Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 806: A nouveau riche is always the ones blessed by bliss

When the phantom projection disappeared, the aura it brought with it dissipated too. An invisible power remained, it smelled of espionage.

Wu Yan knitted his brows slightly when he sensed someone peeking over this corner. He relaxed his expression soon enough.

He’s not surprised, Jarl led him here. He thought Jarl let him do as he pleased because he’s sure Wu Yan wouldn’t be able to do anything with him around. Wrong, Jarl already had his eyes and ears on Wu Yan the moment he entered this place.

The phantom projection probably unleashed that space-cracking aura to block out all unwanted forces. Jarl would have barged in if he could.

Shaking his head, he tried to shake the ominous words out of his head. He looked at the Ring of Power and the Ring of Wealth. Then, he looked at his Ring of Authority. He sighed with a stressed tone.

Too many things happened in the span of one day, Wu Yan felt tired when he thought about how he digested the events that transpired.

An over-the-top ball, followed by the emperor who made him the center of attention, after that, he got into an engagement with the icy princess. After that, Jarl told him about the god-tier beings, and how the gods died. He learned about the Power of God, the Mythical Armament. After that, he got to meet a person who stood at the top in terms of power in this world, a demigod who serves as the protector god of the Ailu empire, Jarl. Finally, he met with the projection left behind by the founder god, the projection left him with a rather foreboding message.

All these, in one day. Somehow, 3 years in SAO felt less tiring than a day in the capital of the Ailu empire. If not for the warmth of the three rings in his hand and the map he memorized after his encounter with the phantom projection, he would have pinched his cheeks to check if he’s dreaming.

“I feel like I am dancing to someone else’s plan…”

Wu Yan pursed his lips with a bit of discontent.

The three Rings had their roles to play. But, Ailu, the ancestor god designed them in such a way that whoever found the ring would eventually end up in the treasury, touching his relic and then getting the true last message.

Without the ability to chime in, he felt like someone who got dragged into this rather unwillingly. If it were any other person, they might be mad that they got played in such a manner.

He touched the Ring of Wealth. At this moment, he felt that the ring fundamentally changed. He mumbled internally.

“Your reward better be worth it. Otherwise, I will go to the slums, hire a macho man as my labor servant and name him Ailu…”

Words that would be blasphemous should anyone hear them became Wu Yan’s silent way to vent his frustration. He sent a part of his consciousness into the Ring of Wealth.

The seal was gone, he easily entered and he was dazzled the moment he entered. For one, it felt like he went to another world, his psyche floated around in the item ring.

This Item ring had an incredibly huge space. It’s not boundless like the Gate of Babylon, however, he couldn’t see the end in a single glance. Without a shred of doubt, he was sure this item ring is in a high order, if not the highest class of item ring.

He looked around only to see darkness. Musty air greeted his nostrils. It’s like he’s at the bottom of a bottomless pit. Item rings had built-in gravity, therefore, the items inside weren’t floating around.

He looked down and he was baffled.


He was almost blinded by the golden sheen shooting from below.

Gold coins littered the ground.

Not just that, he can see that the center of this vault had a cleared out area that shined like the brightest star in a sea of golden items. It was a chaotic mess of demonic beast materials, and, heaps of magic cores.

There were tier 1 magic cores, tier 8 and tier 9 magic cores were also generously thrown around the place. More importantly, he spotted 5 crystals as big as a human palm sitting in the magic core heaps.

Demigod-tier magic cores!

Other than that, there were treasures that, if sold, would fetch prices that could land entire cities in debt.

Surprisingly, there weren’t potions, techniques, magic, or armaments here…

Precious items and gold equivalent items paved the floor.

Ailu wasn’t joking when he named this the Ring of Wealth.

“Pull my nose hair and call me aunty…”

Wu Yan is shocked beyond eloquent verbal expressions. His eyes were reflecting the gold color of the coins around him. He’s sure the treasure heap at the center of this space could be sold for more than the gold here.

Wu Yan had his doubts when the Ring of Wealth was described as an item containing riches that would make the world green in envy. With overwhelming evidence, it would be hard to dismiss Ailu as a crazy guy.

Wu Yan pinched his legs, yeap, he didn’t feel anything.

“Ahaha… Hahaha….”

Wu Yan laughed like a broken toy.

“Well, that didn’t hurt, so am I dreaming?”

He’s just being stupid.

He is currently in thought-form, why would pinching himself hurt?

Wu Yan laughed like a fool for a while. Then, he looked at the heap of treasures at the center and he marveled at the sight of it.

Indeed, the value of the stash here was on par with the imperial treasury if not greater.

“Yeap, you win…”

Wu Yan said.

This was worth the trip here.

He can sell the magic cores for ability points. Similarly, he can sell the demonic beast materials for item points. Too bad there weren’t armament he can sell for equipment points. The gold coins here can probably buy an entire warehouse of equipment. After that, he can sell the bought armaments for equipment points.

Wu Yan is computing the points he can get from the stash here.

Yeah, the guy is richie rich now.

“Argh, dang, no life-energy sources or demonic beast eggs, I could really use the summoning points…”

Wu Yan grumbled while smiling like a happy hippopotamus. Anyone could see he’s dancing in joy inside his heart.

The points he got could go a long way.

If he’s still not satisfied, the heavens would probably smite him down divine lightning.

Moreover, like equipment points, he can just buy items with life-energy in them or go on a demonic beast egg shopping spree with the gold coins here. Granted, it would be hard to find such opportunities with all the gold in the world, but, with the power of money, he’s sure he will be the first in line when the chance does arise.

Without tactile sense, he still chose to dive into the gold piles, rolling around in it like a debauched landlord. Rather, he looked like a tacky nouveau riche who just got his hand on a large sum of money. He completely forgot about going to the slums and naming a macho man as Ailu. If Ailu is still alive, he wouldn’t mind giving the god a few kisses as thanks.

While throwing himself around like a dumb-dumb, Wu Yan approached the heap of treasure at the center and he started selling off the stuff there, leaving only a tiny portion for emergencies.

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