Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 807: System Update, changing the metrics

Too many points earned, units updated, the user is advised to check the changes…

Wu Yan flinched.

He heard the System’s notification coming from deep inside his mind.

Metrics updated, update log as follows

“Summons will only be shown with their abilities, equipment, and levels, stats will be omitted. The Summons tab, Ability tab, and the Equipment tab were revamped and separated. User status will now only show points and levels. Metrics for Equipment points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Summoning points amended. The prices in the shop have been changed to reflect these changes.”

“Update complete, please check the updated areas.”

Wu Yan’s mouth turned into one big ‘o’-shape. He tried to process the updates with his limited mental capacities.

“A System update?”

Wu Yan’s lip started jolting.

“You have updates?”

The System comes with a built-in decision process. It was designed with the intent to evolve with the user’s progress. This is so that the System can better adapt to the user’s need, should the user have any questions, System retains the final right to explain or omit details. Please ask for more information.”

“You already claimed the right to silence, why do you still bother inviting people to ask you questions?!”

Wu Yan checked out the updates. Originally, there were six tabs from top to bottom: Status, Equipment, Abilities, Items, Summons, and Other Worlds. Now, there were only 3 tabs left: Status, Shop, and Other Worlds.

He clicked on the status tab and he saw the changes the System made to the presentation of information. The sub-pages here can be collapsed or expanded when he clicked, unlike the scrolling-interfaced from before.

Unit: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 170

Item Points: 1,270,000

Ability Points: 17,000

Summoning Points: 2,300

Level: 79

“What the fuck?!”

Wu Yan roared.

“What happened to my points?!”

He’s pretty sure he had more points than what is displayed on the screen.

Did the System eat it up?

The System replied.

“Updates were made to the metrics of the points and the prices displayed in the shop, please check it out in the shop.”

Wu Yan sighed in relief.

As long as the points are still there.

The equipment, abilities, and summons section were separated and displayed in sub-sections.

He clicked on ability…

Abilities: True Ancestor bloodline, Eternal Arms Mastery, Knight of Owner, Electromaster (Lv5)

He clicked on Equipment…

Equipment: Gate of Babylon (B Rank)

Clicking on Summons…

Summons: Misaka Mikoto, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Itsuka Kotori, Yatogami Tohka, Tokisaki Kurumi, Yoshino, Kinahata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, Yakumo Yukari, Misaka Sisters (all 20,000 of them)

He had to expand the sub-sections if he wanted to check them out, unlike before, when all of these were displayed. He can understand why the Summons tab was separated, the number of names were getting out of hand.

Their stats were also hidden from view, leaving only abilities, equipment, and levels, which simplified the overall display of their stats.

He entered the Shop and he checked out the four sub-pages there: Equipment, Abilities, Items, and Summons. The interface was also simplified although the changes were minimal.

He wants to check out the new pricing in the shop. He slowly understood what the System did to the shops here.

Essentially, the System removed the extra zeroes from his points and the prices in the shop. His purchasing power changed due to these pricing changes

For example, Resplendent Breath (potion of invulnerability) used to cost 100,000 item points, now it’s 10,000. It’s more expensive because the drop in price is not in-line with the drop in his item points. Meanwhile, return to town scrolls which used to cost 10,000 item points now cost 1 item point which is in-line with the reduction to his item points.

Similar changes were observed in the Abilities and Summons sub-pages. In other words, some stuff became expensive while others got a discount. For now, Wu Yan can summarize the changes as a nerf rather than a boost to his overall purchasing power.

Wu Yan’s eyebrow started jolting when he arrived at this conclusion.

“System, you screwed me over!”

The System replied in a calm tone.

User, that’s defamation.”


Wu Yan’s lips were shivering with rage and frustration. Then, his shoulders sagged.

What would his protest yield?

In any case, the System adjusted the item prices to better reflect their effects, plugging up some of the loopholes from before. For instance, Resplendent Breath which can make someone invulnerable for 3 hours is now fairly priced considering its OP effect.

But, isn’t this bad for me?

The System became more reasonable but he got the short end of the stick as a result of this rationalization exercise.

“At least, the return to town scroll cost only 1 point now, that’s good…”

Wu Yan consoled himself as he looked at the ground filled with coins and precious parts.

He got his hand on a gigantic haul this time around…

“I should buy some abilities and equipment…”

Wu Yan mumbled.

He isn’t sure what the phantom eluded to when he said the Great Calamity.

He also has no clue as to what the item that can stop this Calamity is, at least, the phantom said it’s inside the Ring of Power.

He did walk away with a simple reminder, might makes right. Those in power makes the rule.

Whatever happens in the future, he needs to get stronger to make he can protect his girls. Of course, worse comes to worst, he can just run into transcript worlds to escape the calamity, however, he liked standing his ground more than a strategic retreat.

As such, it’s time to get stronger!

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