Obtain more mana by cultivation, above-average mana growth.
Cost: 100 Ability points

Mana cultivation (Master): The highest level technique related to mana cultivation. Obtain more mana by cultivation, high mana growth.
Cost: 1,000 Ability points

Wu Yan didn't waste time on this, he immediately bought Mana cultivation (Master)

Obtained Mana Cultivation (Master)

Struck by a sudden input of information, he started receiving memories of a previously unknown technique. This technique taught him how to cultivate and obtain mana. He memorized it without leaving a morsel behind.

Soon, he engraved the mystical way of complex mana cultivation in his memories. Wu Yan scanned the technique and he started practice with that mana technique.

Soon, a mysterious force emanated from Wu Yan. Small bursts of air came from Wu Yan, this invisible force grew in power as he continued diving into the source...

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