Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 805: Lucky? Unlucky? Fate?

Wu Yan is stunned by the figure floating in front of him.

It’s only a shadow but Wu Yan felt like he’s answering to the world personified.

Without any discernible aura or presence, the figure seemed to exert its own domain and presence, overwhelming one’s senses.

The air rippled like the surface of a lake. Space itself is barely holding itself together under the figure’s presence.

Faint, simple, stable, and terrifying.

What’s going on?...

When Wu Yan tried to understand his current situation, the figure sighed.

“Fated one…”

The figure drew Wu Yan’s attention with his words and action. It’s like an invisible power forced him to pay attention.

“Since you’re here, it means you found my relics and came to my empire…”

The deep and mystical voice echoed from the figure. Rather, it sounded like the figure is speaking directly with Wu Yan’s mind. No question about it, this figure is the god-tier founder of the Ailu empire.

Accurately speaking, he’s the projection left behind by the original ancestor.

Wu Yan felt shocked that the figure continued his speech in a pessimistic manner.

“If at all possible, I hoped this day would never come…”

The projection sounded sad.

“But, when something exists, no matter how hard you try to hide it, given enough time, people will eventually find it. I tried to kid myself by hiding my rings away, hoping no one would find it. Yet, here we are…”

“Indeed, that can never stay dormant…”

“I know that, but, look at me, still praying that this day wouldn’t come. I was the same as the other fools who deluded themselves…”

The figure’s face couldn’t be seen, but he sounded like he’s mocking himself. His awfully pessimistic tone also puzzled Wu Yan.

It’s like the owner of this voice foresaw Wu Yan’s arrival.

“Fated one, I know not how many years have gone by when you see this projection. I know not the political landscape that will be, however, listen carefully, my message will affect the entire world!”

Wu Yan’s heart started racing.

Something that can affect the world?

“A wise man would walk away and pretend this projection never occurred.”

The phantom said.

“If you’re afraid of what is to come, destroy the projection right now.”

“If you choose to listen, then…”

The phantom stopped, he stood there waiting for Wu Yan to choose.

What did he mean by a world-shaking event?

What is going on here?

Wu Yan didn’t think a being like him would mess around with his final words. There wasn’t a reason for him to lie, moreover, it’s highly likely Ailu himself recorded this projection!

Why would somebody lie about a world-shaking event in their own projection?


Wu Yan sighed, he tried to calm his mind down. He looked at the projection without doing anything to break the projection.

After 10 minutes, the phantom projection spoke once more.

“It seems running away wasn’t your thing. I will not commend you for that, you might end up regretting it soon…”

The voice said with a distant voice.

“Fated one, you found the three rings I liked the most. I sealed the place so that only god-tier beings can break the seal by force and enter. Nobody can enter that place!”

Wu Yan stopped breathing for a moment.

The phantom continued.

“I know you must be feeling confused. You got my relics but you aren’t anywhere near the tier of a god. I reckon, after we fell, there weren’t god-tier beings in the world!”

Hmm, you sound very confident about that…

Wu Yan tilted his head with a baffled look. The phantom projection continued once again.

“I designed the seal so that it would be unlocked when a calamity approaches Silvaria.”


Wu Yan had thunder booming in his mind.

A calamity a god-tier being deems worthy of intervention?

“What’s that?!”

Wu Yan asked without caring that the projection is only a recorded version of the ancestor. Without consciousness, the phantom couldn’t have answered him, but, it did just that.

“I know, confusing, right? However, that’s as much as I can say…”

The phantom shook his head.

“Don’t think about the calamity too much. It will do you no good to tell you about it. For now, just remember this!”

The voice changed into a stern tone.

“To stop this calamity, the only way is to find what is stored within the Ring of Power!”

“The black Ring!”

He turned his attention towards the black ring. He concentrated his consciousness and he sent them into the ring only to be blocked when he did so.

“That’s not going to work.”

The phantom predicted Wu Yan’s action.

“Before the Calamity comes, take my advice, don’t reveal what I said about the ring or chaos will only descend prematurely.”

The figure raised his hand and a map made out of glitters floated around it.

“I hid the key to this Ring of Power there…”

He pointed at the big red dot on the map.

“Should the Calamity come, go there, the seal would be unlocked by then. You can enter the place with the Ring of Power on you.”

“Again, if the Calamity never arrives, you have no reason to go there…”

In any case, Wu Yan decided to keep that map in his mind.

With Impeccable Memory, he instantly memorized every last detail of the map.

“With the Ring of Authority, it should have been easy for you to come here. I know my descendants will not hand over the throne to you. But, with the message left behind with the rings, I am sure you were convinced coming here was worth it. By virtue of you seeing this projection, it seems I was right…”

Wu Yan almost fell to the floor. This god has been dead for so many years, yet, it’s like he can see into the future.

“Fated one, give the Ring of Authority to the current emperor…”

The phantom projection sounded light-hearted.

“Political power is useless. Only by obtaining more power can you mold fate in your own design. I left the Ring of Authority as an insurance for you to turn up in my empire…”

“Naturally, I have to make this trip here worth it. Remember, the Ring of Power should be kept hidden until the Calamity happens. As for the Ring of Wealth, take what’s inside as compensation for your trouble. I think you should find it worth your time…”

The phantom projection wavered because it turned around as he mused to himself

“I have done what I can do. Luck? Bad Luck? Fate? Hmm…”

Then, the figure disappeared, leaving Wu Yan by himself, the echoes of his last words reverberating in the area.

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