Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 809: Being a fiancee is a huge problem!

Silvaria World Institute, villa area...

"Well, that's how it all went down..."

He told Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi about his experiences in the imperial treasury. The three girls digested the information Wu Yan told them.

It would have been fine to keep the events to himself. Telling more people will only increase the risk of a news leakage. However, he trusted the girls around him with no qualification. Telling them means he can leverage their wisdom. Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi are also girls who can keep secrets so it wasn't a big deal to him.

Of course, if it's Astrea & co, that's another issue.

Given their personalities, no matter how much he trusted them, if they accidentally told someone else about the secrets he heard in the imperial treasury, trouble will just keep sprouting up.

He looked at Astrea who is filling her stomach with food some distance away along with Tohka. Flan and Yoshino also joined in on the fun which made Wu Yan sigh as stress left him.

If the Great Calamity comes as the phantom projection predicted, would the girls still be able to giggle and play like this?

Can he protect the smiles of the girls around him?

Even Wu Yan couldn't help but feel a bit lost in his own thoughts. For now, languishing in his own uncertainties is acceptable, however, he needs to do something about it soon.

If he lost confidence, how will the girls around him feel?

Wu Yan's sigh fell on the attentive ears of Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi. They exchanged a look and they sighed.

"I didn't think so much would transpire in a single day..."

Hinagiku pursed her lips.

"Last time, when you came back, we dealt with the birth of the Beast King. Now, you're dealing with the ominous proceedings of the imperial family and a looming threat in the future. I don't know if I should praise your tendency to attract trouble..."


Wu Yan's lip twitched.

" Don't talk about me like I am a certain forever 10-year old, even I am doubting my current situation as more than just luck..."


Kurumi giggled.

"At least, this way, it wouldn't be boring..."

Wu Yan couldn't stay calm. Hinagiku also retorted.

"This isn't going to a walk in the park, you know? Even a god-tier being is troubled by it!"

"Maa... Maa..."

Kurumi touched her lips.

"Where's the problem in that?..."



Kotori waved her hands.

"Let's not waste time on contingent events. For now, even the projection wasn't sure when this calamity might come, right? That's why he placed a seal on the projection, leaving it to his successor. For now, let's delay this until a later time."

Hinagiku and Kurumi nodded while Wu Yan felt a bit helpless.

If the citizens of Silvaria found out, they would probably clamor over how to solve it. Panicking has its pros and cons, if this event didn't affect the girls' safety, Wu Yan would probably sleep it off and not worry about it.

Kotori is right, the event hadn't occurred yet. Discussing how to deal with an unknown event would be a fruitless pursuit. Instead of worrying about it, time would be better spent doing something else.

Kurumi suddenly narrowed her eyes as she chortled.

"By the way, hubby-sama, you seem awfully chummy with that imperial princess. How envious..."

The air turned still.

Wu Yan froze up like a statue.

Hinagiku and Kotori turned around with antagonistic eyes. It was like someone placed Wu Yan on a mat of needles, he forcibly laughed.

Kotori and Hinagiku weren't amused by his smooth reply. They were showing him the you-better-explain-yourself-buster looks. Hinagiku's reaction was well within expectations, however, he didn't think Kotori would react like this.

Where did the cute sister who helped him get into relationships with the Spirits go?


Ikaros interrupted with lines of data streaming across her eyes.

"There are individuals approaching us..."

Someone knocked on the door of the villa. The girls turned down their volume while Wu Yan gave a nod.

"Ikaros, open the door..."

"Okay, master..."

Ikaros opened the door as per Wu Yan's instruction, the others cast their gazes in that direction.

"Pardon me, is sir Wu Yan here?"

Three guys in armor stood at the entrance. The two guards around him were the security details while the leader looked like a knight who was seeking an audience.

The knights couldn't help but brighten up when they saw a stunning beauty opening the doors for them. They were temporarily stunned by her charm but they quickly recovered while lowering their heads.

"I was sent here by the emperor on official business. I was instructed to give Sir Wu Yan something..."

"A gift?"

The girls stopped while Wu Yan's eyes lit up. He approached the entrance.

"I am Wu Yan!"


The knight bowed respectfully as he passed Wu Yan an item ring.

"His Majesty ordered me to deliver this item to you!"

Wu Yan wasted no time in probing the item ring, indeed, heaps of armaments were inside the ring.

Kate delivered his end of the deal by helping Wu Yan procure tons of armaments.

Wu Yan smiled at the knight.

"Thanks for your hard work!"

"Only fulfilling my orders, sir..."

The knight bowed once more.

"I will be taking my leave then!"

The knight sneaked a glance at Ikaros once more. He heard news about how the princess' fiancee had multiple jaw-dropping beauties hanging around him. He didn't believe the rumors at first, however, after seeing the truth for himself, he believed the rumors.

The knight led his guards out of the compound and they left.

Flan peeked out from behind Wu Yan.

"Is that a toy? Onii-chan!"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Nope, it's not a toy, it's something useful!"

Wu Yan ran up the stairs and he left the girls with a parting sentence.

"I am gonna go upstairs for a bit! Don't wait up for me!"


Hinagiku wanted to make him stay but Wu Yan already disappeared up the stairway.


Hinagiku pouted.

"We weren't done..."

Kotori shook her head while looking at the staircase.

"It's probably something important..."

Hinagiku rested her back against the chair.

"I wonder how Mikoto and the others are doing in the Giant Beast Forest? If Shokuhou Misaki is here, surely, she could have came up with brilliant ideas, right?"


Kurumi had a cheeky smile on her face.

"I miss her too..."

Hinagiku's expression collapsed.


Kotori looked at where Wu Yan disappeared to and she continued.

"I hope no more troubling matters arise..."

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