Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 802: The imperial treasury and the protector god...

In a castle nestled deep in the imperial complex.

Wu Yan took in the surroundings as he made his way deeper into the castle. The magic lamps lighting up the pathway isn't as bright as he hoped. However, the lights did give the place a fantasy-esque feel.

The hallway was silent. The silent shuffling of his steps the only sound in this place. He looked at Kate who led him with Sylph at his side. He felt a bit tense around these two.

Only imperials were allowed entry into this area. Any trespasser will be treated as an enemy of the state and smite down by the protector god.

Wu Yan's engagement with Sylph is only symbolic. Ailu empire's guardian has probably seen through this ruse. But, seeing as the guardian didn't stop him, the protector god probably accepted him as the owner of the Ring of Authority.

Despite that, the guardian probably chose to turn his head the other way by letting this trade go through.

Kotori also suspected that the protector god is the one who suggested this idea first.

Kate who doubted his own ability to take an item out of the treasury would have never dared to come up with a plan so bold.

At this point, there is only one reason why the protector god would go through the trouble of making him Sylph's fiancee when they can be done with this through a simple trade of treasures for the Ring.

The protector god wanted to meet him.

That's why Wu Yan is tense. He didn't know what the guardian was thinking. Would he directly rob the Ring from Wu Yan?

Sylph turned around as if she sensed the anxiety growing within Wu Yan. Her eyes were so calm they pacified Wu Yan's emotion. He gave her a thankful smile, but, the cold girl just turned her head back without saying anything.

Man, she's not cute at all...

After walking for about half an hour, a light appeared at the end of the hallway. They exchanged a look and they quickened their steps.

Bright light cascaded down from above, they had to narrow their eyes to slowly adjust to the brightness here. Wu Yan gasped when he saw the interior.

The walls here looked like miniature hills, forming a valley that culminated at a staircase that led underground. The plain was decorated in such a manner that it looked completely natural.

After descending the stairs, an ancient door greeted them. This door looked like the gates to a graveyard.

Wu Yan couldn't help but feel a chill go down his spine. It didn't look like they were heading to the imperial treasury. The bone-chilling air here made anyone feel like once they step foot in that place, they would never return.

This entrance looked like it has seen better days. Its architecture suggested that it predates the structure around it. The one who designed this place intended it to look like an out-of-this-world room and basement combination. However, the scale is way too big to be considered a room.

"This is the treasury?"

Wu Yan gulped.

"You guys refill your gold by coming here all the time?"

"No way!"

Kate rolled his eyes at him.

"This treasury was built around the same time Ailu was founded by the ancestor. It's used to store objects of incredible importance. Gold can be stored in Item ring, so no, we don't come here to store or withdraw gold."

Wu Yan was baffled. This guy's walking around with the empire's reserve gold.

Kate perked himself up and he stopped at the end of the stairs. He breathed in deeply and he bowed in deference.

"Current emperor of Ailu empire, I bring with me my daughter, Sylph, and her fiancée, Wu Yan, I implore the guardian to give us access to the imperial treasury."

A formless magic force echoed in the castle. Wu Yan's senses picked something up as he immediately turned towards the source of his chills. He looked at an empty spot some distance away.

A figure was sitting with crossed legs. He was wearing a gray robe.

The old cultivator looked like he's been there forever. Like a statue, he exuded almost no aura. However, Wu Yan's heart started racing when he saw the figure's solemn look.

He was pretty sure he scanned the whole place when he came here. That spot was empty. There wasn't anyone there before!

Wu Yan was silently surprised and awed. The figure in a gray robe slowly opened his eyes as he came to life.

He lightly looked at the three guests. His gaze fell on Wu Yan. Slightly narrowing his eyes, a bit of shock could be seen within those aged eyes of his.

The more he examined Wu Yan, the greater his shock. Finally, the man said with a hoarse voice.

"You're Wu Yan...?"

Kate and Sylph looked at Wu Yan, prompting him to return to his senses. He took on a serious look and he bowed.

“It’s an honor to meet you old man.”

“Old man?!”

Kate and Sylph sucked in a cold gust of air.

“Old man?”

The guardian sounded like he’s surprised. He lightly chuckled.

“Old man, huh? I lived a very long time. It’s always master this or protector god that, this title tickles my ear just right…”

In an instant, the old man appeared in front of them. With his hands behind his waist, he revealed his skinny and old face. Kate and Sylph lowered their postures to show respect. Wu Yan just couldn’t grasp this man’s movement.

He’s no ordinary old man that’s for sure!

Wu Yan opened his System scanner to look at the old man. The old man’s level and name appeared in his mind.

Jarl Ailu: Level 96

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