Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 808: No need to cancel the engagement?...

Outside the imperial treasury, within the imperial palace complex...

It is currently an hour after Wu Yan entered the imperial treasury.

Kate and Sylph waited by the entrance. The two furrowed their eyebrows when they thought about the time elapsed.

"That's odd..."

Kate said.

"He shouldn't be in there so long..."

Sylph asked with her usual cold tone.

"Father emperor, what did the ancestor leave behind?"

"You don't know?..."

Kate nodded.

"You're a magician so that relic wouldn't do you any good. I'm not surprised nobody informed you..."

Kate looked away from the entrance with his arms behind his back.

"The Ancestor's final relic is the battle technique he used while he was alive."

"His techniques?"

Sylph stopped for a second.

"You mean the skills the ancestor used?"

Sylph hesitated.

"If it's the ancestor technique, given its rarity and importance, would it be fine to show it to an outsider?"

"That's why we agreed on this engagement farce..."

Kate laughed in a helpless manner.

"The Ring of Authority is a relic of the ancestor. Even if it's only symbolic, normally, people wouldn't let it go. Aside from trading a technique for it, what else can we trade for something a god once used?"

"Compared to giving him the empire, a technique is a less hefty price to pay..."

Plus, he wasn't planning on giving him the throne even if he is in possession of the Ring of Authority anyway.

With so many imperial family members vying for the throne, who would willingly give up their rights to the throne to an outsider?

If Wu Yan wasn't willing to trade, Kate would be left with no other options than to give up. That would create trouble down the road when people come to him claiming the throne with the Ring. By then, he's sure he can get away with staying the emperor by relying on his connections and his power. However, it would be hard for his successors to claim the throne after he retires...

To curb the problem at its source, getting the Ring of Authority came first.

Moreover, Wu Yan comes from an unknown origin, with a demi-god backer and two mighty tier 9 individuals by his side, Kate would be in trouble if he tried to rob the ring from Wu Yan. Trading the ring for a technique seemed like the most rational choice for him.

Unbeknownst to them, Wu Yan got more than he bargained for. For one, although he couldn't use the technique, he got out with a Ring of Wealth that rivaled the imperial treasury in precious content.

Shaking his head, Kate dismissed his thoughts. For now, Wu Yan accepted the trade so things should go smoothly for the foreseeable future.

To him, the biggest loss would be his precious daughter's engagement because of this idea he hatched with Great elder Jarl.

"En-engaged... Engagement..."

He started mumbling with resentment. His seething hatred started taking over his expression. His eyes were also very hostile.

If Sylph found out about her father's daughter complex, would she be able to keep up her icy poker face?

Maybe she's already used to her father's eccentric side...

Tap tap...

Wu Yan's footsteps entered their ears as he slowly emerged from the depths of the treasury.

Wu Yan blocked the incoming rays of light with his hand. He adjusted to the bright light after exiting the dark treasury. By the times he opened his eyes, Kate and Sylph were already fast approaching him.

"How did it go?"

Kate beamed at him.

"It was alright..."

Wu Yan replied with an ambiguous answer. Kate felt intrigued but he didn't press on.

If he didn't learn the technique that's too bad, if he got that technique, good. Anyway...


Kate grinned at him.

"I am sure you were happy with this trade, right?"

"Yeah yeah yeah..."

Wu Yan replied curtly.

"I am very satisfied!"

He took off the Ring of Authority and he got into a throwing posture. Kate, shocked by this bumpkin quickly snatched the ring away from Wu Yan and he leered at the irresponsible guy. This was a relic left by his ancestor, would it kill the guy to learn some tact? Throwing people's heirloom around like that is just downright rude.

Wu Yan chuckled. Then, he recalled something and he asked Kate.

"Right, your majesty, do you know where I can get my hands on tons of armament?"

Kate gasped.

"Armaments? Why do you need so many armaments?"


Wu Yan scratched the back of his head.

"It's no secret really, you know about my special armament, right? The one that can store and fire armaments with great velocity and destructive power? Well, I need to store a lot of armaments in it to increase its overall effectiveness you see..."

Kate lowered his head and he thought about it.

" In that case, assuming you have no requirements on the grade of the armament, finding heaps of it should be an easy issue..."

"Yeah, I don't have a high standard for the armaments I need."

Wu Yan added.

"Rare armaments will do, heck, even mainstream armaments will suffice!"

I mean, I am going to sell them to the System for Equipment points anyway...

"Then your request should easy to expedite..."

Kate wore the Ring of Authority.

"You did me a great favor. For this, I don't mind aiding you, for a price of course..."


Wu Yan patted his chest.

"Money isn't an issue! As long as don't overcharge me!"

"Alright, then we have an agreement..."

Kate's eyes flashed and he coughed with a serious look. He tried to play it cool.

"Now that we've finished our trade, I guess we can cancel the engagement between you and Sylph..."

Sylph and Wu Yan twitched in surprise. Then, he replied not sure whether to laugh or cry.

"You have a point there..."

Kate smiled brightly but Sylph chimed in with her expressionless face.

"I think we can keep the engagement going for a while longer."


Wu Yan jumped in shock.


Kate shrieked.

"We completed the transaction, why can't we cancel the engagement?"

Sylph bitterly smiled when she saw her father's fuming face.

As if she's just telling someone what she had for lunch. She replied.

"I said it before, I want to spend more time getting to know you..."


Wu Yan stuttered, he gulped as he tried to pick the right words to rebut her.

"I thought that was just a farce to grease up this deal?"

Sylph looked at Wu Yan with her frigid eyes.

"I am serious!"

Wu Yan almost choked on his saliva. As for Kate, well, the guy zoned out of reality.

"Are you serious?"

Wu Yan pointed at his nose with an awkward laugh.

"You sure you want to marry me?"

Sylph glanced at Wu Yan.

"If you're a suitable candidate, I don't mind serving you with other women..."

Wu Yan is out of words, he didn't know how to reply to this sudden reply. Kate pleaded with Sylph.

"My daughter, maybe you should reconsider..."

Sylph lightly shook her head.

Kate smiled, then he followed up by sobbing...

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