Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 801: The juicy details, there is someone behind the scenes?...

"Even if I have to beg you, please give me the Ring!"

Everyone's attention turned to Wu Yan.

In front of the emperor and the princess, Wu Yan can feel they are heavily invested in his ring and they want it at any cost. They might look calm on the surface, but, upon closer inspection, one can see their fists were clenched and they were sweating real hard.

Wu Yan couldn't last under their passionate gazes. He bitterly laughed as he tried to persuade them.

"Look, it's just a verbal order, it's not written down. Plus, your ancestor has been dead for god knows how many years, right?"

Although they must be proud knowing they are all descendants of a god-tier being, taking his words as a creed that can never be broken seemed logical. However, that stuff happened so many years in the past, isn't the power to rule an empire more important than a verbal order given many centuries ago?

Wu Yan didn't think the emperor would abide by his ancestor's order, he certainly didn't think Kate would give up his position simply because someone came along with the ring his Ancestor said signified the ruler of the empire.

Kate and Sylph lowered their heads.

"Indeed, the ancestor is long gone. His merits and even his verbal order has no relevant significance today. But, this Ring of Authority is a must-have!"

Wu Yan furrowed his brows.

"You mean you want to make it official, leaving no gaps?"


Kate sighed.

"You have no idea the complexity of the power struggle in the imperial family. The imperial family has multiple lineages, there are side-branches and there are also distant branches, the blood of the imperial flows within them too, even if they aren't part of the direct lineages."

Wu Yan can understand where this guy came from. The emperor sounds like he's tired and disillusioned.

"Everybody wants the throne, there are ambitious individuals gunning for my seat. I have no idea when someone might pull me down and replace me with another individual..."

Kotori stopped licking her Chupa candy and she chimed in with an uncertain tone.

"You're saying this Ring, in the wrong hands can be used to depose you?"

Kate closed his eyes before he admitted it.

"Yes! The Ancestor's order might not be binding now. But, it's dry power for political individuals who are eyeing the throne. If they play their cards right, even if they can't become the emperor, they can at least make sure their descendants become the future rulers!"

"I'm sorry, that sounds far-fetched."

Kotori retorted.

"They will only put the holder of the ring on the throne in that case, how would that help them?"

"It's because they have a better chance of winning if I am not the one sitting on the throne."

Kate expressed his disdain for the ants who are plotting against him in the dark.

"They know that as long as I am the ruler, they can keep dreaming about the throne. However, if someone lucky is to get a hold of the throne, then, they can employ a more diverse set of tactics..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Looks like they think we are pushovers..."

"I am not surprised if they think so..."

Kate chortled.

"With Yukari-sama hanging around, I know for sure they won't mess with you, openly anyway..."

"I would rather they come charging straight for us!"

Wu Yan said without a care in the world.

"I heard news about the imperials making plans involving us, tell me, were these aforementioned ants the ones pulling the strings?"

"We are somewhat responsible for some of the schemes!"

Kate admitted with lowered head.

"I don't know how news about the Ring of Authority leaked, but, it's good that you were gone for quite a while, they couldn't verify the news. However, things cannot remain hidden forever..."

Kate looked into Wu Yan's eyes.

"I know my request is very selfish. Please understand, I have my own reasons for why I am doing this. Of course, I don't expect you to give me the Ring for free!"

Wu Yan can feel Kate isn't too pleased with what he had to offer when dealing with Wu Yan. Rather, he sounded salty.

"As part of the reparations, I declared your engagement with Sylph and threw this ball..."


Wu Yan's eyebrows started jolting. He continued with a forced smile.

"You're telling me you tried to compensate me by giving me Sylph's hand in marriage?"

"Not a chance!"

Kate roared.

"The reason I declared the engagement is to make you a person affiliated with the imperial family, that is all."

Kate's words only served to add more to Wu Yan's confusion.

"What do you mean by that?"

Kate lowered his head as he turned around, with his hands behind his back, he started elaborating.

"The Ancestor also left artifacts before he died. Those relics are within the imperial treasury. Only members of the imperial family can enter that place..."

Wu Yan blinked his eyes in shock. He glanced at Sylph and the other girls.

"You're telling me..."


Kate turned back.

"Those relics are yours if you want."


Wu Yan blurted out.

"You could have just brought them here, couldn't you?"

"If only it were that easy."

Kate explained.

"That's the place where the most important treasures of the empire are kept. You need more than just membership to enter, you need the protector god's approval to enter. If I don't have that approval, not even I can take a single hair out of that place."

Wu Yan asked.

"Protector god?"


Then he corrected himself.

"You're going to find out anyway. The one holding the highest position in this empire isn't the emperor. Instead, it's the protector god. Baruba Empire and Feya Empire are also protected by their protector gods. They are the hidden powers keeping guaranteeing the safety of the empires."

"A being that safeguards the empire..."

Wu Yan and the girls were filled with apprehension and surprise. Kate gave them a meaningful smile.

"Normally, these protector gods won't interfere with the operations of the empire. Their only job is to cultivate and ensure no one breaches the imperial treasury. Only when an event occurs that augurs the destruction of the empires will they start mobilizing."

"It's thank to these guardians that the imperial treasuries were never breached. Not even I can take treasures out without proper explanation. I reckon with this Ring, you can enter the treasury, however, you still need to identify yourself as someone who is related to the imperial family!"

"Fortunately for you, Sylph's standing in the imperial court means that you, as her fiancee, is technically a member of the imperial family. If it was any other woman, you would really need to marry that woman before you can be considered a member of the imperial family..."

Finally, they understood what they got themselves into.

Wu Yan looked at Sylph with a speechless look.

"I didn't think you would consider an engagement with me to negotiate a trade deal..."

Sylph glanced at Wu Yan and she gave him a curt reply.

"It's just an engagement, it can be nullified at any moment..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed and he said no more...

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